My husband sold my dog when I wasn't home: Advice?

What would you do if your husband sold yoru dog without you even knowing? my husband did not like my dog and has made it known…but i didint think he would ever do this to me…i was in the hospital with pre mature contactions and i came home ot find out that he gave my dog to someone else and he will not tell me who…what can i do


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GET THE DOG BACK AND SELL THE HUSBAND (or toss away, whatever)
That’s divorce territory for me.


You tell him, he has till such and such day to have the dog back here or else he can pack his bags and go live with who he gave the dog to.


Never trust someone that doesn’t like animals… Dogs are gifts from God :yellow_heart:


It speaks a lot to his character that while you are in the hospital for something serious he was 1. Not with you and 2. Sold your dog that you love. This is not behavior that will change. I think it speaks to how he really feels about you and the lack of respect. I would say if you can leave him. You can’t change a narcissist


Do you think he “sold” or “gave” the dog away? Or could he have possibly harmed it and don’t want to tell you?! Because that isn’t normal behavior!


Unacceptable! Honestly I’m not sure I could move beyond the snake move. No way I could ever be with someone that could possibly do something like that in secret…
I would demand the dog back and send him packing, he was completely inconsiderate of your feelings, unsupporting of the bond of you and the dog and in my opinion has more red flags than just giving the dog away!
Heed the warning signs, sister…


Yikes you’re having a baby with a dude who gave away a living being that wasn’t his without your knowledge. That’s insane.


I would call the police and file a report against him if you have records showing it was your dog and he sold it without your knowledge. Then I would immediately file for divorce and he would be outnof my home within 30 days (legally here it takes that long to evict someone). I would also be going through his phone, his social media anything I could to track my dog down and then explain to whoever has him what happened and if they didn’t give me my dog back I would contact the police again and take them to court if I had to.


Considering how long I’ve had one of my dogs and how old he is, my husband would be meeting a Frying Pan, duct tape and some rope. HEAD, meet Frying Pan. Frying Pan meet HEAD! ((( BONG, BONG, BA-BONG, BOING))) Then, I would make sure he told me where MY dog was or we can do this everyday! I don’t play about my babies!


This man is that comfortable not caring about your feelings that he would do that, you don’t need him in your or your babies life


Divorce. That’s unforgivable. My dogs are my family. Post online, in local groups saying the dog was given away without your consent and you want it back. Someone’s gotta know something.


Call the police then file for divorce? If my husband was this callous, I wouldn’t stay for another minute.


Divorce him, what is he going to do with your child when your gone next time? Sell the child or give it away if he doesn’t like the kid? He should have discussed it with you.


I’m saying this with 100% honesty…Police & Divorce. I could NOT be with someone that does not have any morals …how could your husband do that to you without even consoling you?


Lol… kinda funny. Not funny. Wondering what his reason was, not that it justifys it, but curious. My hubby bought a pit bull puppy. We had 2 very small kids and I was prego with 3rd. My hubby worked 10 hours a day, never spent time with it. Never quite house trained it. It peed, pooped on everything. It ate everything! He got larger and so did I (8 months pregnant). I was the only one attempting to care for the dog. He became to big for me to safely manage and so while my hubby was at work, I gave him away. It took 3 days for him to notice! Which further proved my point on why he shouldn’t be there. Hubby was pissed but couldn’t really argue with the reason I did this.


Realistically speaking I doubt you’ll leave him when you’re pregnant. He knows how you feel about it otherwise he would not have done it behind your back. I’m gonna take a guess and say he told you he was gonna get rid of the dog but you never thought he’d actually do it. Sounds like youre gonna have to learn to move passed what he did.


He would be gone as soon as I came back and seen my dog gone like the dog he would be gone gone real quick


Believe me, as a person who loves dogs, you honestly do not want me to answer that question. I assure you I would not be the only one in need of a hospital. Prayers for you.:pray::pray:


I’d be a single mom raising my baby because that’s weird and wrong on so many levels.


If it was me, I would tell him to get your dog back then tell him to get out!


Um, that is grounds for divorce. I’d leave and not come back till my dog was home. I could never trust a man like that.


He needs to tell you where your dog is and then he needs to leave.


This is abusive behavior and that is not ok


I’d leave!!! What is he gonna do give away the baby that’s coming when he doesn’t like it crying?? That’s messed up!!!