My husband thinks I'm overreacting ,regarding escorts

I have been married to my husband for 4 years, together for 6. We have to children one less than 12 months and a toddler. During our marriage, we have many issues which we tried marriage counseling. One of biggest issues is our communication. I have had issues with his family, him talking to women and due to such I have become jealous. Our sex life is not the best as most of the time I have initiated it, my husband has resorted several times to porn which I don’t have a problem with but also talking to escorts and that is where I have a problem. I have talked to him to be open with me and tell me he wants, etc but tells me he can’t see me like that because I’m his wife. Him talking to escorts has caused me issues with my self esteem and wondering if it’s me. He has told others that I intimidate him, because I’m a strong person and have masters degree while he only has a high school diploma. I consider myself humble , so it’s not like I throw it in his face. I help with the bills financially etc. I have asked him for a divorce due to feeling unwanted and unappreciated, others have told me I exaggerate because escorts is similar to porn and that all men do it. May I have your advice on this issue, I have dealt with previous relationships watching porn and cheating physically, so I don’t know if its a trigger for me