My husband told me he has a side chick

Ladies, my husband just confirmed today that he has a main B (me) and a side B a girl I recently found out he has been seeing and taking on vacations. They text through social media and stuff all the time, even while he will be with me. We have had rough spots through our relationship and it has not been easy (he thinks I cheated((I did not ever)) so he uses that to justify his actions). I do not want to lose him but I do not want him to continue cheating. He is obviously going to do what he wants to do but I’m stuck on what to do. He takes care of everything that needs to be taken care of financially while I raise our son (Not my bio). So am I to “play my part” and allow whatever “as long as he knows where home is” like my homegirls tell me? Or risk losing everything over someone my husband chooses to go see on an occasion?

So I recently went through this. Almost the exact. Except he didn’t take her on vacations because she was only 18 and he is 28. I found out in September 2020 two weeks after giving birth to our third child. Initially after finding out, I did leave him. But I was very uncomfortable where me and my kids were staying, so I came back. And he told me he wouldn’t end things with her right away, that eventually he would. Well he didn’t end things with her til July 2021. They were together for over a year. And let me just tell you. I regret so much staying and allowing that. Even though it’s over between them now, I wish I never would’ve stayed. But my sisters husband made me very uncomfortable while we were staying with him and my kids weren’t happy there. Please leave. Take it from someone who went through it. Loving him is not worth the pain you’ll be feeling knowing he gives love and attention to someone else.