My Husband Told Me He Wasn’t Allowed to Wear His Wedding Ring to Work

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"So my husband was working at a great paying job where it was just men besides the workers up front. After being at said job for 1 year he said they didn’t allow wedding bands to be worn any more. So he stopped wearing his and he ended up “loosing it”. He was out of a job for 3months and recently got on at another job where it’s both men and women working. The morning he started he told me he couldn’t wear his wedding band because they don’t allow it. After looking at the rules myself I don’t see it in the rules. I also asked someone who works their about it and said person told me that’s not true. He also rarely calls on breaks/lunch. When he does call it’s the last 5 minutes of his breaks/lunch. Should I be concerned/suspicious?"

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"I mean def call him out. Show up during his break. Etc. Don’t let it slide."

"Sadly, yes. And I think you know this because your gut is already telling you-that’s why you’re here. I’m sorry you’re going through it."

"Time to have a sit down talk. My ex was giving me signs after 10 years but I chose to overlook them… Wrong thing to do on my part"

"I would call him out on it. That seems weird…"

"My husband hasn’t worn his wedding band since the day we got married 11 years ago. It depends on the work he does. My husband works construction where it doesn’t say he can’t but its safety concern so he doesn’t"

"What type of job is it? I’m a mechanic and we aren’t allowed to wear rings or anything like that cause of the voltage can melt the ring to your finger. I wore mine for a while but was told to stop because of the dangers. I’m sure this also applies for other blue collar jobs. Not all but some for sure."

"I would be. Some jobs legitimately don’t allow rings, but if his does and he’s lying, that’s suspicious."

"Okay, there are jobs where you’re not allowed to wear them (my dad worked in a foundry & he couldn’t wear his) BUT from what you’ve said it seems he’s lied to you about it. That’s an issue. Hope you’re okay"

"What does he do for work? When I worked around heavy machinery it wasn’t allowed, my boyfriend takes off his ring and chain going into work everyday so it doesn’t get ruined and puts it on again every night when he comes home… it could be an actual rule depending on the job…"

"Does he work with his hands in a field that could cause injuries if his ring got caught? Maybe it’s not actually a rule but his own decision for safety reasons. Some of the guys in my warehouse at work wear them, some don’t. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and haven’t worn bands for most of that."

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I’m so sorry that you’re having to worry about this my dear. As one comment her already said, you know in your gut that this is wrong. Even if it were true then not calling on lunches and all around and attentiveness is enough to make one worry. If he just happens to be oblivious, then make him aware of your feelings. Sadly though, it sounds as if more is going on just from my personal experience. Good luck with everything and remember that the universe works for your good. So even if you do find something out it may be a new beginning and not the end.