My Husband Wants to Go Fishing the Day Before Mother's Day

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"my husband and his brother go fishing once a month…the weekend his brother chose to go in may (supposedly busy every other day…i do not believe him) was the day ebfore mothers day…so saturaday may 7th…i feel like this is a slap in the face to me that my husband wants to even go out the day ebfore mothers day when this is a weekend for me…i told him i didnt want him to go but now his brother is upset and i get they do this because its something they did with their dad bfore he passed but i dont get why they cant do it any other weekend…am i wrong to feel this way"

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"You’re joking, right? Let the man fish. You have SUNDAY to spend with him. You’re not his mother. He wants to go fishing as he does once a month. Let him go. It’s not the end of the world. You definitely sound entitled and controlling."

"It’s not Mother’s weekend It’s mothers day If he’ll be home Sunday it should be fine…"

"I don’t see an issue wanting to go the day before. Tbh I just feel like you’re being petty. Your feelings are valid of course but not necessary. What if you planned something the day before Father’s day? Would it make sense if he got mad?"

"If he is home on Sunday then let him go and enjoy his tradition"

"As long as he still acknowledges the actual day and makes it special I wouldn’t be concerned about the day before"

"It’s one day. And you’re not his mother anyways. He’s going Saturday, not Sunday. Unless you had plans for the whole weekend that he’s blowing you off, I don’t see the issue at all."

"You are dead wrong. It’s not your weekend, it’s your day. Not like he’s going on Mother’s Day."

"No issue. It’s fishing not like they are going on a trip. Saturday fishing Sunday all you"

"Fishing opener is mother’s day wknd! There’s many mommas that feel the same way as you, but let the man fish!"

"Wow… just celebrate yourself Sunday, if he’s even still gone then. Forcing or guilting him into staying home is the wrong thing to do."

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