My Husband Will Not Let Me Start My Own Business

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"Twice my husband has refused me to start my own business one one 2017 and now in in 2022. He also only wants our kids to know his side of the family. I’m frustrated and depressed at his unsupportive, selfish ways and I’m thinking of separating from him to do my own things without his input."

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"You just stated exactly what you need to do. Separate. You will feel so much better. If he isn’t even discussing it with you, just flat out telling you what you can and cannot do, thats major control issues and red flags. And unless your family are a bunch of horrible people who shouldn’t be around the kids, that’s not okay either."

"I don’t know the whole story but it seems like he just wants to close you off from all outsiders. He wants you all to himself. That situation can get dangerous very quickly. I would take your kids and run"

"Is he your husband or your owner? You’re an adult get your shit together and do it anyways!"

"You are forgetting one thing… he can’t stop you. “Let” isn’t an option. You can tell him things will be different in your partnership going forward or you are leaving. If he doesn’t adjust, follow through and leave. Start your business and raise your kids alone. I am so it is very doable."

"Make money and your family should know y’all kids if he doesn’t like it tell him to move on it over"

"If its the mlm businesses that’s probably a waste of money"

"Won’t LET?? He is your husband, not your owner."

"That is crazy. This is the definition of isolation. It will only get worse. Do not allow this!"

"Yes exactly! You shouldn’t be held back… your husband is supposed to support you… girl go do you! And take care of you and your babies! He doesn’t own you. And a happier mommy is a healthier mommy"

"Girl my ex husband was this way! Run!"

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