My husband won’t stop checking out women in public

I wanna start out by saying my husband is an amazing husband and father who loves me very much and treats me very well… but when we go out in public he checks out other women. He used to do it out in the open until I told him how bad it bothered me but now he tries to secretly do it and it’s not just one little look he tries to secretly look multiple times and act like he’s not doing it. I don’t even say anything anymore, I haven’t for a long time. I’ve heard multiple times I’m just insecure but I feel like my feelings are valid and it’s very disrespectful. It makes me hate going out in public with him sometimes and honestly its just creepy too. Sometimes it’s to the point to where I just wanna give up on this marriage but then I feel stupid because he is such an amazing husband. I just don’t understand because when I see other guys with their women they don’t check out any other women in front of theirs all they care about is their woman and that’s it… am I just being to dramatic?