My husbands ex wants him to do work at her house for free: Thoughts?

We are a blended family And I had a question about whether or not I’m out of line or not for having the feeling that I have. So, needless to say, my husband’s ex-wife wants to get a tankless water heater installed and wants my husband, who is a plumber and has his own company, to come to install it for free. She only barely is willing to pay for the actual tankless water heater/parts. Now we live in Texas, and he has a mile-long list of paying customers needing plumbing done who are willing to pay. We just had a crazy freeze, and all plumbers have been swamped due to tons of busted pipes, etc. but yet she isn’t willing to pay what anyone else would be billed for the plumber’s time to install. Also, I’m deeply annoyed because I also know she has just redecorated her home and bought a pool table, new decor, and new vehicle, and a treadmill. But wants my husband to come work for free. Now, he has never been late on child support and is a wonderful dad. We split time with children about 50/50, and she’s always asking for more here and there. Am I out of line for wanting to call her out and have my husband tell her NO I will not come to install the tankless water heater for the cost of just the parts? I believe she should be billed the cost of what others would be charged Am I wrong or what would your feeling be? Just to add the water heater she has is fine, this is just a want of hers to get it switched out