My Husband's Ex-wife Told Him She Still Loved Him in Front of Me

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"Hello, a while back my husbands ex wife told him right in front of me that she was still in love with him and missed him that same night she was hanging all over him trying to kiss him and he had his hand on her ass when I came back from the bathroom. Well 4 weeks ago I had to go out of state for 2 weeks for work and he made his mother go with me for the first week.then when I got back he told me he had went to there’s house while I was gone to visit his daughter because he was a block away working and had time but we can be outrunning around doing nothing and I can ask to go see the daughter and he says no. Then I find out day before yesterday that he went to our local parts store (my friend works there) every day while I was gone which isn’t all that unusual because he is a mobile maintenance technician but what gets me is this friend told me that he kept telling her she should come see him and then after she said she didn’t have time because she was working and then going home to her husband he told her I was out of state and she supposedly said well then I really ain’t coming over. We have been together 6 years married for 5 and I’m still not allowed on his account and his money is his and mine is mine and he tries to tell me what I can and can’t do with my money… he comes to my place of employment every day I work and checks to see what cars are there… (I work at a fast food place) and also he can walk into any gas station store or anywhere and say hello gorgeous, beautiful,sweetie to the person working but I can’t even say hi to my boss when I see him and his wife in public because I’m cheating. I can’t have male friends or I’m accused of cheating but he has this one “friend” who he said he ran into at the store shortly after she and her bf broke up and she was feeling bad about herself so he told her that she was beautiful and gorgeous and that the guy didn’t deserve her. Then she sends him a friend. Request on FB . I’m just so confused as to what to do or think. Also I called him when I found out I had to have yet another heart surgery and he said well ok I have to be at work by midnight and hung up…"

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"Please run. Don’t walk. Run. You deserve so much better."

"Run….it sounds like you know that already but are looking for affirmations here. Run… literally run as fast as you can. His ex wife is nuts for “still loving him” if he did the same things to her."

"He don’t care for you. Run. Build a life you are happy in. He is an abuser and cheater."

"Run! He’s a narcissist"

"Why would you want to be with a guy like that who controls every move and thinks you’re cheating constantly the ones that are usually think somebody else is cheating are the ones that actually are"

"You already know. The only question is, what are you going to do about it?"

"Girl I don’t even have to finish reading it this to tell you to RUN. He had his hand on her ass? Girl bye I would’ve left that night. You deserve so much better"

"Dude he is cheating on you and trying to control you. I would leave asap."

"Get the hell out of there"

"Love yourself first. Don’t be with a man just to say you have one"

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