My Kid Came Home With a Cigarette Burn, What Would You Do?

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"If you trusted someone to babysit your kid, then they sent your kid home with a cigarette burn on their face, what would you do? They refuse to even admit that it happened in their house, but it OBVIOUSLY DID. So they’re questioned about it and they run inside your house to try and physically attack you with the same child in your lap. Now imagine that person is your boyfriends mother. How would you expect him to deal with it? Because mine sat and messaged his mother that he was done with me and agreed with her calling me a psycho and manipulative. I literally wasn’t even the one who asked about the burn. He was. And she ran into our house to try to attack me. Then went next door to my aunt and uncles house (we met because I lived with my aunt and uncle so we were neighbors) and told them they shouldn’t let me come over there because I’m a “psycho manipulator”. Then she stood in front of our truck while we were trying to leave screaming “get her the f*** out of here” but not letting us drive away. When I asked my boyfriend about the messages between him and his mom, he kept telling me he was just trying to make her feel better because “she’s gonna feel bad enough when she realizes what she did”. How do I deal with this situation? He quit talking to her for a few weeks so she started calling people in his family talking about how she wants to kill herself because I took her son away, and he runs over and babies her every single time. How do I deal with this when I’m pregnant with his first baby and he wants to come to all the appointments and he wants to take the baby to see his mom as soon as its born??? He made the excuse that “she thinks she might have drank too much and blacked out because she doesn’t remember burning him” like that makes it any better. I don’t want this woman around either of my children and I don’t know how to get him to see that she isn’t a safe person"

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"Take a picture of the burn, file a report."

"File a police report!"

"Put your kid first. Tell your boyfriend that his mom literally abused your child and is no longer allowed to be around her, period. Honestly, this whole family sounds toxic af. Put yours kids first and leave him if you have to. Also, I agree that you should have reported this asap."

"Leave him with his momma and get you and yours kids to a safe place!"

"I would report the incident to police and ask for a restraining order for your own & kids safety. Who knows what she is capable of doing when your baby is born."

"You need to call CPS. Because it can come back on you for not protecting your child. And reporting the incident. Trust me I know first hand"

"Get rid of him and her problem solved"

"I would be calling the cops and getting my kid away from that situation. Your kids should come first always."

"Police report now!!! Pictures, document narratives like times, witnesses, any pictures taken before this horrible incident."

"I’d only worry for my children, husbands/boyfriends are 10 a penny"

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