My kids are upset with the fact that I switched to full time: Advice?

I have been working part-time at a place for almost 4yrs. Rarely ever is there an opening for full-time there. Well, recently we have had an opening for a full-time opening & it was offered to me & I am super excited about it. I accepted & have been working the full-time hours this week… my kids, though, are struggling. They are used to my husband being gone & being home a short time in the evenings. They are used to me being home more. My son is 5 & has ADHD & already struggles with change & my daughter is 2 & has separation anxiety. I’m torn on what to do. My boss did tell me I could go back to part-time if I need to before she hires someone else. This is a hob I’ve always wanted, but my kids are more important. What would you mamas do???


Girl no. Stay full time. They will live


Change is inevitable. They need to learn that. You sound like a loving, understanding mother, so I’m sure they’ll be fine. Allow a little adjustment time…


I would definitely keep the full time job. It’s healthy for you AND them. The kiddos will adjust over time!


I would stick with the full time position an just help my kids with adjusting to the new normal

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My suggestion is go back to part time, your kids love you and want you! They’ll only be small for so long and not want u around much one day…they’ll be another opportunity for FT in the future. Just my opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay working full time. They will adjust in time. Better for them both in the long term.

I would keep the full time job! It’ll be hard the first bit but they will get used to it!

My advice is to do what is beat for you. If you could survive comfortably without being full time then go back to part time. If you guys needs the money or want to save up money then stay full time for a while. It’s what is gonna work best for your family. The kids will adjust either way. Just make sure to spend time with them when you can.

It will take time to adjust but they will. Give it a few weeks.

Stay full time they will adapt

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Stay full time. And have them appreciate working more. And doing what you need for your children.

If you don’t need the money I would say part-time. You’re still able to have employment history because you are employed but also getting to spend more time with your kids while they’re little. With that being said if you DO need the money then you shouldn’t feel guilty about working full time. Only you and your husband can decide what’s best for your situation.


It will benefit them In the long run. You’ll regret it if you pass it up. :sob:

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They will adjust to your new “normal” just different right now!

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Go back to part time, separation anxiety is real and damaging in the long run to your child. Coming from a mom of a teenager who experienced that when she was little coming and going to & from dad’s house every other weekend.

They have to be able to adapt to changes in life, they will be okay, it’ll take some time to adjust. Keep your full time job if that’s what you want…


I would take the full time and give the kids time to see how they adjust. They are important but so is money to take are of them


I’m going to say keep the job. Change is part of life if you dont show them that then they will struggle with it without u there. Honestly I think I would rather watch/help my children struggle with change then them doing change without any help on how to coop. N PLUS this is something you want to do. Yes my children are my whole world. But mommy needs things…mommy has to also do what she wants n loves for her self as well as her children. My opinion congratulations on the new job offer!


If you need the money, they will both get used to it! It’s a change and with any change,it takes time to get used to! If you dont need the money,then by all means, spend the time with ur kids

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I was in the same boat a couple years ago… me being around the kids majority of the time (I was a stay at home mommy for 11yrs) so that’s all they knew. I started working full time after being part time for a year. It was a big change trying to keep the house afloat, school work done, normal household stuff and our kids being 7, 9, 10 they seemed to fight more and get distracted with being on their iPads before I got home for the day. I went back to part time and things are running smoother and I still bring in some income working 9-2 daily.

The children will adapt. Just takes time.

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They will learn to adapt. It just makes your time together more meaningful

I would go back to part time. They don’t ever get any smaller than they are now. :woman_shrugging:


They will adjust, when I had to switch to nights it killed me the way the kids reacted but couldn’t afford to quit, it took about 2 months for them to fully understand

They have to learn to deal with change! They will definitely come to terms with it being the new norm. It’s only been a week!

Stay full-time. They adjust overnight and your sanity survives . Also makes financial strains less.

Go back to part time. Your children are most important

It’s only been a week. They’ll adapt and if not over some months, when the time is right, I’m sure your boss will allow you to switch back. But give them and yourself a chance

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If you can afford to work part time, then I would do that. Our babies are most important, they need you :pray:t3:

Truthfully, the world is going to shit. They’re young and times are crucial. Be with your family. Tomorrow is never promised.

They’ll get used to it

Stay working full time! The kids will adjust.

Your kids will get used to it

They will adjust and learn how to cope and get used to the change.

So if ur kids are first stay home but if u DNT work they DNT eat right?? They will get used to it like everything else!

Mine done the same. They will adapt to it. It’ll just take them time.

Everybody: Talking about her job and her kids.
Me: Where you live that they ain’t cancel your job yet??


Your children will adjust in time if you feel you need to work. But frankly they’re only kids once and if you can manage part time and still are able to afford it why not enjoy it mama.

The kids will adjust

They will adjust! Just give it time and maybe make your time with them extra special

If it’s only been a week than they just haven’t adjusted to the change yet all kids need time to get use to changes but they will …give them time and extra lovin when you get home

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I’m a single mum so have no choice but to work full time as I don’t have a second income to rely on. I’d just take it. I save and take my kids on holidays etc and they know it’s because I work. The kids will adjust eventually and it’s really nice to be able to work hard and afford those extra things (although holidays won’t be a thing right now of course)

Change is a part of life if you don’t teach your kids to accept the changes that go on in life they’re never going to make it in life

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Part time… kids are only little once and you’ll never get this time back.

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Working is a part of life. They’ll be ok.

You said it yourself love, your kids are more important…more important than any job ever…

I would keep the job. It’s only been a week, and kids take time to adjust. Just make sure you get lots of cuddles and one on one tome on your days off. The will soon realise that it’s fun to spend days off with their happy mummy! X

If u can live on part time hrs I say family first

Kids aside you should ask yourself if you want this full time job… because the kids are going to adjust they just need more time than a week, sounds like you have mom guilt for being the reason they are stressing and want a reason to stop working full time. Mom guilt is a strong thing but be honest with yourself

Stay in full time they will adjust

They will adjust. My daughter went from having a full time stay-at-home-mom to a single mom that works full time. My mom always worked full time. Life goes on.

its only been a week give it time