My kids constantly sucks on their clothing...Help!

How do you stop your 4 year old from sucking on their shirts??


My now 3 years old did when he was 2 but grew out of it. So idk let it be and see what happens

My son is almost 13 (next week!) And he still chews on his clothes and other weird objects

My daughter does this sometimes when she’s anxious

Sometimes you can’t
My 9 and 17 year old still do it :no_good_woman:

Put a few dabs of tea tree oil on it. Tastes like ass it’s how I stopped biting my nails

Spray something like perfume that tastes bad on the collar… they will stop

Find something they don’t like ( like vinegar ) and put it on the part of the clothing they suck on. All done in about 2 days

That can be a sing of neurodivergence and stimming. Have they been tested by anyone?