My kids no longer co-sleep with me and now I cannot sleep: Help?

I’m a single mum with two kids both who have Coslept with me (yes, I’m aware of the dangers before anyone starts) and now both sleep in their own beds without a problem. My problem is I’m used to cuddling them at night and used to their fidgeting to the point I can’t sleep now… How can I improve my sleep? Did anyone else go through this? What tips would people suggest?


Try a body pillow or stuffed animal? Also, idk how long it’s been, but just give it some time. Getting used to sleeping a different way takes time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t. Still sleeping with my 5 and 3 yo. :woman_shrugging:t2: I just can’t quit them. They are addictive. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, how I miss sleeping with my babies!!! :blush::kissing_heart:


Get a kitty or an older doggo they love to cuddle.

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Weighted blanket and pregnancy pillow.

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If suggest you have way more problems going on than that. This is not normal or natural in my humble opinion.


Cats are good to cuddle with :grin:

If they were anything like sleeping with my 5yo put a cat in a pillow case in bed with you :rofl:


I sleep with my 6 year old and always will till she wants her bed


Mine is 10 months and I absolutely love his cuddles🥰 he throws his arms around me and rests his head on my shoulder if he sees us walking towards his crib🤣 he knows I’ll put him with us if he does that. Little smarty pants. Yeah, I know, they say don’t co-sleep. TO EACH THEIR OWN.


You will adjust! My husband just started a new job where hes gone for weeks at a time
It took me a week and a half to get use to sleeping alone. Im still off but at least sleeping better than when he left.

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Get a dog lol. Try a weighted blanket.

I have a dog you can borrow!! Lol in all seriousness, maybe try a body pillow??

Meletonin vitamin gummies 3mg

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I didn’t ask this question, but I totally could have!!! I co-slept with my oldest till he was 5 (single mom, then remarried and hubby deployed), my second was not a co-sleeper (I tried, he wasn’t a snuggle bug :cry:), and my last baby is 9 and mostly in her bed now. I miss it too. I can’t sleep. I was so accustomed to her moving around, throwing her little leg over me… :cry:


yeh my kid always sleeps in her own bed and last night I thought we would cuddle and sleep all cute but I woke up at 3 am with her running a marathon on my face


Find a boyfriend lol

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a body pillow… cuddle with that… itll help and wont wake you up lol

Same . I slept with my daughter up until 4 months ago. N she’s six. She trasitioned well but I didn’t lol I find myself getting in bed with her . Im used to her kicks n hugs💕

You’ll get used to it, just takes a little time

A pet, or melatonin, or Advil/Tylenol PM

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Body pillow!! My 5yo daughter started sleeping in her own bed about 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep the first week and a half because I was so used to her beside me. But now I’m okay. But she also crawls into bed with me 2 or 3 times a week, about an hour before she has to get up for school :sweat_smile:


Oh dear god, the moment my daughter finally slept in her bed, it was like heaven. Steched out on my bed, without getting smacked, or kicked in the ribs.


A body pillow or a puppy but the puppy may have your little one back in with you and you then have three in the bed :joy:

Lots of pillows all over the bed

I agree - a body pillow


I co-slept with all my for kids oldest being 21 youngest being four recently we got a king-size bed so that way my four-year-old could sleep with us on occasion I do like to cuddle as well but yet I noticed my sleeping habits have been not as great as they were when we sleep alone so what I find myself doing is when I’m really tired I go and lay down with my son until I get really sleepy and I’m gradually falling asleep then I wake up and go to bed it helps me with the feeling of security cuz that’s what I get out of sleeping with my children. Nothing wrong with sleeping with your children nothing wrong with enjoying cuddles they grow up they move out then we’re all left alone

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Pistachios and organic black cherries are high in natural melatonin, eat a handful about 30 mins before bed, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Buy the biggest soft n floppy teddy bear u can find n cuddle that in bed…

A body pillow and a maybe even white noise…either a fan on or there’s some pretty good apps you can download out there as well. When I’m restless I watch ASMR videos on YouTube and it usually makes me pretty drowsy after a few of them.

I got me a body pillow

How did u get ur kids to sleep in there own bed my son sleeps with me and he is 1 but I cant seem to get him to sleep by himself

Weighted/heated blanket, stuffed animal, body pillow. What ever floats your boat <3

My kids are 7,9, and 10 and all 3 still cosleep with me :no_mouth:

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Try heated blankets and maybe a kitty or dog.

Try melatonin like mentioned above… just a small dose to help you relax more. Also, I’ve never co-slept but my girls (and me) LOVE when they get to sleep with us nowadays (they’re 4 and almost 8)…usually the oldest sleeps in our bed with dad and I sleep on the couch with the little one. (4 in a bed ain’t gonna work for me lol). So, maybe have a few nights a week where they sleep with you and the other nights they sleep on their own. Just an idea :slight_smile:

My daughter is 11, we coslept until she was 7-8(i was single so it didnt bother me). I STILL have trouble sleeping. My mind is used to being aware of my surroundings so now when I sleep im the lightest sleeper ever

Cuddly pillow, milk before bed, tub with essential oils, read a book

If it’s because you’re worried about them, get a video monitor or cameras for their rooms. We have an indoor camera mounted in our 18 month old’s room and I have an app on my phone where I can check in during the night and it makes a sound notification when there is movement.

If it’s because you’re lonely, use a body pillow to cuddle with or let the dog sleep with you (assuming you have a dog). Good luck to you!

Mine are 6, 5 &2 they just recently transitioned to their own room 2 of them took to it great my 5 year old however decided it aint for her so she makes herself a bed on my floor when they 1st transitioned each of them gave me one of their stuffed animals to cuddle it helped some or you could just get a dog to cuddle with

Body pillow and Melatonin.

Sleep stories on the Calm app help me out even when medication didn’t. It is the best sleep I’ve gotten in years.

Get you a body pillow and maybe try some melatonin to get you back on track!


Is coslept an adjective or a verb? Mr. Magambo please step in!!!

I’m in the same boat. I’m codependent

Get a wieghted blanket


Hug a pillow or stuffed animal

Cuddle with a pillow it helps me sleep

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This post is on
“ my husband is a blessing “
And you are saying about an empty bed. The irony :rofl:


Get a dog? Get a weighted blanket? Get a grip more like :roll_eyes:


Try a body pillow, it helps with the cuddling aspect! I went through the same thing

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I’m the same way. My daughter is 11 now and due to rent being so high we cant afford the extra bedroom so she’s slept with me all her life. When she goes to a friends house for the night I cant sleep either.

Get a big fluffy stuffed animal to snuggle in bed/just take up space. I always slept with dogs in bed as a kid, & now I can’t so having something else in bed feels normal. Also doubles as a pillow and your kids will think it’s cute :joy:

Aside from whatever dangers…this is usually the issue i have with cosleeping lol
Youre either conditioning yourself or your children to need someone in their bed to feel safe or be able to sleep.
Id try a body pillow!
Either that or a big stuffed animal lol

It takes a few nights to get used to sleeping without them. Time is the only thing that helped me.

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Get a weighted blanket!

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I got a weighted blanket. The chilled 15lb one on Amazon. It’s bamboo and sand

Maybe a cup of herbal bed time tea or chamomile tea might help. A quick bed time yoga routine may help you unwind and sleep better too.

You can buy adult melatonin! It’s non addictable and it’s natural! I use it and I can still wake up with my babies through the night when they cry!

You will enjoy it after awhile. It took awhile but so nice.

Maybe cuddle a pillow that’s what I did now I love my own space in bed

Get a big cuddly dog!

A couple of dogs and a couple cats

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Go to Walmart buy some Benadryl or motion sickness pills and say hello to the best nights sleep you’ll ever have.