My little one is on the go! And now my in-laws are suggesting I put him in shoes ASAP so he gets used to them. But I have no idea where to buy the best shoes for kids just learning to walk? Any suggestions?

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only put shoes on if they have to go outside. Otherwise they don’t need them.


Robeeze. Or soft soles shoes at first. They are bendable and move with babies feet instead or weighing them down.

I actually heard that you don’t want to put them in shoes until they have learned how to walk. Something to do with balance. All three of my kids are summer babies so they didn’t wear shoes until the cold weather & snow came. However, now they all hate shoes & I struggle to keep them on their feet :upside_down_face:


Stride rite shoes are great! But to be honest, I have 3 under 3 and they all LOVE their crocs!!!

Our pediatrician and other moms said barefoot/socks at home, only shoes outside/in public. If any are used they can even be thick, grippy waterproof sock type.

Barefoot is good for walking they can grip the ground with their toes


Current research shows that barefoot is best and allows baby to learn to feel the floor develop muscles and balance better. Shoes actually hinder their development and are only needed to protect their feet if out in the cold for example. If you do need something companies like jack and lily or robeez are great as they sell soft soled shoes and are recommended.


I personally had really good luck with puma brand sneakers my boys wore the same pair cause they wore so great (they are 18 mo apart) they were good walking sneakers

I’m a shoe fitter…if they are using furniture to cruise then shoes with soft soles are the best as they gain confidence. Of they’re confident walkers, shoes with harder soles are ideal esp of they’re going outside. If they’re not walking or even attempting, they do not need shoes. Pram shoes are ok, but socks or barefoot are the best for children who are NOT walking or cruising.


Oh in-laws are such a treat…


Why do you keep posting this question over and over again?

How many times are you going to ask the same question I see it pop by everyday :sweat_smile:


Barefoot is best inside, outside striderite is great!


I got my kids skecther high tops. Supports ankles while they walk

This question was posted yesterday- but you had a daughter.


Stride rite walking shoes. Soft flexible soles.

Stride rite. Parents been using them since the 70’s

When my kids were young…40 yrs ago, I had this same discussion with my MIL. I talked to my pediatrician. He said the cheapest sneaks you can find. The purpose is to protect their feet from cold, hot, rocks etc. Barefoot is best!


Get high top to support the ankle
Can buy at a baby store or even Walmart

Leave him without for now. That’s my personal opinion.


Speak with your child’s pediatrician. Strangers on the Internet may not know what your child needs

Old wives tale - there’s new reports out about barefoot best for starting to learn to walk.

Go cheap, they grow out if them so fast!

Stride rite. High tops. Harder to kick off :wink:

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Stride rites…been trusted for ever.

My daughter is now 49 years old and back in the baby days her pediatrician said barefoot is best. If God wanted us to walk on hard soles he would have made us with them.

While I understand this is a “fan question “, this is literally the same question as asked yesterday :woman_facepalming:t4:… asked and answered


The mother of my grandson waited too long and he fought every time they tried to put shoes on. I like the shoe fitters suggestions, makes sense.

Walmart shoes they grow too fast. Barefoot when possible.

A kids clothing store it’s important to have proper shoes on your child to support ankles ect


From my son’s orthopedic doc…Their feet are best left bare unless you are taking them outside to walk.


Feet are best for learning to walk


Bare feet is best for children unless on pavement etc. they develop and strengthen a lot of feet muscle plus a whole heap of benefits


I’m surprised they didn’t tell you that too. Lol

This seemingly gets asked everywhere lately. Ask your pediatrician, for goodness sake!!!

Go for the thinnest sole possible, barefoot really is bedt when they’re new to walking.

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I agree bare foot is best but if walking out side I would recommend Clark’s shoes.


Barefoot! When outside and fully taking off…I always bought Stride Rite shoes.

My suggestion is don’t put shoes in your little 1 ! … the bones are still soft and mold to the shoe . Way back in the day I trained as a children’s shoe fitter and we hated having to put little 1’s in shoes

Walking moccasins. You can find them on Amazon. So cute, real leather, and comfortable.

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Stride Rite
Best way to learn to walk is being barefoot.
I only used shoes outside or out in public.

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Why does this keep being asked? 1st post was with “my little one”, next one was “my kiddo”, then “her” now “him”. Need some new content.

You could try rubber sole socks from Amazon. But shoes are always a struggle with littles

In laws are wrong. Barefoot is best.

Little love bug shoes makes soft soled shoes that are great for first walkers. They have one that has a rubber type sole that would protect from rocks outside but is still soft to left their foot move. Or a leather type moccasin

Stride rite shoes are best!!

Whay ever you do make sure you always have them fitted.

Barefoot with non skid socks if it’s cold. No shoes!


My pediatrician always said that babies don’t need shoes until they are walking outside. When they first start walking they need to grip the floor with their toes. Once they do need shoes go for well fitting quality shoes over what is cute. I’m sure there are plenty of internet videos on how to properly fit shoes. If you are unsure, go to a store that can measure and fit the shoe. Check for size when they are standing upright since feet are at their longest then. Hope this helped. Good luck on keeping up with your newly mobile child…

2tinyfeet.Com They are basicly like running around in socks but the bottom has a thin flexible sole to protect feet.

Barefoot is best for learning balance and grip.


So funny that we used to put babies in those hard leather walking shoes!

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No shoes until he can walk well in non-slip slippers.

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Me too! I used them for all three of my kids :heart::heart::pray::pray:

Don’t rush it yet.
He/she is still learning balance and perfecting their stride.
Their suggestion is old fashioned. Trust your instincts

Stride -rite are the best


No shoes is best!

It’s best that kids that age feel the ground and different textures under their feet. If you don’t want him in shoes just tell them! It’s YOUR kid!

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whatever ones you like and are comfortable

If they kicked your shin, you died!

Don’t!!! Have him wear Robeez. Wait until spring to get him shoes.

My doctor said sneakers or barefoot.