My Man Is Always Liking Twerking Videos

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"Would it bother if you your man was constantly loving other females pics and twerking videos? Even if you’ve spoken to him about it and he sees it as you’re being controlling and says he isn’t cheating so sees nothing wrong with it."

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"Doesn’t matter what we think. If it bothers you, then it’s a boundary that needs set."

"For him to say it isn’t cheating is bs. That decision is between you and him. And if you have a problem with it then he needs to respect that as your partner. Like I doubt your watching videos of men twerking and swinging there dicks around. I bet if you were he would have a problem with it tho. If he doesn’t respect your feelings and decision on the issue then he needs to kick fucking rocks and let the door hit him where the good lord split him."

"If it upsets you then that’s a boundary you need to set with him. Some women care, some women don’t, but you’re not being controlling for having feelings about something that makes you uncomfortable."

"It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, because there’s a bunch of women that are okay with it, and they’ll tell you so. BUT if you personally get uncomfortable, he should understand that and stop, because it’s something that upsets YOU. and he shouldn’t want to ever want to insult you or make you feel less… like where’s the love if he would rather look at twerking videos???"

"I think you both just need to establish clear boundaries. Be clear and direct about what bothers you and take each other’s feelings into consideration because you love and respect each other."

"As long as my husband isn’t out lying and cheating on me I don’t care that he is watching twerking videos. Trust me it’s a lot less heart break in the end. If he watches these videos and come home to touch your body then know he loves you more then cheating."

"I honestly wouldn’t “care” but it would hurt my feelings just for the lack of self esteem on my part (very bad eating disorder in my teens ((anorexia), then 2 pregnancies, ) however my husband knows this and doesn’t do it (to my knowledge lmao). Everything i mention to him bothering me, he usually changes to the best of his ability. So yes. It would bother me, but his boundaries are being crossed (him thinking you’re controlling him) and you’re boundaries are also, so an open discussion is needed or it’s just going to keep happening aka bothering you."

"I feel this as an incompatibly issue. Some people don’t see anything wrong with that, some do. You have to decide if this is a deal breaker. Everyone has their own boundaries and limits. You can’t change him, so can you live with it?"

"This is why you need to set boundaries on what is cheating and if they don’t agree to that, then you shouldn’t be with them."

"Its not cheating but it is a complete lack of care for your feelings and disrespectful if you’ve communicated your feelings. What about a woman twerking has more value to him than your feelings."

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