My manager told me I shouldn’t be working due to restrictions

I am currently 28 almost 29 weeks pregnant and have weight restrictions I work at a grocery store and my manager is the one who told me to get a restriction from my ob so I did that was when I was a little over 20 weeks and now she is telling me due to my restrictions I should not be working anymore anything I do she isn’t pleased I do my job I stay over time to make sure everything is done right I’m never on my phone but since I’ve been pregnant she has never left me alone she goes and follows me to make sure I’m doing my job when others will be just walking around or on FaceTime with their boyfriends or husbands it’s getting stressful am I over reacting for wanting to call corporate to complain?

Talk to her. Ask her why she’s so worried about you that she has to follow you. You know what to do, and you do it. If you’re uncomfortable with something or don’t think you can lift / do something you’ll notify her but right now you’re fine. I would understand if you were almost due but you still have a couple weeks, so talk to her… tell you’re fine for right now & if it continues contact someone in corporate or something to bring it up. A lot of companies are weird when it comes to pregnant employees, which I understand because you can’t do everything everyone else can and you need to be more careful but pregnant woman need to work too so they can get what they need for themselves and baby.