My MIL constantly buys me baby clothes and I do not like it: Advice?

so idk how to put this but my MIL buy my baby clothing & such but i’d rather her buy the stuff that’s more useful. like i appreciate it but it’s all stuff that i don’t like or everything that says grandma this grandma that. i like to buy the clothes because i like to match with him & have him be in a certain style. i just wanna know what to say to her. also she always call him her baby & it makes me so mad


Your very ungrateful and petty wow so what I have 6 grandkids and 1 great grandkid I buy them all stuff with nana on it and tons of cloths I also say to them come see nana my baby or there’s my baby I’ll ask them are you nana’s babies there parents would NEVER EVER be upset over that

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My MIL constantly buys me baby clothes and I do not like it: Advice?

Be glad she’s there first off and second that she buys for him at all!: I hope you are like a 16yr old girl with a child and not a grown [email protected]@ woman with this attitude


You need a serious attitude adjustment, you sound extremely petty as well as entitled. She loves her grandchild and loves being his grandmother, so lighten up.


Well she’s his grandma :person_shrugging: And I’m sorry but dressing him to match you in a certain style sounds a little narcissistic. Be thankful that she cares for him. Be grateful for the extra clothes because kids grow so quick. And calling him “her baby” is just a term of endearment and it shouldn’t make you feel insecure. Even though your son will have his own special relationship with his grandma you will always be his mom.


Sounds like you might have something against your MIL. As a grandmother myself, I’m always calling them MY babies. And always buying them the clothes I want them to have. Their mothers don’t always agree with my styles but the fact that grandma bought it, the kids get to wear it. This sounds more personal then anything else


She’s not buying YOU baby cloths, she is buying cloths for her grandson, put the baby in the clothing bought by the grandmother that loves him, and take a picture and send it to her, she will feel so much joy!!! And in the process you may begin to mature and understand your child is not an extension of YOU, he is and will always be his own person who will eventually pick out his own clothing and I will bet $10 that it will be anything other than the outfits that match yours!


I buy my granddaughter SO many clothes and we even have matching outfits. I do keep these things at my house. I buy boutique clothes and Disney clothes.
I do call her my baby too. I don’t want to make my DIL feel uncomfortable, but she knows and encourages the bond that I share with my granddaughter. I’m very grateful.


My mum was the same with my son. Just let her do it as that’s how she feels she’s helping you. To be honest you sound a little petty by this. My mum also calls my son her pudding and he’s now 16 but I’d never begrudge her happiness at being his nana. If you want to get her to buy more appropriate stuff as you just tell her. Be honest and say he doesn’t need clothes right now but this would help. If you won’t do that sit back and let her spoil him as that’s what they are there for.


Don’t say anything. Be grateful. Have him wear it or don’t, but say thank you and be a decent person


Can i have your MIL… my babies have 0 grandparents.


This is your biggest issue :joy: wow there’s something wrong with you


Maybe tell her to keep the clothes at her house so you don’t have to bring any? My parents had EVERYTHING you need for a baby at their house so when the grandkids came over we could just leave them lol. Maybe that way it won’t hurt her feelings and let her put grandma stuff on the baby when he’s at her house


Honestly I think you might have a problem. Grandma is excited about her grandchild! It’s so common to refer to your grand baby as “my baby”. Just put the outfits on him when she comes to visit. Or take pictures and send them to her. Peace to you!


Okay, so when my son was first born, I HATED it when my MIL would say her baby. Like it made me feel rage inside. But after some work on myself I realized it was only because I was resentful that my mom had passed away & wasn’t here. Because I knew that if it was MY mom saying it, I wouldn’t have cared at all.
So THATS something that you need to deal with inside of yourself.

As for the clothes, just because she buys them doesn’t mean he has to wear them. & also, you could always just make sure she sees him in stuff every once in awhile. Matching outfits are cute & all but is that ALL he is allowed to wear?


I totally agree with you!! Regardless of what anyone says. Lol. My family is the same way. I just had my daughter in July and they all love buying her pink, frilly clothing… not at all my style and she never wears any of it :woman_shrugging:t2:

You’re allowed to have a style preference and want to match YOURRRR BABY

You also are allowed to have feelings about how other people refer to YOUR BABY

Just be respectful when you bring it up if she doesn’t accept it, oh well :woman_shrugging:t2:

No one else has to like or agree with what you want for the child you carried and birthed


If she’s adopting grandchildren please send her my way . I would love my kids to have a caring grandmother. You’re very ungrateful.


Be glad she buys her grandbaby things. You don’t have to like a single piece of clothing she buys but when she comes over make sure to put it on. You sound soooo ungrateful!!


Being a grandma myself those grand baby’s are my life and those are my baby’s until they cry .


I would of loved a mil/grandma for my children but unfortunately she passed before they was born :pensive: you should be grateful :pray: she sounds amazing :clap: x


Aw. When she’s around put it and when she leaves take it off. My mum still says my baby and my son is ten. She knows I’m his mother it’s just because she loves him so much, like her own. That’s all. A grandma feels like her grand kids are her own,and in a way they are. ( they wouldn’t exist without her) I don’t know iam.very close to my family I think it’s beautiful. It doesn’t change how great of a mother you are x


How old are you? You sound very immature. I can understand not wanting so many clothes, but being mad because the clothes say grandma or being mad because she says my baby is very childish. You are looking for problems.


My daughter just flat out told me that she didn’t like anyone buying her kids clothes bc she likes more boutique looking clothes. You can do it without making her the target.
As far as her calling him her baby…I think you need to address that within yourself. I’m sure Noone will mistake her as Mom.


Wow. You’re petty and ungrateful when you should be thankful and appreciative.


My advice is to grow up real quick because she could be buying you paternity tests and free visits from cps. Maybe just be a little bit grateful that she’s not like some MILs?


Wow! Seriously I have 8 grandchildren the oldest being 22 yrs old and the youngest being 9 yrs old, and I still call them my babies! Heck I still call my son and daughter my babies. Because the fact is they will always be my BABIES! Grandchildren included! Get over it!


Girl you need to lighten up and be grateful that he has a grandmother who loves him so much. Jealousy is not a good color on you!


Appreciate that you have a MIL that helps. A lot of women don’t have that. You could express that he has more then enough clothes in the size he is in and the next and that it would really be helpful if she picked up some diapers and wipes instead of clothes for now. Just remember to sound grateful and he is her baby’s baby so be patient with that too. A child can’t get too much love and it sounds like she loves and wants to spoil her grandson, you could even let her know you’d like to shop with her for him, then you can sweetly influence what she picks and she will learn your style preferences :blush::heart:


I was just in tears cause my baby won’t have grandparents. Its common to say “my baby” , I highly doubt she sees him AS HERS. You match with your boy and let grandma do her. If that love wasn’t there, you’d wish it was.


Maybe you and her baby can get matching sweaters that say “I​:heart:grandma” and have some photos taken in them as a big thank you :rofl:


You sound like a snob. Be grateful and accept the clothes with grace


Remember all this when you become a grandma.


Honestly, I’m so grateful when someone gets clothes for my kids. They grow way too fast for my small budget and beggers can’t be choosers. Kids look great in anything and my babies aren’t naked.

What’s more important to you?


You have some serious issues that need to be addressed sooner than later, so buying clothes is a problem plus calling him my baby is issue :nerd_face::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: please be grateful I wish I have my kids grandparents around me to do these things for them.


My mother in law gets my kids stuff all the time that they don’t need or will never use. I don’t make a big deal of it. I thank her and keep it for a bit just in case i do ever use it then i either sale it on swap shop or i give it away for free or donate it.
On her calling your baby her baby, technically the baby is her grand baby and it sounds like she loves the baby dearly. I personally wouldn’t make a big deal about it cause atleast the baby has a grandparent that loves and cares about them. Some kids go their whole lives without ever meeting their grandparents or grow up with grandparents who are toxic.
If it really bother you that much you could always tell your spouse or tell your mother in law you’d like her to call your baby a different nickname. :woman_shrugging:t5:


WOW!! Ungrateful!!That’s it!!


I am a grandma of 3 amazing boys the oldest being 12 and the youngest 3. I buy them clothes all the time and call them grandmas boys. My son and daughter in law don’t have an issue at all and are so grateful that I love them so very much. Embrace the love she has for him. I hope that when I die and they get older they will remember how much they were loved by me. I pray for you that you open your heart to her love for your child. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


She doesn’t have to buy anything. She’s gifting him bc she loves him. Her buying him clothes in no way means you cannot buy him clothes. She knows he isn’t her child, that’s not what she means calling him her baby. Just be happy she’s present. Whatever you reasons you have for not liking her, which is clear, doesn’t need to reflect on her relationship with her grandchild.


I don’t see the problem. Maybe it’s not what you want but imagine not having that support at all. My mom buys clothes for my daughter and I don’t complain cuz she’s spending money she could be using for other things on my kids. Sorry but I don’t think there’s an issue. I’m so glad to have my mom and people who loves my kids so much.


Wow you sound so ungrateful and then say oh I like to match your son and dress him in a certain style. Get over yourself acting like you’re something special and high class. Also since you can afford to dress in your style and want your son to match but unhappy with the clothes your MIL buys yet you want her to buy more useful things. Maybe let her son talk to his mom and I hope she buy you nothing just like you deserve.


YOU are the problem not her. I bet if she wasnt doing anything or little you would complain about that. My kids and 1 grand parent left…send Grandma to my kids!!


Tell her that as much as you appreciate everything she does and has done you are just not comfortable with her buying his clothes because you have a style you prefer and that as much as your child is her grand baby it’s actually your baby. Just be honest it may sting but she will get over it. Say you can call my baby your grand baby and you can dress him in the clothes you want when you are babysitting or spending time with your grand baby but this is your child and your partners child.


Girl you have issues…if she wasn’t doing things like that then you would be mad because she wasn’t there. Be grateful and appreciative some people don’t have that in their lives


Wow, your lucky your baby has grandparents that wanna spoil him!
My father & father in law passed away in December 2 weeks apart & never got to meet our newest baby!
Don’t be so ungrateful


It sounds like grandma is crossing all sorts of boundaries for you. I would have a conversation about things that make you uncomfortable. Ultimately you are mom and what you say goes! You don’t need to adjust your boundaries to accommodate someone else’s preferences.


Babies grow so fast and tiny clothes are so expensive. I’d take those free clothes and be happy I could save money bc college is wicked expensive. I buy mostly secondhand, but we do have special outfits that I spend more on for pictures and things. Also, she is a grandma. That’s her grandbaby. I’m sure she’s buying these things bc she loves him. Say thank you and use or exchange it. This isn’t a hill to die on.


its should not make u mad. i call my grandbabies my babies all the time. it does not bother my daughter as im there every single day w them and help. and u should be thankful she’s getting clothes. who cares if they say grandma this or that. it just shows how proud she is to be a gma. im the same way but i also buy things like diapers wipes rash creams etc anything they need. my daughter has 2 yr old boy/girl twins and a one yr old girl.


You sound ungrateful. Have some gratitude. She’s buying clothes for her grandson yes it’s your son but you should be very happy about it.


I babysit and call the babies I watch my babies. Example: There is Ms. Amanda’s baby
My mom called my boys her babies when they were little. My oldest is 12 and she says he’s still her baby. I think it’s cute. When she purchased them clothes that said grandma I appreciated it. I went out of my way to send her pictures of them in the clothes.


To be a certain “style”? :face_with_monocle:


Your feelings are valid. If you don’t like what she buys, be honest with her and say “I’d rather you not buy x,y,z but instead a,b,c would be more helpful” you do not have to like or be okay with what she buys, if you aren’t just be open and honest, if she gets mad about it then just say “We would prefer you didn’t buy anything if you can’t be open to what we want/need”
Also if you are not okay with her referring to YOUR baby as “my baby” then tell her that as well, she did not carry or birth him. She can come up with a cute nickname for him but referring to someone else’s child as yours without being told its okay is :grimacing:


You’re being petty let it go


I wish I had a grandma who would buy my kids clothes. No offense but you sound ungrateful and jealous. Atleast she wants to be apart of your babies life and cares about him. Alot of us don’t have anything even close to that :unamused:

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I feel like there are a lot of grandmothers in this thread who don’t understand boundaries :sweat_smile:


You sound ungrateful. Now if she was buying clothes to match you :roll_eyes:would you be happy . I also since some jealousy “everything says grandma “.


My kid wears hand me downs. He’s a baby. They’re messy and kinda gross. They grow fast and grow out of things. They’re not dolls or fashion accessories. Get over it.


Don’t be so ungrateful, everyone buys clothes for a new baby, you shouldn’t expect them to buy anything else. As for the term “My baby” it’s completely understandable for you not to like it but if you’re not going to point out to her that you don’t like it then you better get used to it. I don’t like it when people say it about my little girl but I’m not going to upset anyone by pointing out that she’s MY baby, she’s not a thing to fight over.
Maybe just say you’ve got enough clothes now and you don’t need anymore. Other than that you should learn to let it go because some people don’t have grandparents or anyone to help out, wanting you baby dressed a certain way is fine but just remember that those lovely clothes will probably last a couple of hours before it’s covered in milk, poop, sick, wee and you might be thankful for those extra ones.

Tread carefully sweetheart karma remembers everything and it always comes back around. You have a mother-in-law who loves her grandchild you should be grateful plain and simple. On another note you know it’s all cute and fun because you want your baby to match you and wear a certain style so that you can match but your baby is a LITTLE INDIVIDUAL with their own personality I have two grandchildren one a year and a half and one 3 months old and they are very much individuals with their own little personalities and I am so grateful that their mother doesn’t stifle that with restrictions of certain styles and clothing to only match her my grandson very much likes he’s getting ready for the day routine and to help pick out his clothes and shoes none of which match his moms outfit everyday and they have outfits and t-shirts and PJs that definitely coordinate lol but she encourages individuality in her son who already has a huge bright personality even at one and a half. Someday karma’s going to teach you that your children are individuals and not just your mini me. hopefully you are not going to have to learn that the hard way. best of luck

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Be careful what you wish for.
Most grandmothers don’t go the extra mile buying baby clothes. I WISH my children even had a grandmother. You sound spoiled, in my opinion.


She wants to show love to the baby. Can you give her one day to see the baby dressed in something she bought. She sounds loving and caring. We all need grandma’s who feel that much love and want to share in it with you. Don’t deny the baby the love of grandparents.

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Set boundaries. I told everyone that I wasn’t going to let them try and play ‘favourite family member’ with my kids and purposely never let my kids be in anything with favourite etc. as babies don’t have a favourite yet. They like people on certain days/times.

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Omg are you a grown ass woman crying about what a BABY is wearing? This is why kids want brand clothes and pick on kids who don’t have them. My sons grandmother doesn’t has never even called him her grandson. Seen him once.

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You sound childish and ungrateful.
I buy clothes for my 3 yr old granddaughter and 3 week old grandson all the time. My granddaughter tells me she’s “MiMi’s baby” because I’ve always called her that. My daughter doesn’t get butt hurt about it, nor did my SIL. She has always appreciated everything that I’ve bought them and would never complain about petty crap like that.
Be glad that your MIL is there for, and loves, your child enough to do those things for them.

Be happy ur child has a grandma that’s loves him :heartpulse: put the clothes she buys for him on around the house if u must and let him wear ur clothes when u go out be grateful :pray:

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Try explaining you appreciate the clothes however there are things you need more and explain what. She doesn’t mean any harm in calling him her baby. My daughter is my grandchildren’s mom, however of course I call them Grammy’s babies and the oldest one is 12 almost 13. They will always be my babies.

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I have always called any baby I’ve ever been attached to my baby. I even call a student I work with my baby. Why does that make you mad? It just means that they love your baby and would do anything for him or her. I was very selfish with my baby when she was a little baby I didn’t want people holding her I wanted to hold her because that first year of snuggling is all you get and I wanted to enjoy her. I have created a momma loving monster. She is on top of me 24/7. Looking back I wish I had gotten more joy from people wanting to hold her, play with and love on her. Also, baby clothes get expensive put your baby in what you want and when Grandma visits make sure the baby is wearing the grandma shirts. Also, count your blessings because some kids don’t have Grandparents that can buy things for them. Don’t take someone who loves your child away and don’t take their love of your child away.

The only thing I can say here is I wish my mother in law was still here to do these things. Try and be a little more thankful cause when she’s not there then and only then will you realize you really didn’t not like it you just didn’t give it a chance to work.

You sound kinda young so I’m gonna give you grace unlike what you’re giving gma, because this isn’t it😏


My Mother and my Mother in law bought clothes etc for my children … I appreciated it so much… the fact that they wanted to buy things for their grandchildren…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:
Stop being so selfish … And this thing about his clothes to match your clothes ??? doesn’t sound healthy :roll_eyes:

As a mom who cries over the loss of mom, and watches her kids cry over the loss of their grandma - just let her buy the clothes.

My mom and I had so many squabbles over silly things. We would pick on each other, get our feelings hurt, and move on. I would watch her get onto me, or the kids, and still have the “this isn’t fair” moments… but then she died.

I was tasked with cleaning out the house. Mom had a room for my kids and when I opened the dresser drawers I cried my eyes out to find a pile of brand new clothes, like the ones your describing.

Yes, I know the kids will soon outgrow these outfits. But, that stack of clothing crushed me because I know there is nobody else in my life who loves my kids that way.

To us, it’s an ugly shirt but to our parents it’s an outward expression of love for these tiny humans we are charged with raising. My mom will never buy my kids another grandma outfit and honestly they probably won’t remember her long, but maybe one day when they have kids of their own, they will open that bag of things I bought and smile. Everything I learned came from her, even the stupid shirts.

Nothing like the love between a grandparent and their grand children. You should appreciate her affection. Not every child is so fortunate.

Wow some people need to grow up… be thankful your son has such a loving and caring Grandmother… So many kids out there without grandparents in their lives let alone a Grandparent that buys things for the grandkids…
So what if you don’t always agree on the style, put your son in those clothes when he is home or visiting your MIL…
You sound so ungrateful… So many parents out there struggling to afford new clothes for their kids with the cost of living going up so much and here you are whinging that someone is buying things for your son…
Show your MIL some respect because she’s not doing it for you, she’s doing it for her grandson, that she clearly loves and adores…
Sounds more like you having the issue with controlling everything and wanting things your way and that’s it… Gosh I feel sorry for your partner and your son if this is how you carry on about a grandmother loving her grandchild…

Pick your battles. This one doesn’t sound important. It’s clothes. Grandparents live their grandchildren and want to be involved. We have a Grandparent not involved in our children lives because they play favorites and are in and out of our children’s lives. We have other Grandparents that are fully involved. Everyone has their own quirks. My dad loves legos. Every single year all the grandkids get legos. They know that’s what they’re getting legos because that’s what papa buys. His logic is that not only does he live to display legos but he loves the time with the grandkids making them. I’m sure she has her reasons for buying him clothes. And he is her baby, her grand baby. Appreciate that many people love you son and let it go.

Sorry, but you sound super petty and ungrateful. Kids grow so fast and the less you have to spend should be a plus. And the grandma this grandma that clothes… sounds like you don’t like her at all. I don’t know if this is her first grandchild but even if it’s not, she’s proud and loving. There are people out there who have absolutely NOBODY to buy their kids anything. You need to grow up mama.

I’m a grandma and great grandma. I used to buy my first 5 grandkids clothes all the time, most of the clothes I kept at my house because we lived in a farm and When they visited us at the farm we would have a ball, tending the cows and pigs and chickens. We’d also have water figths and play in the dirt and mud. I would change their clothes as soon as they arrived, so they wouldn’t get their good clothes dirty, at the end of the day I’d give them a bath and redress them in the clothes they came in so they would be clean and ready for Mom and dad to come get them. Now we live out of state and we have great grands, I used to buy clothing for them but I Never see them wearing the clothing or get a photo of them in the outfits. So I stopped wasting my money on clothes they never wear, I found out most ended up in Yard sales, Brand new, never worn, sold for a fraction of what I spent. Also I don’t buy Toys for them because they already have enough toys to supply 3 day cares. So now I just send a check so they can spend it on whatever momma what’s to buy them. It’s a whole lot cheaper too.

Id be grateful she’s even buying him anything. Some people don’t have a relationship with their parents so their kids don’t. I’d love if my mom bought my kids something but we’re not even on speaking terms. As for the calling him her baby part… that used to piss me off when my MIL did it but I know that my kids are my kids. I don’t think she means it as he’s literally her baby.
Maybe have a conversation with her stating your concerns. Only way for her to stop is to be told something.

Wow, come on now. Imagine if she was the complete opposite and didn’t bother at all, you’d have something to say then😩
So what if she’s buying him clothes, you’ll be greatful once he starts having a growth spurt. Also, the whole matching thing🤢 if this is what you’re like with him as a baby, what are you gonna be like when he’s older?
As for her referring to him as “her baby” she’s not meaning it in a bad way. My MIL did the same thing and I mean, it did annoy me at first but I soon realised that, she means it in a way that she loves my child like her own.
I’m due my 2nd baby in less than 2 weeks, and I’ve involved her and my mum so much more this time round as I know my son loves both his grandmas, and seeing them with him makes my heart melt.
Don’t be that person to ruin a beautiful relationship between grandma and grandson because of your jealousy and obsessiveness over your son. It’s your son who will be most affected in this.

Girl you need to lighten up. She definitely isn’t buying you baby clothes she’s buying them for YOUR SON. My son has a set of grandparents that never even gave a shit about him. You should consider yourself and your son lucky.

I buy for all 7 of my grandkids. I still call my big kids my babies. I also call my grandkids my babies. I will be there anytime they need me. I’m also very involved with all of my babies. Let her be. Us grandparents are not going to be here forever. I do it so they will remember how much they were loved by me after I’m gone.

Get over let grandma buy what she wants if you don’t like it when she leaves box it up be thankful she cares enough to buy things for your baby

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I can sympathize with people buying clothes that you find unattractive. But at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts. If you really want something to be said so she doesn’t waste her money then maybe ask your husband to have that conversation. Be grateful she loves her grandson enough and has the means to buy him clothes. If I don’t like it I would just keep my mouth shut, donate/sell off what I absolutely cannot accept, and keep a few “grandma loves me” items to only wear when he’s off to see grandma. As for the “my baby” issue. I really don’t understand why it rubs so many mamas wrong. As a mom myself I would have zero issue with that. My toddler claims her sister is her baby all the time. I WISH my parents would call any of their granddaughters their baby.

Don’t like the outfits than return the use the store credit for the more useful things, or put on your big girl panties and say mil thank you so much for your generosity but id prefer to buy his clothes so we can match, if your not prepared for that conversation than simply say thank you maybe save a thing or 2 and return the rest

She is a grandma and it gives her pleasure giving g her grandchild things. Don’t be so negative. She loves your child don’t spoil it for her

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If someone loves your child, embrace it. If she calls him…my baby…it means she is affectionate towards him. It does not automatically make him “her” baby.

You are being unreasonable. There are many grand parents out there that ignore their grand children.

I mean, what? You’re angry that his grandmother is buying him clothes?
Sounds like you’re acting like a child over this. Just because she buys him clothes does not mean that you can’t still match with him (which in my opinion is a little ridiculous). He’s a child. He doesn’t need a “style”

Wow. This is sad. My life has been & is still dedicated to raising my children. As much as I have enjoyed them being small I look forward to all of their milestones of life. I look forward to seeing them happily married & raising their children. It breaks my heart to think of my son marrying a woman who acts so ugly about the way I would love & how I would express my love for my grandkids. It’s really hard to believe someone can be so rude.

Vanessa Klein still her baby though :joy:regardless of how she wants to dress him. She definitely said she was grateful and didn’t expect anything!!!

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Are we serious? This is an actual post? You sound ungrateful. He’s a baby, and she sounds like a happy and proud grandma. You like to match with him? So what? And clothes are ALWAYS useful for infants, how are they not useful?

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Just let her do it. It is definitely not worth picking a fight over. Dress him how you want when you have him and on days he’s going over there put him in those outfits so she feels excited. 20 years from now it’s not going to matter. 

My son grandma would do the same thing
I just told her to keep it at her house and when she gets the bby she can put it in him. :rofl::rofl::rofl: It’s actually saved me the time of having to pack a bag. She was the type of grandma that I just had to hand over the bby and that was that. I mean I would dread the chance she may run into someone I know while he had the clothes on but hey that’s her grandchild and they know how I carry it when he’s with me. As for the calling him her baby just ignore it because you know he’s your child. It’s not anything you should allow to disrupt your peace. I’m now a grandma and I dnt require anything to be dropped off other than my grandchild when I keep them because I have everything here I need and the mothers love that.

You need to be humbled. Be glad that you have someone there that loves him that much. Not everyone is blessed with grandparents. There’s far worse things to be mad at than someone wanting to love your child and buy clothes for him.

That is what most grandma do , you should be a little more grateful, wanting to dress him up with matching outfits with you is something cute to do for certain occasions , I hope she see this and stop buying him stuff and caring for him

Good grief…I don’t have no issues with my MIL buying her grandchildren whatever she wants for the most part. Especially clothes…and ya know what…my babies are her babies to. She loves them just as much as I do. Get over yourself…the more to love our babies, the better.

They say … parents are for discipline, grandparents are the spoiler , be appreciative , need not be territorial , no issue if granny call your child “my baby”, it doesn’t even change the fact of you being the mother. Relax , … scenario is normal , don’t make up issues …

Umm. Wow… How about be thankful she’s wanting to be in her grandkids life. I don’t see anything wrong with her wanting to help with clothes. Babies grow fast. Maybe her buying grandparent clothes is how she feels included. If it is really such an issue then have a talk with her. My Youngest who just turned 1 in October was born after his grandfather on his dad’s side passed away. He passed away on my oldest son’s birthday. They only have their grandmas in their life. My dad is not in mine or their life. You never know when you’ll lose your mother. Let her spoil her grandkid. And there isn’t anything wrong with her saying, “My Baby.” That is her grand baby. She obviously knows your the actual mother. But like I said. If it is seriously that bad of an issue then have a talk with her. Be grateful to even have your mom wanting to involved and be there to help. Wish my 2 sons still had their grandfather on their dads side. May he RIP.

Miss mam :woman_facepalming:t2: take the win you’ve got with your MIL. Do you know how rare it is that grandparents are in their grand children’s lives these days? Who cares if you like the clothes? He’ll be grown out of them in months anyway. Humor the woman that cares about your child. That is her baby too. Not as in babies mom but that’s her sons baby, ya know? Let that woman love your child, there is nothing wrong with that. Jeeze I hope you’re young. Because eventually you’ll wise up and be thankful about it.

Would it make you mad if I was YOUR mom?


Well…you definitely sound petty. I buy my granddaughter clothes and spoil her when I can. I call her my baby because she’s my baby’s baby. I love that princess and I’m so happy that I’m allowed to express my love for her without being talked down to or judged. One day you’ll be a grandma and I hope you dont get stuck with a petty DIL. Rethink your thoughts.

If you rather her buy something else, tell her what it is you need. Also, if you don’t like the clothes you can simply ask her not to buy them or just take them and sell them and buy the style you like for him instead.