My MIL is trying to ruin my marriage: Advice?

My MIL treated my husband’s ex like she was his sister, even had her in her Will.
Wanted us all to celebrate holidays, etc with her. Told her I wanted to enjoy holidays. She told me she treated us all equally - no she put the ex before her own son. I told her she could treat us equally but it would have to be separately as the ex was no friend of mine. My husband finally told her the same thing. When you get married, you put your spouse first - this is Biblical. And yes hubby and I had many talks about boundaries. Your hubby needs to grow a pair.


I divorced my 1st and 2nd husbands bcuz of that crap 🤷🤷

There is literally nothing she can do to ruin the marriage unless you or your husband let her. He married you. You married him. Unless you guys are living with her, she’s should have minimum impact on your life. Just continue to distance yourself from her.

That being said, your husband and you need to sit down and talk about unity in your actions and stances. I’ve had to protect my wife against verbal attacks from both my mother and roommates.

How much can you take? Unhealthy relationship. Can you get him to a counselor. This is not healthy for anyone. It’s not you. It’s her fear of abandonment and you are robbing her of her safety net. Unless your husband can put boundaries down, I’m afraid there is little you can do. Can you get counseling with him! It’s not you but you are part of the 3some. This will take time

Some people aren’t going to like you period. Something I’ve had to come to terms with myself. :woman_shrugging:t3: it’s up to your hubby to put his foot down and up to you to figure out if you are gonna deal with him doing it or not. I know it does, but act like it doesn’t bother you how she treats you. You’re married to her son and your there to stay and there’s nothing she can do about it except get over it of course :blush: if she wants to miss out on your lives because she chooses to knit pick everything you do and say then that’s her choice. I will try my best to never do my sons like this. Unless they end up with a cheating thot then I will have something to say :joy:

If he won’t put his foot down you put your foot right up her ass and let her know who’s boss. It’s okay to stand up to you MIL

Stay away don’t talk to them don’t go over there don’t say bad things to your husband about her you need to let him see it for himself

If you live in her house her rules…if not don’t let another dog shit in your yard.

Marriage counseling first, see if it makes a difference. If so, problem solved. If not, sorry, this is your future until you leave.

Something wrong there ???