My MIL plays favoritism

Hello can you post anonymously?

I don’t even know where to start… I found this page lol. I wish I had more friends to talk about this. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years now, we have 3 beautiful children. When my kids where born my MIL treated them different , I always thought it was because me and my husband aren’t married and I would always say is that the reason she’s like that to my kids and I mean my husband has two other brothers who each have 4 kids they’re both married and treat them with love , she sees them every weekend , takes them on trips, takes the kids for like a whole week. She takes the time to see them. My FIL who is no longer married to her he’s a charm he’s an amazing grandfather, he treats them all equal. Loves them and spends as much time with them. Unfortunately my FIL passed away this year. It’s 2022 and where still doing this lol. I never had the guts to say anything to my MIL. my husband tells me that I don’t need to get into it with her because there’s no point. The lady’s think she’s always right she has never done nothing wrong. She goes maybe every 6 months comes and sees them , less then an hour and leaves. She’s a Facebook person meaning as I feel like people see her she’s the greatest grandma . When she comes and sees my kids she goes quickly takes a picture of the kids and post “spending time with my grandkids” leaves and then we don’t see her another 6 or more months. I wish people knew the real her. We had asked one time of her if she can please watch them for a few hours so me and my husband can go eat and watch a movie she’ goes on and says “ she ain’t no babysitter. But she goes and takes care of my BIL’s kids takes them over night . My babies are 5 , 6 and 7 so this has been going on for years. Am I crazy to feel like this? The only time me and my husband went out to eat was when my mother came for the summer and we where able to go out. At this moment my husband don’t really talk to her. It just hurts me that she’s like this towards my babies. The last time she came my kids where so happy that she was here like there faces where so happy wanting to do everything with her and in my head I’m thinking I hope she sees how much my kids love her but then she goes away. Also my husband doesn’t have a great relationship with her. Not really wanting to go in detail with that but her other two boys where her favorite and he was always left out out everything. I’m wondering if this the reason she’s like this towards my kids. My MIL also blocked me from fb lol I don’t even know what I did to her lol. I told my husband that I don’t like her can’t say hate her but I just don’t want her in my kids lives anymore, my husband tells me that I can’t be saying that if she hasn’t done anything, but I tell him she has by the way she treats my kids different and I won’t tolerate that. am I wrong for that? I don’t like that lady, I seriously don’t like her. The one time she came she was talking sh*t about my two SIL’s which Makes me wonder if she talks about me too :thinking:. Sorry for my long post. I do have amazing parents they live four states away , I call my mom everyday and she FaceTimes my kids , we also try to go every year and go for like a month to her which is nice. I just want to cut her off completely. My kids don’t deserve a half as grandparent . If you read all this thank you for reading any advise would be helpful:) and Happy Easter . Btw she’s going to have her grandkids on Easter and we’ll where doing our own thing at home . She seriously don’t deserve my kids love .