My mom got upset when I told her I didn't know if I would be at Christmas dinner: Advice?

My mum wanted to know if we were going to go around for Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner and then lost it at me when I said I don’t know because it depends on if the baby’s here or not, but either way, we wanted to spend it with just us as our own little family, and when I suggested maybe doing a family Christmas meal like she wants a few day earlier or later she went even more nuts because what if my step sister wants it on a different day to us, to me it shouldn’t matter what my stepsister wants to do I’m the one who might have a new born or be popping one out any day around then, thank you in advance


I wouldn’t think to much about it you have to think about what’s best and the baby being passed around probably wouldn’t be best and sometimes it’s just good to be there with your little family


Damn. Thats harsh. If our small family cant get together on the actual holiday, we just find a day we can get together. Good luck

We do our family christmas on new years eve, so that we can spend time with spouse families too. My mom always said that she doesnt care when as long as all of us can be together.

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Do your own thing. Tell her that you’ll opt for a more intimate “grandmas” Christmas with just grandparents, and your little family once baby is here and for safety reasons, you realky need to rest a s take it easy…gives them some one on one and you a break…toss that one on one in for good measure​:wink::grin:

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The mom needs to be more understanding I have three children with grandbabies and sometimes we do Christmas the week before sometimes the week after this year it’s going to be the day after Christmas because of my work schedule grandma just needs to learn to be more flexible

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I had my daughter via emergency c section dec 21 . She was in the NICU and came home on Christmas. I told everyone if they wanted to see us they needed to come over …

Do you , she can be mad . It’s a feeling , she will get over it .
You however need to make sure your taking care of your self !

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Use covid as an excuse honestly. It’s dangerous for pregnant women to get. But honest if youbare that far along baby born or not born do your own thing. It’s just a holiday

You do you! Just let her throw her fits! This is your special time and honestly you do whatever you want! Whatever makes you comfortable! I hope you have a very happy holiday season and get to enjoy it to the fullest! Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!

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Mom will be okay. She’ll get over it.

Oh good God just ignore her wishes and do as you choose for your own sanity.

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With covid around…absolutely not.

I would just tell her with covid-19 birthing and with you having a new baby that do something another day

You do your own thing to suit your new baby. Do not make anyone make you feel guilty for putting your newborn first.

I have told everyone for the last 2 months that Christmas this year im not going anywhere, if anyone wants to see my girls on Christmas day then they can feel free to come to us but ill have a 5 week old baby and ill still be recovering and getting to grips with breastfeeding so I’ve said I’m not leaving the house. My advice is stick to your guns and if your mum isn’t happy then thats her problem if she wants to see you all on Christmas day then she can but she needs to understand you need to recover and get used to life with the baby, or still be taking it easy if your heavily pregnant still. Its also really cold and I don’t feel I want to be getting baby in and out of the car seat and trailing around after other people, I’ve done that pretty much every year but not this, I’m not letting anyone change my mind im doing what I want to for a change. Hope you can sort it but just try explain it all I’m sure your mum should understand x