My Mom Rips My Child Out of My Hands and Tells Me I Will Spoil Her: Thoughts?

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"Hey mamas I’m a FTM and I need advice. So I want to lay my baby on my chest sometimes, but everytime I do my mom rips her from me and says “I will spoil her.” Now she is only two weeks and I just want to cuddle her sometimes. I want to show love and affection to my baby. Is that a bad thing? What age do they begin to be “spoiled”?"

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"Uhhh no. You snuggle that baby as much as you want. It does not “spoil” them."

"Holding your 2 week old infant is NOT spoiling her! They need that touch and connection with mom!"

"You need to set some serious boundaries with your mom. It’s your baby not hers. You can parent anyway you please."

"First of all you are the mom you can hold your baby where ever and whenever you want! It’s not being spoiled it’s you loving her and creating a connection"

"that’s bonding with your baby not spoiling her"

"It does not spoil them. Infact it goes a long way to their confidence and independence as they get older"

"So many boundaries crossed by her, I recommend some distance. She is making you second guess your instincts. On top of all of that, she just wrong about spoiling your 2 week old baby."

"Please…stand up to your mother. I went through exactly the same thing"

"You can’t spoil a baby. Babies can only communicate what they need at this point. Tell your mom to back off. It is important to establish firm boundaries now or she will continue to undermind you in bigger ways."

"You literally cannot spoil a baby. Honestly your mom sounds ignorant and like she needs to do some research. It has been proven that skin to skin will regulate a childs heart rate and body temp. Your baby has been in a confined space, constantly cradled basically, for the last 9 months. It can take a few months for baby to get used to being outside the womb, and until then skin to skin and cuddles can help with the change tremendously."

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