My neighbor is trying to file a lawsuit against!

My crazy neighbor has filed a lawsuit against me over my privacy fence. She says it’s on her property & that we’ve caused her damages. We replaced a chain link fence after a tornado blew it down and basically she was pissed because she’s nosy and wanted to see what I’m doing at all times. She has a law degree and a God complex so she thinks she can get something out of me I guess. She’s also got dementia. :expressionless: Anyways… will my homeowners insurance fight this on my behalf? Has anyone gone through petty shit like this? Any and all advice is welcome.


Did you get your yard surveyed? Permit?


Did you survey and get a permit? Or find out where the property line lines are?


Your city building should have prints of where property lines are that way you can prove if the fence is on her property or yours. If it is, it should be closed right there


Go to the city building, get a copy of where the property lines are, it’s free, no lawyer needed.


Get a survey done and make sure it’s on your property. If it is, that’s all you need for a case closed situation.


Please let us know how things turn out…All the advise here is correct …


Get your blue prints from city and check

Did you permit the fence like you’re supposed too?

Your insurance company does not litigate on your behalf. Do you know if the chain link fence was on her property? Did she own the fence? If so, you did trespass by putting it up. You need to have a survey done to discover the property line and this will put an end to the whole thing. If you are in the right, walking into court with that evidence alone is all you’ll need. If you are in the wrong, you will have to pay her to have the fence removed. She doesn’t have to let you trespass again to remove it and can hire a company to do it. That would be her damages.

Unless your plan has it, I’ve never heard of homeowners paying for something like this.

Get a survey done. Just looking at plot books won’t help with proving your property lines. You need to have the pins located professionally… tbh this should have been done before the new fence (we learned the hard way and had to remove and replace fencing).

Get a survey. If your fence is on her property you’re screwed. You should always get a survey done before putting up a fence.

Your homeowners insurance has nothing to do with this, therefore no they won’t fight this for you