My neighbor keeps using my trash can...advice?

Y’all… one of my neighbors is using my trash can… and honestly I wouldn’t care less accept they’re filling it on the second and third day after it’s dumped… leaving me no room for what little trash my son and I have. How do you figure out who’s doing it and how do you ask them to stop?


Unacceptable, but an easy fix would be to put then behind a fence and not accessible by the public.


Game cam or security cameras


Put it in your garage or backyard until you need to take it out


Move the can in your driveway / yard area until pick up day


Move it inside your garage or drive way until pick up day

Someone was doing this at my old job, leaving me no space on truck day, so I went through and found some mail of theirs and called the police.


Bring your trash can up to your door. And put a camera up. And then put a sign on it. And if they keep doing it. Take the trash out and place it next to their can.

Put the trash can away close to you front door or garage. Put a sign on it which would say that the trash can is personal property. If it doesn’t stop contact the city

Ask them to stop are they pay the bill


Obviously, they are not paying for trash service. Get a Chain and lock, locking until you need it.

I had that problem. They’d fill my bins the day it was tipped or steal my trash bins all together. There wasn’t a good solution. We dumped their trash to make space for ours. It turned violent. It didn’t stop until they left. I’m sorry I wish their was a solution.

Look for something with their name/ address on it report them


Notify your trash service.

You can get pretty cheap cameras or lockable trash bins. If you figure out who’s doing it, have a conversation and ask them to stop. Maybe put up a no trespassing sign. If they don’t stop, call law enforcement because technically it is a theft of services.

Tie a fake snake or some kind of fake animal inside the lid and make sure you have game/ security cameras and motion lights.


Time for a lock or cameras

We have this happen at some of the apartments I look after and we drill whole put small chain and locks on it … so only the owners have access to it…

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They’ll just leave it in ur yard— no matter

Set a trap lol like a pull string type trap where it spray paints them or bust glitter all over them when they open it . Lol


Either move the trash can, or buy another one.

If you are paying for the trash service then no. They need to get their own like all the other big people