My Neighbor's Child Keeps Stealing my Kids' Toys…What Do I Do?

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"I don’t know if this is allowed or not but I have a problem with my neighbor's kid coming into my yard and taking my kids' toys she has brought them back and apologized but today ber child decided to try to get on my porch to take some toys but luckily my mom stopped him. I don’t know what else to do I’ve told the little boy to not come back he doesn’t listen"

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"I would either get a toy chest that has a lock, continuously involve the parents, keep toys inside, etc. I know it’s unfair to you and your child, you shouldn’t have to take these measures to ensure your property isn’t taken, I’m not sure how far you’re willing to take it. I think getting police or CPS involved is too far but you could google what options you have."

"How old is he is the question?"

"Motion-activated sprinklers lol"

"Have a talk with his mother. If that doesn’t work then just keep the toys inside."

"Air horn. Or something spooky on your property. Can also use motion sensor lights to make him think someone is seeing him."

"Does he have toys at home? Does he have a good home life? Can you purchase him some toys from the dollar store to give to him?"

"Is there something more behind him taking the toys? Does he lack them? Is he special needs? Talk to him mom and see if you can find a way to figure out “why”. That doesn’t make it ok but it might help him stop."

"Sounds like one of my neighbors. I ended up finding out the child had ADHD and can’t control his impulses. Maybe this is the case as well? Not saying it’s ok but sometimes there is other reasons why this behavior keeps occurring with no change."

"How old are they? Maybe he doesn’t have much and that’s why he is taking them? (Not that that justifies it)… There is probably a reason behind the behaviors. Does his family pay attention or maybe possibly neglect him? Talk to the parents and observe"

"When you catch said child, sit them down and explain to him/ her what they’re doing is stealing. Then tell them if they continue said stealing they’re not allowed at your house. Then, you take said child back to their own house and make a big show of walking them to their front door, ring their doorbell, and make them explain to their parent what they were doing. Then you tell said parent your concern and that you don’t want said child in your yard, muchless stealing toys."

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