My newborn has not pooped...advice?

My baby is literally only three days old, and he’s latching and eating whenever he decides he wants to. He farts, and spits up, and has peed, but has yet to poop since being home. It’s only been maybe 24 hours, but should I be worried??? Adding that he has an appointment in two days so of course I’ll bring it up then but should I take him back to the doctor before that??


There’s a possibility he could still have the plug. Do you know if he’s passed that yet. You can’t miss it, it’s poop that looks very tarry. It really wouldn’t hurt to call the pediatrician if only for your sanity.

Does he seem content or in distress?

Is his spit up a light greenish color? I experienced that with my 2nd born, dr said she was lazy. This went on for 3 months, another dr diagnosed her with Hirschsprungs disease. When her son was born, her 2nd child, I saw the symptoms immediately. He would push the bottle out of his mouth and spit up, I noticed it was a light almost metallic green color. I asked my daughter if he had a bowel movement since birth, the nurse came in and I told her to have him checked. He had it also.

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My 2 month old and my last kiddo both did this, they both ended up going the next day or day after. Both are/were exclusively breastfed.

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Most breast fed babies only poop about once a week. Ik to us adults that sounds crazy, but it’s normal actually. Hope this eases your mind some momma

It’s more common for breastfeed babies to go longer in-between poops…but there’s exercise to help like the bicycle legs rubbing the belly in clockwise motion knees to chest …but definitely if it’s a concern for you bring it up to the doctor

Breastfed babies usually poop every time they eat