My newborn is struggling to latch: Advice?

Newborn with recessed jaw/chin struggling to latch and feed on standard nipples. My firstborn, baby boy just born two days ago he has a small chin / recessed jaw. He struggles to properly latch on the breast, as well as a latch on general Nipples. He is looking for advice from people who have struggled with the same issue of helping him be successful with breastfeeding, as well as recommendations for bottle brands with nipples that could help my boy be successful. Thanks, ladies.

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Check for a tongue tie!!!

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My little girl is 2 weeks old and we are using a nipple shield and it has helped so much!!!

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Nipple shield is helpful

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Chiropractor solved my sons recessed jaw!

nipple shield i used it, and it helped me and baby so much, and go to a lactation consultant place call your hospital they will direct you where to get and help him latch on.

My daughter struggled too. I ended up pumping. I tried a dozen different bottles before I tried Mam brand. Now I swear by them and tell everyone. Eventually I was able to nurse and bottle feed. :slightly_smiling_face: good luck to you

Work with an ibclc that knows about posterior tongue ties (sadly not all so) and either chiropractor or cranial sacral provider to correct the jaw. My daughter had this due to a posterior tie… after the release and body work she went on to nurse for 2y8m

Daughter had this happen with her second son. We took him to chiropractor. It helped tremendously

My boy did too. I had to use a nipple shield. It was a big help. He’s now 15, lol! Good luck mama.

Definitely see a Lactation Consultant. I use tommee tippee bottles because the nipple is rather large so maybe that will work for you? Whatever you do, don’t give up!! You’ll figure things out with the right help.

I agree that you should check for a tongue tie. I use avent natural baby bottles and I feel like they are very similar to a breast. However, if you don’t succeed with breastfeeding, it’s ok!! Try your hardest and if it doesn’t work out don’t stress too much about it. A fed baby is what matters.

My little boy was born 2 weeks ago and i had the same problem. I use a nipple shield and it works perfectly

Try a nipple shield that’s what I did and it worked

He’s only two days old! It’s super new to him as well I suggest continuing trying to latch naturally and it should eventually get easier, my son took a little over two days to stay latched and to accept the boob quicker, before he got used to latching he would cry and fight and not stay latched. Breastfeeding takes as much practice as him taking a bottle, I introduced a bottle (tommee tipper) when he was still struggling to latch and eventually he got used to both with no nipple confusion! It’s gets harder before it get easier!

Check for a lip and tongue tie

My now 4 month old has a recessed chin and was very slow to gain weight. I used a nipple shield and supplemented with 6oz of pumped milk daily using a Phillips Avent natural bottle. I also used a SNS because I wanted him to work on his milk transfer at the breast. He weaned the nipple shield just before 3 months and I stopped the supplementation around then too when a weighted feed with an IBCLC indicated he transferred over 3oz in one feed. Since then his weight gain has been insane. Now at almost 4 months is in the 50% and at 3 weeks he was in the 3rd. You’ve got this, best of luck!

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A nipple shield should help! And maybe check for a tongue or lip tie too

Nipple shield. Its a god send.

Check and make sure he doesnt have a tongue tie, nipple shields. Get a boppy nursing pillow if u dont have one

Minbie bottles! Had the same issue with my newborn daughter and these bottles allowed her to both bottle feed and breast feed

Keep trying and have him checked for ties. My 4 week old is having his upper lip tie and tongue tie lasered tomorrow.

Ask your pediatrician to check for a tongue tie. My granddaughter had one. It requires a snip of the tie by (in her case a dentist). After a few days, she had no problems. 19 months now and a happy little eater !

I had to hold baby in a “football” hold . Feet toward my back and body under my arm.

Wic has nipple sheilds that extends your nipple to help him latch on


I used nipple shields. WIC offices will have a lactation consultant on staff to help you. She was the only one that helped me with my premature baby.

Also you can trying pumping some milk first then putting baby to your breast.

Has he been checked for tongue tie?

In Hospital she expressed then sucked up into syringes thenput finger in bubs mouth and slowly dribbled milk into his side of mouth till he ducked properly it’s very hard at first bubs get tired

My son had issues latching. I eventually had to start pumping my milk. And then move to formula because i wasnt producing enough milk
Thats ok mama.
Do be too hard on yourself…
Evenflow low flow bottles are great.
He instantly took to it.
And remember, if someone wants to judge you::: the most important thing is feeding your baby. Breast milk, formula, what ever it is.

I had a baby with Cleft Lip who could not latch and pumped milk for 4 months xx into a bottle which had a special shaped teat to fit into the gap in his lip xx maybe there’s some special bottle you could express into with a teat the right shape to help your son x