My parents are kicking me and my kids out, I don't make enough money to do it on my own

Long story, so a few yrs ago due to me leaving an ex I had no option but to move into my parents house. It’s very hard living with my parents but I’ve done it so long bc they are not in good health and need me. I have 4 children and I understand it may be hard for my kids to be under their roof! I do work and do contribute as much as I can and it’s still not good enough. They have made it VERY clear they no longer want us in their house. I do not make enough to move out on my own and I’m just at a loss of what to possible do! Does anyone have any suggestions! I’d greatly appreciate it!


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Apply for benefits or find a roommate. I was in the same situation. Mine moved me to the state they were in, I had no job and three kids one of which was a newborn. They couldn’t handle having babies and put me out right before Christmas. I had to apply for benefits. It’s hard but doable. Look for income based housing or section 8, daycare vouchers and food stamps. Get child support if you can


I believe they have made the right decision, for you and them.


Are you not getting child support for the kids? That should be able to help tremendously towards being able to afford housing for the kids.


My husband and I had a long talk BEFORE we had children…we have a moral obligation to our children and by extension grandchildren as long as we live…need a place to live, we’re here…hungry, we’ll share…that doesn’t mean sometimes the noise doesn’t get to me…I can politely ask the kiddos to go play elsewhere or go “play” in my craft room…I would never put a child of mine out…I just couldn’t…that’s just me…


Check into income based housing/apartments. It was a lifesaver til I got on my feet with my kids after my divorce. They take into account what you need to feed and clothe your children. I wish you the best of luck. Remember anything you put your mind to, you can do. Stay positive and always believe in yourself.


It was never going to be a forever situation so it’s a good thing to be happening, you may just feel a little pushed but it’s time to realise you can do this on your own and besides their health may be better with their own space and peace back…. Let a nurse take care of them and maybe just be a visiting daughter with grandkids once a week


Better find some income based housing honey, I mean what else u gonna do :woman_shrugging:t5::woman_shrugging:t5:


You have FOUR kids!
Your parents have raised their children. Your kids are your responsibility. Not Theirs.
Where is the father to your children? Does he not provide support?
You can do this alone. Women have been doing it for years. It’s a hell of a job. Hard as heck, but you made those children.
Let your parents be grandparents who can spoil the grandchildren from time to time, take them on occasional outings and give a helping hand here and there.


Is there a chance you could have a conversation and make it less of a burden on them financially and emotionally? If you’ve overstayed your welcome and can’t stY seek any and all resources now and come up with a plan BEFORE you leave and become homeless. Call churches, government agencies, housing, shelters, city hall.


Apply for rental subsidy while you try and get into low income housing. Apartments are usually cheaper then basements. Sleep in the living room and bunk the kids together. Utilize the food banks. If you haven’t tried for child support or their deadbeats still apply for a court order and enroll in fmep. If they work legally wages can be garnished. See if you can pick up more hours or find a higher paying job. Daycare subsidy will help with the kids and if you have a local boys and girls club that can be another childcare option. Goodluck mama you can do it! I became a single mama at 16. Moved out at 17… my son is almost 18 now. It seems tough but you are tougher!!!


I wouldn’t call it kicking you out. It’s their home and maybe you just took over their space. There’s always to sides to a story. You should be getting child support, get housing, food stamps and work you a plan. Parents have done it for years. The father should be the responsible person. Get him to help with the kids . it’s nice for parents to help but to live in on them for a long time I disagree with. You were raised, you made your decision to have 4 kids which is fine but you are responsible for raising them and the father. He’s just as responsible. This night seem tough but I see to many grandparents stuck raising . I’m sure they love them and we help if you help yourself. Good luck and God Bless. Stay positive and,you can work it out.


Is there any shelters? Where I live there’s 2 women’s centers and a homeless shelter. All are very nice! And free to stay! You and your kid’s would get a room together. With enough beds and dressers for all of you. They have shared bathrooms and kitchen and living room with TV. They help with food. And if you’re working that’s all you would need to be doing. When you can prove you can pay for a place, they give you first months rent and security! They also have a program here through the homeless shelter, to help with a car! It’s very nice! The homeless shelter is for men, women and children. As the women’s center is just for women and children. But they do the same thing. Look into thing’s! And food stamps! Medical insurance. There’s a lot to help out there!


Check into low income housing or income base apartments in your area

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Some people might not like this but look into government assistance for now, get a degree for better career opportunities or look for better career opportunities without a degree. Look for some cheap furniture or donations for now until you get your feet on the ground.
It’s rough out there momma but you can do it!


One make sure u are getting child support either through dhr or a lawyer,don’t let them get off.You can go up to your local welfare office and sign up,try local churches,maybe sell any belongings u don’t need,try making money online :slight_smile:

Apply for benefits honey. If you have a local women’s resource center, they can help you. Apply for emergency housing, food stamps, daycare help. You can do it

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Something just isn’t adding up here bc if they need u dear why would they be kicking you out? Maybe you’ve became a burden on ur parents and you’ve just more less consider them as the father to ur kids when there not there not getting younger and they deserve there privacy and freedom and peace o of mind. I’m not trying to sound harsh but why wouldn’t you want ur own place? You need them as much as they need you it kinda seems like. There’s help out there you have to search for it but you’ll be happier with the results N so will your kiddos. Talk with em let em kno ur reaching out for help N don’t take ur sweet time get on it asap bc ur welcomed has ran out sounds like. I wish you best of luck and hope you n ur parents find happiness as a family again once this is behind y’all. They as parents just want you to b independent n not dependent upon them and I totally get it. Your working love N in this 2 or 3 yrs you’ve should’ve done had a home for yourself N kiddos. GOOD LUCK THO


A few years is plenty long enough to have gotten into housing or other helpful programs. I love my kids and grandkids, don’t think I could handle the noise or chaos of them in my home for a few years.


Look in your area there might be places that can help you move out as a single mother

I always had to live in income based housing, it always worked best being a single mom at that time.


Can you get a place that goes by your income? I don’t know if that’s available where you live but it’s available in a lot of places

My suggestion is that wherever you are those 4 children are your total responsibility not youresponsibility not your parents or somebody you live with

You need to apply for income base housing like yesterday. Get your name on the waiting list. I was told one place the wait would be at least 3 years. Well within 6 months they called me.

I would speak to them adult to adult and ask them why they feel this way? Maybe it’s just to give you a push to start doing better for yourself and your kids. You have 4 kids, and that’s YOUR responsibility. Maybe they feel like they are enabling you. You need to start looking for ways to provide for your family, a better job, or multiple jobs etc


Here in Virginia you would qualify for medicaid and food stamps. Also subsidized housing.

I thought the same thing. Daycare subsidy will help with the costs of daycare while you work. The further you move away from the city the cheaper it is. I share a one bedroom suite with my daughter for $800. I buy everything from marketplace for a fraction of the cost of brand new.

Go and seek resources at DSS

Hud housing or habitat for humanity

Can you try and get child support or low income housing it must be hard for all of you you and your kids defiantly need your own place maybe taxes? State help? Stimulus? Loan? Good luck

Possibly finding a roommate

Definitely apply for government assistance and low income housing.

You said you’ve done it for long because they need you? If they need you why are they kicking you out? Are you being honest with yourself or playing victim. How long is a few years? If you needed some where to stay, 6 months is overstaying your welcome. If your kids have dads, can they help? Get them on child support ASAP. They should be providing for your kids, not your parents.


I’m a foster parent and depending on where you live, when you go to a shelter with your kids and explain you are homeless, they help you get housing and the government pays the majority of the rent; section 8


You are a single parent. Figure it out. You, as an adult, should not be depending on anyone for help. They raised their kids. Let them live their own life. It’s very hard doing it on your own and making excuses as to why you can’t won’t get you very far. It’s not kicking you out when it’s time your stopped depending on people. Especially older people who have raised their kids. It’s no one’s responsibility but yours and their dad. A few years is enough time. They have been more than good to you. Time to grow up. Sounds like you need them more than they need you. They got this. Now it’s time you had you and your kids. They are done enabling your excuses to not figure out a way. It’s hard but you can do it. Just stop with the excuses. Let them enjoy their retirement and their grandchildren. Have you ever thought that 4 kids is actually causing them more issues and stress? Sounds harsh but it’s a hard reality. They are your kids not your parents.


April Accor I doubt she helps enough. Parents don’t kick their kids and Grandkids out for no reason. They’ve been there for years. She’s doing nothing to get on her feet. It’s been years. They’ve had enough. They’re not in good health. Good on them for trying to help. Good on them for thinking of themselves and their health now.

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get a better job. staffing agencies hire for warehouses and factories and usually are decent money. apply for income based housing

Look up on line. Helps you find assistance for your area.

Contact your local dss has resources you may be able to use.

I have had one
My kids live with me cause they don’t have money to live on their own but I enjoy them very much my dad would of gave me sent thing to have one of us kids with him but I worked far from his house but I seen him often and ha
Helped him with the housework I loved him dearly

My son stays with me and I HATE IT!!! I love him forever but hes 30 yrs old!! Deep down no-one wants anyone staying with them! Or i dont anyway but i wont kick him out in hot sun! Just my thoughts neither of us have a car so he couldn’t live in it anyway. Just my thought good luck to you’

Lots of good ideas suggested here. It’s not an easy road you have chosen. It sounds as if the dad/dads are not helping you, which is a shame but not your parents fault or responsibility. They have already done the hard work and sacrifice of raising a family. It gets harder to keep doing this, as you get older. You are blessed to have parents who have let you stay at all, much less for an extended time. I would be curious to hear your parents perspective of what it has been like to have you all in their home and why they are asking you to leave. You say they need you but, then, why are they asking to to leave?There are always 2 sides to every story. I know adult children who treat their parents badly and take advantage of them, but only people close to the situation see it. It’s an easy thing to hide from casual acquaintances and can make the parents look like they are being selfish and heartless, when they finally put their foot down, when actually, distance is the best thing for all involved.

Government programs…housing …child support…EBT …W.I.C…medicaid…you just have to look into it…you can do it …stay strong…and God bless

How many years ago did you move in full time with your 4 kids? How many rooms of their home do you all occupy?

Do you contribute by making meals and buying groceries? Cleaning the house regularly?

My BIL does this with my MIL an it takes.up any chance she can be a grandma to my two kids she has not talked to them in two years its sad but whatever my kids are going to hate her

I raised my kids 100 percent by myself. Having to work 2 jobs at times. If I can do, you can as well. There are low income apartments. Food stamps. Etc you can do this

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