My partner makes me feel worthless

I’ve been with my partner 4 years married since December, we have 2 kids together. He has been doing things that people question me about. The way he speaks to me is shocking, he makes me feel worthless, he drinks beer every single night, leaves me to pick everything up after him. I think he has anger issues and I feel as if I’m walking on eggshells all the time, I met a couple who have a child so me and my kids have been spending time with them and my husband has done nothing but argue with me about it and scream at me about it. He wants me to wait at home for him to finish work and not be home later than him. I tried to leave him at the weekend, so he punched a hole in my wall and refused to leave.

I have a very big heart and I want to make this work for all of our sakes, every time he says he will change nothing ever does. He’s said he will do some anger management as long as I stay with him.
I don’t know what to do as I do love him and if I tried to leave again he will just reject my breakup again. but I’m not the happiest I could be and I’m only 22 I have so much more life left.

I would leave him straight away he is violent there is nothing you can do to help. Get yourself out of that toxic relationship. He is no good to you.

Just sounds like kids having kids tbh. His attitude sounds disgusting, you shouldn’t stand for it. Also if he’s violent you should get yourself and the kids out of there asap.

PLEASE I am begging you, you are still so young, please leave him now. Do not waste anymore of your youth on him. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be in a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is one where you are respected, considered, appreciated, supported- and I don’t just mean financially- heard, loved… In a healthy relationship you feel safe, secure, contentment, joy, certainty, confident, capable, beautiful… You do not deserve to be treated this way, you deserve a true partner in life, someone to is on the same page as you, who works towards a common goal, who doesn’t work against you but with you. We are treated how we allow people to treat us. Leave this man and find a better man, demand to be treated better. Do not settle for anything less than a great, loving, happy, healthy relationship. Life is just way too short for anything else. Also don’t jump into another relationship right away… you’re in an abusive situation and you’re going to need to hair time to heal from it. You don’t want to attract the wrong type of partner because you’re vulnerable and hurting. But you can do this- you can find peace and happiness, you’re stronger than you think.

Start planning your escape now. Your kids deserve better. I know everyone thinks that kids need a mum and dad but in reality they need a safe, healthy environment. You wouldn’t let a drug addict shoot up in front of them, domestic abuse is just as damaging.

Start saving if you can, start taking a few things to your mums or a close friend or whoever you know has your back, make a plan and be clever about it. Leave a letter when you leave if you want but don’t tell him beforehand. If it’s your house, do some research about how to change things into his name including utilitiesAlso, you can ask a police officer to help you. They don’t have to press charges or arrest anyone but they offer protection when leaving and make sure he doesn’t follow you and they can do follow up welfare checks on him. You can just get some advice too.

You’re young and you still have 100% chance at finding your happy ending! Don’t let this be your life. Also, for his sake, he needs a chance to be a better person and if you stay, you’re taking that chance away.