My partner will not tell me something is wrong with him...advice?

I am literally struggling so much right now why are guys so stubborn. Like my so I can literally tell something is wrong but when I try to ask him what is wrong or if he’s ok he just says I’m fine. Clearly something is wrong you look mad and like you don’t want to be around me or my daughter and you’re son. I’m waiting for this relationship to work out and he said before he is too but I feel like I’m putting all the effort in with no return. I don’t know what to do (side note we we’re barely together a year when we found out I was pregnant with him and yes the relationship is still new but like I’m really trying)


Let him know you are there for when he wants to talk/is ready. And maybe after a week or so try again. Being pushy doesn’t help but if he is unhappy and not working on the relationship you also have a right to feel upset. As long as he’s still doing his part as a father as well, I would give him the space for now and let him come to you. If it’s bothering you even more after a week, let him know it’s time for a sit down and express yourself and maybe he will too.


You can’t make him communicate. Tell him “when you are ready to discuss it then to let you know”. And then just worry about you and your babies and stick some money aside in the meantime. If/when he’s ready he’ll tell you.


Prayers for your partner in Jesus mighty name Amene! His going to be fine Amene. Be sure to thank Jesus for his deleverance and miracle healing Amene

Let him know you are there when he wants to talk, in the meantime, start shocking aside money, get a job and be ready