My period has been really late and I do not think I am pregnant: Advice?

I have a question regarding my menstrual cycle. I am 26 years old with one child. I am not on birth control and don’t feel like I’m under a lot of stress. I do not have a doctor right now due to covid and moving to another state right before covid started up. Last month, my period was late by 29 days. Which is unusual due to the fact I am pretty regular with my periods. I’m usually 22 days with a period lasting 5 days tops. Last month I had my period for 2-3 days. This month, I am now 35 days late. I don’t feel like I’m pregnant and honestly don’t think I am. My husband and I stopped trying a couple months ago. Every test I took with my daughter came back negative. Has anyone experienced menstrual cycles like this before?


Have you had bloodwork to check your hormone levels? My daughter is 13 and was just diagnosed with PCOS. :cry:

If you aren’t doing anything to prevent pregnancy (condoms or other birth control) then it is very possible you are pregnant. I assume by 35 days late you mean your cycle is at day 35 and not that you are over a month past when your period should have started. Either way, take a test and make an appointment to see a primary care doctor or go into a walk in and get an hcg test done.


Blood work. Ask your doctor to run some panels. Also, weight gain or loss always thru me out of whack and I know a lot of women that have the same issue, maybe that could be the culprit?

U can always take a test and see it won’t hurt nothing

Go to the doc to confirm. Why is this even a question?

Pcos causes that as well

I have periods that last 3-5 days…I have a thyroid problem.

My cycle is every 34 days… For a long time I always thought I was late but then did research and realized my period just comes ever 34 days or so instead of the normal 28 days

Stress. I had the same issue for six months and spent a lot on pregnancy Tests for no reason.

Iv been there. In the last almost 4 years I have missed many periods. The most recent this year I missed 3 months, with 6 negative test. They randomly started back up and have had them the last 3 months. :woman_shrugging:

Even though you don’t feel stressed… moving to a different state is a little stressful. Sometimes your a little stressed even when you don’t feel like it. :heart:

Seems to me your just stressed out. The move + this covid crap is stressful in its self. Also your body could just be in need of an earth shaking jello body making orgasum. Maybe you need to tell hubby to step it up s bit. If your not pregnant then that should do the trick🤓

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I haven’t had a cycle since April 26th and my doctors don’t wanna do anything because I’m not 3 months late… I’m very regular as well and I’m not pregnant but they don’t wanna see me until I’m 3 months late

You are still young enough to have what they call an irregular cycle. However this is something that needs some attention. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Could be a number of things but #1 take test and if not have a dr look into it it could be pcos, thyroid, or other things but dont wait you could even to the hospital and explain no dr I’m having these issues and go from there

I believe the move could be stressful , sometimes we don’t feel our body react to things but they do !!

Just because you don’t think you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you aren’t. Take a test and go from there. If you aren’t pregnant you will need to make a doctors appt…

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Depending when you had your last child your body maybe just getting back on it’s original cycle but still take a test or two

I have had something similar to this. 2 months after giving birth to my daughter my period was way out of whack! Went to my doctor and he basically told me that I was fat… (I gained 121lbs during my pregnancy) it continued to be even more thrown off till I no longer had a period. Again according to the doctor I was just really fat… looked into a new doctor and turns out my thyroid was super screwed up. My child is now 11… I havent had a natural (actual without the help of medication which has only been twice in 11 years) period since march of 09… make sure you get checked out. I’d hate for u to have to go through the hell that I’ve been through. Weve wanted another baby since our daughter was 6 months old and I’m pretty sure we will never have a second child because of everything my body has gone through and is dealing with…

I had that happen to me. I’m on birth control and I went 48 days between periods. Took two tests to be sure.

Moving from one state to another is stressful because of boxing and unboxing.

Stress can cause it a vaginal infection can also cause it I would go to my doctor and have it checked out

Best advice is take a pregnancy test


You need to find a doctor asap

Common sense is to take a dollar pregnancy test.

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For me that was an indicator of pcos. Up until around 25/6 I was like clock work with mine without birth control. Then out of nowhere I’d spontaneously go months without. Took almost three years to get someone to hear me out on my concerns and get a proper look at me.

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Mine changes when I gain or lose weight. (Like when I’m quarantined and don’t do anything but eat). I agree with others. Life changes, moving, Covid stress, really anything can cause it.


Sometimes life changes cause irregular cycles. Like you had mentioned your move out of state. Taking a pregnancy test first thing in the morning would be pretty accurate in my opinion. But if you really want a positive test, try to get in to see a physician for a blood test.

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Lots of things can affect it. For me was when I started with hypothyroidism. Best to check it out if you can as some things can be identified with simple blood tests.

Like myself, I can tell stress can cause period to become irregular. I have so much stress when I still marry to my ex sometimes I didn’t even have my period for 4-5 months and I tried everything, saw a doctor but nothing help me. I thought I’ll just like that forever but after we divorce and lived by myself, have less stress everything just went to normal without seeing a doctor

Cant hurt to take a test, it also could be medical, like I’m on dialysis and my periods have never been regular, sometimes I’ll go 2 months without one

Could be the stress of moving, or and underlying condition like thyroid disorder. A trip to the doctor is in order.


Undue stress can affect your cycle …be wise to go to good Dr and chat with them about it and take pregnancy test just in case :heart:

Call a ob/,gyn make appt. I believe most are open get a test take it
Some women have periods while pregnant sometimes test are not right in case buy a few different kind. Do not hesitate go to a hospital ER if necessary. They see patients. Wear a mask they take temp and you only allowed in but you can get help

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All the ones who are telling this lady to buy a pregnancy test just letting u know some of us women out hcg doesn’t show up as well. I took pregnancy tests and had bloodwork done n I was negative until I was 6 months pregnant with my son and we all thought it was cause I had gotten pregnant that month or so turns out with ultrasound that wasn’t the case at all :woman_shrugging:t3: so don’t pass judgment on this lady


I was always irregular but that was normal for me. If this is not normal for you get checked out there could be any number of reasons any one could be serious or not .I would rather know than guess

I have. Stress will play with you cycle. Calm down. Drop the stress. Give yourself a couple weeks. If not seen your maiden by then,then get a blood test.

I was always at least 35 day cycle, my dr said that’s why both my children were later then due date, also once when I thought I was at least 3 mo pregnant, not dr sent me home got period following week. Mother Nature has a sense of humor sometimes!!!


At the least go to urgent care and request blood work to check if your pregnant


If you are usually have a regular cycle and that has changed then you NEED to see a doctor. You may or may not be pregnant but something is going on and needs to be checked out.

It could have been something simple I went through the same thing for a few months the doctor said I just wasn’t ovulating and then things returned to normal. My gyn told me this js very normal sometimes as our lives change

Go to the doctor. Like we did before face book


Have you been on birth control pills? If so,how long? Contrary to popular opinion, they cannot be taken indefinitely. You need to see a gy/obn for a woman’s issue. Get an OtC pregnancy test first, though.

Why would you put something of this nature on FB. Call someone on the phone and ask.Really!!!


Get it checked out. It could be nothing or it could be something that if caught early can be easily taken care of.

My mom was pregnant with me in April had tonsils taken out. I didn’t show up on any blood test. She past out in May low and behold I was full term in Dec of that year.

I had spotting and light period for five month went for my yearly checkup and turn out I was five months pregnant with my now 13 year old

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Honestly my period was regular until I had my first and never been regular since. I would wait two weeks if I missed take one and go from there

Yes, it happens but I would cut down on sodium stay away from your fufu drinks soda and coffee and eat clean and you will see a difference

Low body weight and excess exercise is sometimes the reason if you are not pregnant.

If you have had a recent weight loss and are under a hundred pounds your periods will become scanty or disappear.

Yes my mom had her period all nine months while pregnant with me and both of my sisters.

May be an endocrine issue. You need lab work.

If you recently stopped birth control that can be a factor.

I have also heard of women going through the change of life early

For real? This almost sounds like a prank. Why would you even post this question!!

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Buy a couple pregnancy tests, for now. Inevitably you will need to see a medical professional. There are numerous conditions that can cause this

It sounds like your pregnant you can have a period during pregnancy

Could have something to do with the change in climate, since you recently moved.

Go to store and buy an OTC test. 1 to 5 dollars. Go from there. Make sure you test in the morning.

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Have you taken a pregnancy test?

Are u athletic? Sometimes training will upset cycles as well.

Planned Parenthood provides all kinds of medical help.


You are probably knocked up. You are pregnant a month before you miss your first period.

What about early menopause?

Are you going through the change?

Why is this on FB???

Stress can sometimes affect your period.

Yes, after loosing weight too fast.

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Do your boobs hurt and gotten bigger? Feel pregnat can be differet every time

Lady please go to the dr.and quit asking lay people.Just ridiculous

Go to the Dr and get that test Sis

I was like that in my twenties. I skipped months before. Anyway I suggest a pregnancy test anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:

Take a test…find a doctor get a pap smear and get on birth control to regulate ur periods


Stress from moving and adjusting to a new place

I can’t believe you people. Make sure your phone is glued to your hand. Pathetic

Well take a pregnancy test to know for sure

Best advice see a Doctor

Doctors are seeing people all over.

Get in to see a dr now. Do not wait.

If you don’t want to go to doctor due to covid try telemedicine

see a dr something wrong

Buy a pregnancy test

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Im goin throu that right now and i will be 48 yrs old in less then a month

Everyone likes playing doctor go see one.

Hormone imbalance maybe …

To be sure buy a pregnancy test

Sounds like early menopause

Could be hormone issues ect.

Are you still sexually active?

Go have a blood test for pregnancy. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised

Advise? Yeah!! Get off Facebook and call your dr.

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Get a pregnancy test done

If you can’t get in to see a doctor then get a pregnancy test at your store better to known one way or or another.

My daughter developed PCOS which made it hard for her to even conceive. She had a miscarriage her first pregnancy and three months later was pregnant with her rainbow baby, our first granddaughter. During her pregnancy, she developed gestational diabetes which became full blown insulin resistant diabetes. So, I would definitely get in touch with a specialist who deals with BOTH diseases if possible. Get yourself checked out thoroughly. It’s for the betterment of you and your family to know what the exact situation is. Take our daughters situation as a word of warning. By the way, she also experienced very irregular periods because of the PCOS. Because of other situations involving both diseases with her, our daughter chose to not have more children, which we understand. We’d love more grandchildren, but not at the expense of losing both lives. Our son provided us with an additional 4 grandchildren, who we very much love. We have 5 grandchildren in all, three boys and two girls. So we have what the Lord provided as blessings to us.

Maybe endometriosis ?