My period is back after a week: Help?

I had my period one week ago… and it’s back?! Idk it’s light. I am 3 mos postpartum. I’m only on the pill, but admittedly I do not take it at the EXACT same time each day. More just like every morning. I’m worried that I could be pregnant as what I’m experiencing is implantation bleeding — getting my tubes tied next month. Do you guys think its just a period out of wack? Do you guys really take your bc pill at the same time? Like 9 am no sooner any later, for example…


I got pregnant on b.c pills,IUD to :flushed::grimacing: better get yourself get checked thats all

Your only 3m pp. Totally normal. It takes quite a while for your system to get back to what it was.


My BC pills always had my periods weird. But obviously if you’re not safe babies can happen, soooooooo.

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Is it the mini pill? That started my bleeding back up and I almost needed a transfusion. I took it on time, just not meant for me lol

It took me awhile to get my periods back on track I bled like that

Yes you absolutely need to take the pill at the same time every day. Being off by only a couple of hours is enough to throw it out of wack to the point you’re getting pregnant


If it’s the mini pill, then 100% yes the exact same time. Its only effective for 24 hours, so if you’re late then it becomes less effective. Set your alarm.


You’re newly PP and newly on BC. Your body is most likely still adjusting and will be out of whack for a while.


I got pregnant on the pill too take a test but it can just be ur body adjusting too

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There’s chances it could be either scenario…it takes awhile for your hormones to go back to normally so irregular periods may happen but also your hormones could still be in over drive and you could be pregnant…my daughters are 11 months and 2 days apart sooooo… yeah

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It takes a while for your period to get back to normal, I wouldn’t worry about it much. I had the same thing happen every 3 months for over a year after having my last :roll_eyes: so annoying

Never had that problem

I bleed for 14 weeks straight pp and then stopped here and there. Then stopped for a while and started again. Its It’s like a bloody surprise every morning for 6 months. Yay. :roll_eyes:


The mini pill messed with me so bad I had to get off of it after 2 months.

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Too soon after your period for implantation

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With the minipill it has to be taken within 2 hours or its ineffective. For example if you usually take it at 8, you wouldnt want to take it before 6, or after 10. If you miss the time it will take 2 days of taking it correctly again to become effective again. (So I’d you miss it Tuesday, but take it at 8 am wednesday and Thursday, you will be protected on Friday)

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Your bleeding is probably “withdrawal bleeding” because you’re not prompt at taking your pill. Your body recognizes this even if you’re off only by a few hours. Take your pill at the same time everyday. You should probably take a pregnancy test though, just to rule out pregnancy

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If it’s a low hormone birth control it may not be strong enough for your body. I asked to be put on low hormone to help with weight gain and I was getting my period every few days. I ended up pregnant. With twins because my body was so off and confused it threw out an extra egg. That’s just my experience though. Everyone is different. After 3 pregnancies, 4 kids, I never bled randomly after 3 months. Take a test. If you’re not pregnant use protection!

Take a test just to ease your mind. But it does take awhile to have your body regulate itself after you have a baby

If you think you are pregnant take a test

I’m not on birth control and I’m 11 months postpartum and my periods still haven’t regulated! It went from being 1-2 weeks early to 5-7 days late!

I’m on the mini have been for years and I absolutely NEVER take it at the same time and I’ve had no issues

If you take it around the same time everyday that’s fine and will not cause you to get pregnant. For example you mentioned 9am (not saying you take it at that time or whatever, just an ex), if you take it at 9am every day or between 9am and 9:30-10am you’re still good

My daughter had her son a month ago. When the dr put her on the pill he told her she could take it at night if that would make it easier to make sure she takes it at the same time every day