My pregnant daughter has lice: Advice?

She is waiting to hear back from her doctor on what she can use. Can she use Nix or Rid? I’m pretty sure it was Rid that you couldn’t use, but not sure. She’s already bagging stuff up at her apartment and everything.


Friend of mine used mayo in her hair overnight while she was prego. It worked but she was diligent about bagging everything and cleaned like a crazy person lol


Her best bet would be putting an oil like baby oil or olive oil in her hair & coming it out with a lice comb. But she needs to be consistent until they’re all out. If she does it 2x a day for 2-3 days, she’ll be golden. My son had lice & had long curly hair, I didn’t wanna ruin his curls so I tried it with the oil & it worked even better than the medicine that prescribe.

You can use " mata piojo " works in my culture we don’t base on Dr opinion for this. Will not harm your baby! Also being pregnant makes you more attractive for lice. Can find at fiesta or Mexican store in your area some Walmart carry it. Just my opinion

100% tell her to put lotion in her hair :slightly_smiling_face: smells good makes it soft and gets rid of lice and of course will make it easy to comb out. Pregnant women are told not to do things all the time, no seafood, deli meats, painting etc. she’s just fine to use rid X or whatever as long as she’s not sitting in a closed in room breathing all the fumes in. However, lotion would probably be better

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Dr told me years ago to put condioner on my girls hair and just keep coming their hair
They don’t always like prescription as lice can build up a resistance to these
Has your daughter been in contact with anyone else who could have them and embarrassed to mention it.For my girls it worked anyway anything is worth a try

Where I live there are professional services that help you get rid of lice with a heat treatment…no chemicals so totally safe for pregnancy. Might be worth googling lice Clinics of America

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She may be able to use Natroba (sp?). Her Dr will have to call the script in. I think it’s natural and it worked better than the OTC stuff I tried on my kids years ago.

There is electronic comb that finds lice and kills them. Many of the schools and preschools around here use them. Not real expensive get at Walmart. Also lice do not like vinegar and hair spray, blowdrying helps they don’t like heat

Tea tree essential oil with lavender essential oil drops mixed into coconut oil. Let it sit for an hour. Wash out. Remove nits and repeat the treatment for a couple days in a row. Works way better than the chemicals at the store.

Dont bother with a chemical. Coat her hair on baby oil and sleep with it on with a scarf or towel then comb out with a nit comb in the morning. Comb until the hair is free of all lice and eggs. Bag everything that you can or run through the dryer for full time. Vaccuum all carpets. Continue to use the comb for the next few days to make sure you didnt miss anything. You can do that while you have conditioner on your hair in the shower.

Tee tree oil and mayo work well but the must important part is combining with the special comb until she gets rid of it all.
After her hair is washed and dry tell her to use the hair iron to straighten her hair. The heat will kill any remaining eggs so she should be using the hot straightener every day for a while

Its not common adults have lice she must be around an infestation does she have lice or super lice? Bag everything shower cap at nite we have a lice kill spray for the home and do not forget to de lice the vechile undrive it’s no diff then the bed

I don’t think you can use either of them. My list of stuff that’s safe during pregnancy just says to see your primary if you’re pregnant and have lice.

My dr told me when I was pregnant , and my daughter jad then to coate your head in mayonaise…put a bag over hair and let it sit half hour …comb thru shower, repeat

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My kid’s doctor prescribed something called quell soap? It worked great and I was able to use it while pregnant.

Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender I believe also help get rid of lice.


Cetaphil lotion under a shower cap overnight, The only remedy that worked with my grand daughters.

Coconut oil and comb it out! Worked on 3 of my neices heads after nothing else worked!

Sounds crazy but im a hairdresser…lather mayo all over her hair and scalp and put a shower cap ontop itll smother them!

Just pile on cheap conditioner and comb through and keep.com8ng do weekly till you don’t see any mote eggs the conditioner sruns them

I use cocoanut oil mixed with rosemary.
Go through the hair after applying and don’t wash out until the next morning

Soak your hair with mayo or coconut oil and cover with a bag. Leave sit overnight.

Just use Dawn Dish soap. It’ll kill then almost immediately, then just wash and comb.

Conditioner or coconut cream through hair with a nit comb

Tea tree oil is natural and they have it in shampoo


Baby oil and shower cap for six hours

Mayo over night with a shower cap


Mayonnaise & a plastic shower cap or Saran Wrap overnight. Wash well& use a fine tooth comb to get nuts out. Surprising- lice love clean hair, but use hair spray- they can’t attach to it.

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Olive oil with kill the adults. Saturate hair and leave on for 20 minutes. Then vinegar is what will break down the sticky stuff that holds eggs to hair and combs out with lice comb. Tea tree shampoo helps aftercare. I sprayed my kids bedding down with tea tree and lavender water with a mist spray every night before bed too

I used this on my kids a few times and it worked well for them.

Go to your local health department. They have treatment that pregnant women can use. I had hair down to my butt and got lice from my exs cousin. You just spray it in your hair let it sit for awhile then blow dry it outside Worked like a charm!

Lather her head up with olive oil or coconut oil with one of those shower caps on it leave it as long as you can lice can hold your breath for hours but that’s what I did when I was a kid and we tried everything else. Nothing worked We just slowly suffocated them. 

Neem seed oil on the scalp. Dilute a bit or ask a naturopath just to be certain. It’s been used for thousands of years in India as an effective treatment and preventative for lice–with no signs that they have been able to build any sort of tolerance to it.

Any sort of oil on the hair, wrap to suffocate, then comb out after wash with dawn dish soap to get rid of the oil… went through my kids daycare years ago- spent a ton on all the “treatments” and this is what finally worked!

Make a combination of equal parts. Rubbing alcohol 90% or higher tea tree oil and conditioner… and kind. Lather the hair let set for 20 to 30 minutes. Comb with a lice comb. Then wash… I find it works so much better then the over the counter stuff.

Mayonnaise and tye a bag around her hair like a bonnet leave for three hrs rinse and comb out nits and bugs and do it again if necessary works like a charm

Ask the doctor if using a robo comb is safe. It doesnt involve any chemicals but if risk of seizure is one comdition that prohibits use.

Tea tree oil works amazing and is safe

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tee tree oil and a shower cap. after they are gone and a drop or 2 of it in your shampoo and conditioner and rinse as normal. it’s also a preventative they won’t come back. plus side is the t seemed it made my hair grow

Coconut oil with a cap, let it sit. Then comb it through with one of the rid combs. Rinse out, then blow dry and straighten on high heat. The coconut oil makes it where the lice can’t move.

Oil and vinegar in hair works but you have to wear a bag on your hair for a while or you could use a shower cap instead of a plastic bag

Vinegar over night then go through w the comb in the am and after u wash it as well

Conditioner and a good lice comb

Mayo works wonders! Just gross

Get her to a lice clinic, lice clinics of America… check it out

Tea tree oil! Shower cap over night then rinse and wash with tea tree shampoo.

Using a special bug comb,

Try a robi comb. Do it everyday for 2 weeks. Then once a week to maintain.

Tea tree oil—leave on for an hour than wash out

Vamousse!!! It’s a salt foam best thing I’ve ever tried on my kids!!!

Licefreee spray, game changer

Listerine mouthwash and coconut oil
Mouthwash soak in her overnight
Get shower cap wash out
Then use coconut oil
And take lice comb and then go through it after that sits overnight as well
Then tea tree oil and make it into a spray and spray daily
Worked on my kids when nothing else would

Do not use anything unless confirmed my her ob