My SIL plays favorites with our kids and I honestly think I should cut her off: Thoughts?

I’m having issues with my sister in law. I have been with my finance for over seven years, and he has helped raise my son since he was three months old. My issues started over the summer. On mother’s day, we went to her house for a bbq, and her son, who’s autistic and nonverbal, was going around spitting on everyone, and she was right there not doing anything about it—just telling him to stop. He spits in my face, and that was the final straw for the day, and I told my fiance it was time to go. A couple of weeks later, my sil was blowing up our phones because she wanted my step daughter for the day. When my finance said that wasn’t fair, she took one and not the other she said well he could come, but last time he was over, he didn’t listen. He better listen and behaves. My mil had taken him swimming at my sil house the week before, and my son has ADHD and was excited, and I guess I was having some trouble listening. We just kept him home. Come July, and she didn’t wish my son a happy birthday but come October, and she’s quick to wish my stepdaughter a happy birthday and buy her a bunch of stuff for her birthday. I told my fiance I’m over the favoritism and I’m not spending Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve at her house. We have done it for the past six years, and I wanna do our own thing. Earlier this week, she made a Facebook post about how she’s an aunt to 5. purposely left my son out. that really made us mad yesterday was Christmas at sil house. I stayed home with my son. My fiance said why to take him if he isn’t welcome. Well, his aunt’s aunt where my son was, and he explained the situation, and she said it was childish to keep him home for that reason. Well his sister in law didn’t get my son any presents but made sure to get my stepdaughter plenty. They really hurt, and I ended up crying, telling my fiance that my son didn’t deserve any of this and asked what he did wrong. she wanted to play aunt for the past six years then just quit all of a sudden. She gets everything she wants and throws a fit if something does not go her way. She also does not discipline her kids but wants to complain about other kids. Am I wrong for being upset? Would you say something to her and just cut ties? My fiance didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to start a fight yesterday, which I understand but I feel something needs to be said, and if I do it, it’s not going to be pretty

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