My sister and mom have an issue with my husband....advice?

So long story I have two kids with my husband and my mom and sisters aren’t to fond of my husband just because he does have some mental health issues that he is working on with seeing a therapist and all. Well my sisters took it upon themselves to not be as involved in my life or my kids life because I am with my husband helping him through his mental health and not leaving his side. My husband is a great dad. Would I be in the wrong to fully cut my mom and sisters out of my life ?


Sounds like your mom and sisters already done that. As long as he’s not harming you or your kids then you should choose him. Mental health isn’t something to play around with. I’m glad he has you for support with it. You are definitely not in the wrong.

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If your husband isn’t harming you or your children and is just going through something - always choose your husband first. You chose him to be in your life. You didn’t choose your mom or your sister.


Your husband is your family, you made a commitment to him when you married him. If your mom, sister or anyone else doesn’t agree-
That is there choice but you don’t owe them anything. Sad but that is there choice to not stand with you

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Welcome to my life with both sides of my family and siblings/parents. We’re the only one that’s really stable too. Go figure! No drama just living life as best we can

What the saying “the family you come from is important but the family you’re making is your #1 priority “


Wow that is so messed up they are acting that way.They are your family and should definitely understand.You are doing the right thing not leaving him and being there for him👏.

No they can do that. If your safe and kids are safe. Like honestly safe. You made a vow in sickness and in health.

Not their husband so not your care what they think. Stand behind your man as you chose him not them. Let them be miserable in their own skin.

Once you are married and have kids that is now your #1 family and your 1st priority unless abuse is involved.

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I would let them know that he is your husband and your children’s father and you aren’t leaving his side and if they can’t accept that then if it was me I’d be separating myself. If they can’t respect you and your wishes then they don’t need to be apart of your families lives. He needs all the positivity and help and seems like you are doing that.


I think there’s more to it than that! When dealing/helping someone with mental health issues you have to draw very clear lines to protect your own mental health and that of your children. It sounds like there concern may be warranted however unwanted. They have every right to distance themselves from that kind of situation for their own sakes. I would not cut them out I’d tell them to lay off though and if they love you they will support your choice whether they like it or not!


It sounds like they already did that

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Depending on how much you want to fight with them. It’s your life live it for you and your kids and no one else!
When they are fully supporting you financially then they can tell you what to do, and I mean fully supporting you, paying ALL your bills buying food clothing etc…


They should be supporting you. There a lot of people with depression and mental health issues and one way for them to cope is with support from their families. If your family doesn’t want to help or support you and husband I would take a break from them.

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Unless they are going to pay your bills and help raise your kids, they need to take a step back.

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Is it possible that they aren’t coming around because they don’t want to be around him? If that’s the case, it could be understandable, depending to on the specific circumstances. It’s hard to really comment on this without more information. If he’s abusive, that’s going to be entirely different than if he’s just depressed. If he’s abusive, I would really urge you to keep the people who care about you in your life, and also please, please, seek therapy for yourself. While I don’t think people should abandon someone experiencing abuse, it’s hard to condemn those people for not coming around, if the abuser is also terrible to them. I think this would be a great thing to discuss with a professional, who can guide you based on specific information you provide to them.

Your husband and kids are your family now, your mom and siblings are just relatives the moment you decide to start a family

Not enough information. What had he done that makes them not like him enough to distance themselves from all of you? What is his mental illness? How toxic is the situation at home? Some things are worth sticking by their side while they work on themselves, and some things are not. Mental health isn’t just depression and anxiety. There are so many things he could be suffering from.


No you wouldn’t, need some scissors, I have some that work great…

Nah I would it’s your life if you can see a happy life with your husband choose him always

Sounds like they see things you’re ignoring. They’ve already made their decision to cut you out of their lives. So how are you going to cut them out? :joy: Sadly some day you will need them, want them in your life & they won’t be there.

No negative energy allowed. Low contact until he is mentally healthy. Stick by hubby

If hes harming you or the kids you need to run. If hes not, and just depressed ditch the family.

You would not be wrong for that

Cut anyone out who is ruining your peace. It doesn’t matter who they are.

They’d already be gone if it was me.

No you would not be wrong , if the situation was reversed they would expect him to stand be side you so why would they be so selfish not to support you and your family

Sounds like they already removed you…

So basically they’re mad you’re being a wife? Did they go to your wedding and hear the part in the vows about “in sickness and in health”?

Nope. Cut them the fuck off. No one, & I mean no one… matters like your spouse does… if you don’t, you’ll regret when you burry him. I did…

I feel like there’s too much context missing for strangers on the internet to tell you what to do. Mental health issues could mean a lot. Depression? Anxiety? Bipolar disorder? Substance abuse? What’s their issue with him and what does it stem from? My coworker is a great dad also- when he’s sober and not self medicating to “help” deal with his depression and anxiety.


Tell them to kick rocks and butt the fuck out…and u maybe need to stop telling them ur husband’s business…

Prayers in Jesus mighty name Amene

Both my parents have an issue with mine & don’t even know him like that. Smh! But my husband has been the only constant in my life for almost 13 yrs now so there opinion doesn’t matter. We love each other & hes an amazing husband, person & father all that matters

Do what’s best for you and your family

Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face…

See I don’t get this at all. When we take our vows we promise to love and cherish in sickness and in health. For better or worse as long as we both shall live. Why do people not understand or take that seriously anymore? You made a choice. You created a life and family with him. You always stand by him. How would they feel if you were sick and he left you? What if you got cancer and he walked away? Same thing. It’s a sickness. If he’s seeking help then you support that. If they can’t understand then they can kick rocks.

Cut them out and don’t look back

I cut my dad out, largely to his lack of respect and acceptance around my partner. We’ve been together 11 years and have 3 kids but my dad never accepted him because my partner has mental health issues that can impact his life.
I think if they want to act like his mental health is such a burden on them, you remove them. This is your relationship, your partner, not theirs