My sister found out she can't have kids and now I feel guilty when I mention mine: Advice?

Dont avoid mentioning your children to her…she will definitely notice and that hurts even more…I know this to be true from personal experiences I have had. Act the same way you have always acted…

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Tell her dont give up I was told I would never have kids after having 4 miscarriages I had my 1st at 34 I am now 40 and have a 6,5,&2 year old

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If you aren’t having pregnancy complications you might try offering to surrogate for her if her eggs are good


May be god just won’t her to love other people kids

Talk to her.
A friend and I were pregnant at the same time. She miscarried. She avoided me for a while and I let her. We talked about it eventually.
I have sisters and close friends that were unable to conceive and I have 3. They all had different views on it. Talk to her.

I was not supposed to have children. Many many miscarriages. At 38 I carried my first daughter, at 41 I had my second. God is good!

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I was told this after 5 miscarriages. Now I have 4 boys and miscarried once more between the 3rd and 4th. Never give up.

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Tell your sister don’t have kids unless she is married and that if she visits the prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria, he will unblock her womb. This is spiritual advice to you, for your sister. Look up Emmanuel T.V. and you will see that T.B. has done this for many women, in the name of Jesus Christ! With God/Creator, all things are possible! Yah love, Levi Richie.

Share the ups and down be there for her and share your kids she is their second mum.

I was told I couldn’t have kids and after 8 years I had one now 11 years I have 2 with no medical help. Just let her love yours as if they are hers.

I had two sisters and one brother who were born sterile, they were unable to have children I simply try to include them in every aspect of my children’s lives and each and every one of them feel as though they helped me raise my children I may have said things like I could have got that done without you I really appreciate all you do to help out with my children of course it was easy because I was a single mom my mother died young so my sisters and my brother we’re more than happy to step in and help out and if it weren’t for them I could not have raised my children I made sure they were included in all holidays in every event in their lives I went out of my way to make sure they were invited to the school plays or I may have needed a ride to parent-teacher conference I put them through all the horrible mommy situations but I also put them through all the wonderful Mommy moments I even told my children can you go get your auntie to help you out because mother’s busy it wasn’t that I didn’t love my children I just had to find a way to share them and I really believe they came out as better adults because of it

I was told I would never have kids I was over weight w alot of health issues during pregnancy I almost lost her 2 times during pregnancy my on kept telling me at every appointment I wouldn’t carry her full term not to get to excited and not to even name her just yet cuz she wouldn’t make it… 6weeks early an even 5pounds and 21 inches long here come my miracle baby :heart::heart::heart::heart: 5yeats later here she is…she has some health issues but she’s perfect iny eyes! Point is don’t give up doctors don’t know EVERYTHING.


All you can do is to continue to love her and support her make her feel like she’s part of the baby experience by letting her love the baby and enjoy time with the baby like mommy and daddy do, it takes a village and sometimes babies need 2 mommy’s in life more love is always a good thing.

Let her share in your joy! I lost a baby the same day my niece was born. My sister was hesitant to call and tell me she was born knowing I had just lost mine. Sharing in her joy helped get over my loss in some ways and yes it hurt some. But she did the right thing!

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Honestly if you change anything it may make it worse for her. Keep things the way they are. Also, know that doctors are not always right. I know plenty of people who have been told the same thing but they have babies. Itll all work out the way its supposed to :heart:

Just keep loving on her!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

She isn’t married and it’s only a possibility she can’t…it’s not like she has been trying for years and can’t. There is adoption and there is also a possibility she can. If you fell guilty you take away from your kids and being a mom.

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Don’t know her medical problem but when I was 20 the doctor told me that I will never have kids and then 14years later I had my first son Alexander and 2years later had my second and last son Achilles. Had to stop because due to heart problem. Only God can make that choice not doctors. Husband, mother in law and me was praying and a week after we got married found not I was 8weeks and 2days. I was even going to a fertility doctor not a regular doctor and he was the one saying I’ll never have kids, I got 2 beautiful boys. So there is hope,ever give up, and keep praying

Well if you feel bad stop having kids and then you won’t feel bad around your sister and she won’t be sad

Someone’s infertility is not caused by your ability to bear children.