My sister keeps giving me un wanted advice: Thoughts?

Get used to it and take any advice you can get cuz honestly you will need it and it is helpful don’t be such a sour puss about it


That’s literally every mom lol you’re gonna be the same way after you have your baby

Every child is different sis but thanks 4 the advice…

Tell her if you want advice you will ask.

Walk away. Stop talking to her. Your happiness is important for you and your baby. Cut out stress, especially from pesky blood relatives.

Just let her talk…save face.

Honestly, get used to people giving you advice like that, its kinda part of being a new mom, she is honestly probably just trying to help I wouldnt make mountains out of molehills. Just be respectful but do your own thing, not worth a confrontation at all in my opinion.


Just listen and say okay thanks. Doesn’t mean you have to… but sometimes it’s nice hearing what may and not work… it kinda gives you a heads up


Say hey I’ll figure it out just like u did. Dnt worry about me I’m going to be fine raising my child just like you did with yours


I always give advice to my kids about things you can take it or leave it but some things you really don’t know and can be good to know how to handle if a scenario comes around you may think I’ll try what she said so I will give you a piece of advice that saved me always have a diaper bag filled to go in case of emergency you can just pick it up and go you won’t have to worry about what you need it’s already packed extra diapers clothes a bottle if bottle feeding a can of ready to feed formula I say this from experience because emergency’s happen and then you can’t think straight just like in my car I have 2 blankets pillow bottled water emergency kit tools for breakdown! So be great full for advice and just listen you may need it!