My sister posted my pregnancy on facebook when I asked her not too...advice?

What would you do if your sister announced your pregnancy when you told her not too? I wanted to post a cute announcment for everyone to see but my sister took it upon herself to make a fb post for EVERYONE to see…I feel like she robbed me of my moment and I am heartbroken,she doesnt think she did anything wrong though…


I would be very annoyed at the disrespect! My sister wouldn’t do that in a million years

I’d tell her to delete it and make a cute post anyway. Block her if she continues to not respect your wishes.


It seems like she didn’t care about how you felt. She seems as she wanted this to be more about her likes and attention on fb. I would be annoyed but there’s not much u can do now.

She is trying to make it about herself

Is it to late for her to just delete it

That was very disrespectful of her! She def did something wrong.


Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it now. She absolutely was in the wrong and you have every right to he upset. But why can’t you still make a cute post? You are allowed to be excited about your pregnancy and show it off. Don’t forget to do a maternity photo shoot and make those beautiful memories as well. Congratulations on your pregnancy


Don’t ever share anything with her again.

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She was definitely in the wrong. My mom did something similar when I found out I was pregnant the first time. This was before social media was big. Out of respect, I called her first, then we called my significant others parents. By the time we got off the phone with his parents, my mom had called and told my entire family. She did the same thing when I found out it was twins. When I was pregnant with my son, I told her last.

I’m sorry. That wasn’t her news to announce and it’s something you’ll never get back.

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Is your sister slow? Or mentally challenged? If not I would be swinging bc that is beyond wrong dude

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This could be just me, but when ever a friend/family member tells me they are expecting I don’t post shit till AFTER they do, and even then I make sure it’s alright with them if I do

Quit telling her your business, and get over it. Sounds like she’s a little envious…

i would be super mad!! how disrespectful. she probably is a narcissistic butthole eh still definitely make your cute post!!!

I think that none should post about someone else’s pregnancy. It is not about her so she should not have posted tge news. You were so robbed and you gave every right to feel mad at her for doing it. She owes you an apology online in regard to it too saying she was wrong to post about it first.

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I would definitely be very upset. It wasn’t her right to do so. Sorry that happened to you.