My six week old never wants me to put him down: Advice?

The warmth of your body helps his belly. It will get better with time. God Bless

Put h8m down. Let him cry. Doesnt hurt them. Strengthens their lungs.

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I saw a specialist for the reflux and that helped.

My granddaughter had to be swaddled…worth a try

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If you’re nursing check what you are eating - what gives you gas gives them gas

Try a visit to a chiropractor. They do babies

She just got her head squeezed through your pelvis…let other things go…she needs you, not a bouncy chair

Put the head of his bed up a little!

Swaddling helps tremendously.

Consider a Chiropractic adjustment. Birth is traumatic on babies, especially if you had a vaginal birth.

A night bath with bottle of formula it work Try it

Sounds like baby has colic ask dr. If so baby in pain (gas) they fuss mine screamed actually could hear her from her room into kitchen at 2 weeks and I have a large house. Before doing anything like I said talk to dr. Never give any meds or food till dr okays it. They know what to do. When baby has gas they like to lay on stomach or massage tummy, when we had kids stomach was how mothers put babys to sleep now frowned upon so again ask dr. If it is colic most out grow it by 3 months. If it is colic good luck!! You have to be careful about what they eat as some foods makes gas worse so it is worse after eating. Bowels will be constipated so watch for that also. I am not a dr, but I had a child with colic so did my sister. If you get upset baby senses it and makes it worse. I had a 4 yr old and 5 yr old at home when I had this baby no sleep till she got older and for me it lasted till 8 months I used a bottle and special nipples that a dr finally told me about. It is hard when a baby has colic on them and you.

try putting a tablespoon of cereal & a teaspoon of applesauce in a bottle, mix with (his/her) milk. Shake well (you might need to open the tip of the nipple on the bottle) and
feed it to baby…

Secondly: try swaddling baby

Hope this helps❤


Take him to a Chiropractor

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Please do not seek medical information about your baby on social media. Please call your pediatrician


I used to sling. Then he could be carried feel the security and your hands are free to do whatever you need to

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Once he is fine just put him down…you are the parent

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Try and walk outside with baby and 3 yr old and hopefully you may get some rest

Very normal, try swaddling, have something with your scent and white noise. If all else fails, baby wearing is a godsend.
I held my baby 24/7 when she was newborn, she’s now a happy, confident and independent 14 month old who knows where her mama is when she needs anything.
For the times I had to put her down, velcro swaddles were amazing, as was white noise - particularly aircon noises!
I also used to sleep with swaddles , sleepsuits, blankets etc so she’d always have stench of mama nearby xx

Its fine to hold babies. Especially when little. Thats bonding. However, the baby is training you right now. After you breast feed put the baby down. Its ok to cry fir a min or 2, it makes their lungs :muscle: also makes them aware who is in charge. I have 3. My oldest is 27.

one day you will want nothing more then to hold him… hold on while you can, everything else can wait him growing to big to be held won’t.


I used the gripe water for my daughter. Honestly I don’t feel like it helped. I had a la leche league video that showed me how to massage babies and that worked best on all three of mine. I worked their legs and pushed them gently towards their stomach to help them relieve some of the gas and that worked best because it also tired them out and they slept.


My sister’s first had a very difficult first few months. She went into the chiro for herself and they did an adjustment on him also; he was a completely different baby. It was so sad he was miserable for so long! Peace to you and your sweet children. I hope you find a solution so you both feel better

My son cried every night from 7-11 we took turns holding him ( totally breastfed) I would keep him in a snugli most of day to keep him calm- he was never a good sleeper and still waking up in middle of night up to age 2-I had a toddler 2 years when he was born- I wouldn’t have been able to work. He would go to sleep about the time of morning my toddler woke up… hope you see improvements - my first slept too much and is still a sleepy head … personality type? Maybe

To her she may feel that birth was traumatic. She needs to be in your arms. The more u hold her the more secure toddler u will have. Listen to your daughter and give her what she needs. Perhaps a chiropractor to see if head is in good alignment. Get a sling read to your 3 yr old. Take her to park baby in carriage. I ama retired OB. RN is the and lactation consultant. I He may be in a growth spurt

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My youngest did this same thing. Keep rubbing his back get the baby to burp. After that I would put her in a snuggie baby blanket to wrap her up from her shoulder down in all reality it worked out for me she started sleeping a little bit more. Besides the 2 am feedings she would go back to sleep shortly afterwards burping passing gas and all. It also might be the formula or breast milk. Ask your pediatrician about putting your baby on a formula for sensitive stomachs that also may work. It did for mine

Acidophilus for the reflux. It’s wonderful and safe! No need for Pepcid. It neutralizes the tummy. Check with vitamin stores. If you can find it in drops great, otherwise powder works well One tiny scoop in milk first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is golden. My baby had acid reflux, had to sleep in her bouncy seat until 6 months old. This was recommended and never had another problem again

Put him down. My pediatrician once told me that they cant drown in their own tears. Just let him cry, for 5 minutes then if he is still crying pick him up and comfort him till he stops crying. Then put him down for 10 minutes and so on. Eventually he will get used to not being held all the time.

I had the same issue with my second with a potty traning 2 year old to care for too. It has been insane so I hear you. I resorted to baby-wearing, a super tight swaddle and co-sleeping at night. I know there are a lot of opinions out there that warn you against co-sleeping but honestly, it’s the most natural thing in the world and with a dificult baby, it is the only way to get a half-decent sleep. I just slept on my side and cradled him (tightly swaddled) in the crook of my arm making sure his nose was open. He’s 7 months now and we’re still co-sleeping at night but I have got him to start napping in his crib wedged between a pillow and a rolled up blanket (I wouldn’t recommend this for a small baby but since he’s older now I felt it was safe enought).

We had a baby that would only sleep at night berween mom and dad at night. Until we discovered she had ear ach problems. When her ears were clear she slept in her crib just fine all night. I would look for a medical reason.

Sometimes your baby just wants to be near you. When I would put my ch clingy baby down I’d use the shirt I was wearing as a blanket that way she still smelled my scent. Maybe give it a try. Hopefully your baby will like it and you can put baby down. Also a little praise to you. You are a great mom. Much love going out to you

Sounds like the baby might have gas. Can you try to see if your diet (you mentioned nursing) could be causing the baby to have gas? That can be quite uncomfortable for a young baby.

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Yep. Sounds like a 6 week old baby. They eat sleep poop and want to be held. Xoxo

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It may be that baby is colicky. I am sure it will get better. In the meantime consult your pediatrician.

Old fashioned way, put some warm water in a hot water bottle ( just a little bit warmer than body temperature ) tightly wrap baby in a shawl or blanket and let hot water bottle rest on babies back.

Watch what you eat if you are nursing. Might be allergic to something you eat or spicy food, beer, something in your diet bothering him

Happen with my second. She still wants to be with me all the time. Shes 8. Good luck

Let him cry. If you’re going to come running every time they cry they will expect you to be there

Out him down with a pacifier