My SO hasn't been very supportive during my pregnancy: Advice?

I am in my third trimester, and my SO hasn’t been very supportive through this pregnancy. Anytime I talk about how I feel, he automatically puts me down and tells me that I’m dramatic. The other night he called me the C-word, and that I was the worst thing that has ever happened to him. And all I tried to do was explain to him how I was feeling, but anytime I try he becomes irate and cannot hold a civil conversation. Should I leave now, or wait it out? He told me if I left, he would never have anything to do with me or our child.


Sounds like that would be for the best if you left

Bye Bye. Dont want that around your child.

Ugh leave, your child would be better off.

He doesn’t deserve you or that precious babe

Leave now how toxic not good to be in

Leave now. It’s harder to do with a baby in tow


He wants you to leave. Just be done and save yourself a ton of grief.

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Run! Good that he will willfully remove himself and the abuse from you and your child!

You want to be put down and shut out moving forward? Leave, it’ll be better for you and your child

Dont look back

LEAVE don’t put him on birth certificate.


Leave … My ex was like that and things got so much worse to the point I’m in a domestic violence safe house… He’s not going to change


If he’s willing to abandon you and the baby if you leave, it’s very clear that he’s manipulative and not parent material. On top of that he’s emotionally abusing you. Get out of there


Leave for your child’s sake. This is heartbreaking and you deserve so much better. There are good men out there. Don’t settle for this jerk.

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Lol girl he should have made that decision for you when he said he would not have anything to do with you… he seems very toxic and controlling :running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2::running_woman:t2:

Omg leave!!! Hopefully he holds up to his word

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Girl, sounds like you would have a better chance at a peaceful life with your baby without him. Leave now and consider it a blessing that you can leave now rather than later. Know your worth! Don’t subject that innocent baby to that kind of abuse.

Leave, it will only get worse after your child is born.
He is showing you his “true colors”


I would leave. It honestly sounds like he doesn’t give a crap about you or your baby and it sounds like you and the baby deserve so much better and if he wants no part in your child’s life then good he doesn’t deserve to be the way he treats you

I’ve been there. LEAVE.
He will start treating you worse & that innocent baby. You guys are better off without him!

:triangular_flag_on_post: he’s gaslighting you! leave, it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want anything to do with you or baby after you don’t need that negativity

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Your practically by yourself now. I would leave if he doesn’t care more about you. If he can say he will not care about his own child when you leave then he is not going to care about your child when you stick around. Sue him for child support and find someone that cares about you and your child

Leave now while you can. And I agree with the another comment he wants you to leave. He sounds like he really doesn’t want you or the baby. Trying to control you’re actions and outcomes by threatening. Save yourself now ans leave.

Run now and don’t look back. It will only get worse.

Leave now. Sorry you are dealing with this.

If you leave his loss. No one is ever going to talk to me like that. Or call me those names. Get while the settings good. Get settled before baby comes.

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Leave. Sadly if he doesn’t care now if he a part of baby’s life now. he not going to care once baby is here

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Leave now and never look back! Wouldn’t want that kind of person around a child anyway!

Fucking leave fast… Your gonna be alone with him and the baby better to be alone and healing and better bonding wth the baby. Instead of fighting in front of the baby.

Love - this is tough but it won’t change. It will only get worse. Don’t let him treat you this way. Don’t let your child see this. I speak from experience.

I wish people would think about these things BEFORE getting pregnant. Leave.

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He’s already threatening to abandon his child before it even enters this world. You already know what you have to do. Take the time now to get yourself out and situated before baby comes so there are less stressors when he/she arrives. Good luck :heart:

Leave. It’s not going to get better.

It will get worse when the baby comes, and if this is the way hes going to treat you how will he treat a baby

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Would you want your child to stay if they were in this situation?

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He is gaslighting you, and it is an insiduous form of abuse. Leave or try to comunicate through paper, and if he is still unresponsive, you have your answer. But don’t stay in this kind of relationship <3

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Leave that bastard NOW.Ge will not get better.If it is your house throw his sorry ass out.

I was in a similar situation and thought things would get better after the baby was born. How wrong I was. After months of emotional, financial, and physical abuse I finally left when he assaulted me in front of our son. Leave now, don’t put him on the birth certificate, and don’t force him to be a father. He’s a piece of trash. You and your baby deserve better. Blessings to you :purple_heart:


You don’t want your child to see him treat that way because then your child will think that’s acceptable to be treated that way.


If he’s threatening to abandon his child , with yall still together and babys not even born yet … then he’s made his choice . Now you need to .


Hes portraying signs to specifically push you away. What do you think will happen after him calling you a cunt? Doesnt get better, I promise

If he told you that if you leave he wouldnt have anything to do with HIS child then why even be with him? Obviously he doesn’t care about your nor your child.


Leave!!! I know easier said than done but it may be a wake up call for him and he come back begging! If he does you may end up with a great relationship and if he doesn’t then y’all don’t need him anyway!

Leave now!! If he’s acting like hat now I did only image what he will be like in re future…protect you and your baby, LEAVE NOW!!

If he can threaten that then that child doesnt need him and tell the child reasons why daddy aint there when he/she is old enough to understand but never deny he is father

Hun he can say he wont have anything to do with his child, but a court order trumps what he says. Leave him, get yourself set up and ready for the baby, and once the baby is here take him to court for child support. Keep documentation of everything he says, when he says it, etc. For court in case its needed. A judge will laugh at his “I’ll have nothing to do with you or the baby” and will establish that yes, for the next 18 years he will in fact, have lots to do with you and the baby. It doesn’t mean he has to visit, but he does have to support that baby he helped you make.


Sounds so so familiar. Leave. There’s no changing him. It gets worse. Much worse.

Leave and when the baby comes take him for child support

Leave now save your pain later

Leave and save yourself and child a lifetime of abuse

You should probably leave while you can. It’s not healthy for a child to be raised with that

Leave :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Too bad you had a baby with him. Yall need to find someone worth having a baby with before having a baby

Just go. No one should ever be treated like that.

Sounds like he’s given you your best advice. If he’s treating you like this now imagine how it’ll be when the stress of a newborn comes in to play.

Leave. If he treats you like that, how do think he’ll treat your child? Yikes!

Get out before your baby comes! He will only get worse! I promise! RUN!

That right there should tell you he could care less about you or the baby. If he can just give up on his child if you guys aren’t together he isn’t worth it now. He is not a man and a baby won’t change that

Leave now. I wanted to leave when I was pregnant and decided to wait til after and I wish I wouldn’t have waited

Leave… it only gets harder and if he can’t handle it now , your going to have alot more hardships. Less damage on child if you go now. Only leave if you can follow through cause back and forth is very toxic and unhealthy.

Leave now, it will be easier. He does not need to be around your child. He is not a father, he is a sperm donor. Never would any man call their child’s mother a c$$$. Please do yourself and your child a favor and escape this person immediately!


Don’t waste anymore time. Leave now

Leave now run don’t walk

I would leave. You don’t need to be emotionally abused ever but especially when you are carrying a child

Lmao he thinks he will have nothing to do with that child I’d get a lawyer and make sure he never forgets his responsibility


People look to here just to read a bunch of times what they already know.
Leave. The situation is not good.

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It’s either that or patronizing her

It may be a blessing if he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby. Why put your child through the anguish of being around an uncaring parent? Start building a new life for you and your baby. You two deserve so much more than he will ever give you!

Leave now while you can

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Ask yourself, if he can talk to you like that and put you down without remorse, how is he gonna speak to your child?

Look, I never tell anyone to leave, but leaving with a baby is a MILLION times harder. If he’s willing to let go of the baby if you leave, he’s not going to be magically invested just because you stay. Either you want to be a parent or you don’t. If you’re gonna go, go now.


Leave and put his stupid ass on child support. Trust me it’s easier before you have the baby

I would leave and call his bluff he sounds like he needs to grow up another thing you could do is tell him to write it down on paper and put it in an envelope go to his mother hand it to her and let her read it and see what his momma will do because if my boys ever talk to there partners like this l will box there ears just saying

If he is telling u now he won’t have anything to do with the child and it’s not even came into this world yet I’m sorry but if it was me I would cut my losses and leave he sounds like a real fkn gentleman (not) he just sounds like an asshole and u need to leave now cause if this is the way he feels now a don’t think he is going to feel any different once the child is born so u would be aswell just leaving now and getting yourself sorted out for just u and the wee one cause u will be better off

This is abuse. Leave now.

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He’s so clearly showing you what kind of person he is…do you really want your child exposed to this person and their cruelty? I’m sorry. But this is an easy one. Good luck :heart:


I’m going threw the same called whores bitches stupid

Woah. Mine was unsupportive. Yours is straight up toxic & abusive. Leave and never look back. I can promise you that being a single mom is a million times better than some people think and outweighs being in an abusive relationship even more


Jesus please leave for your mental health and then come after him for support

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If he can’t support you now I doubt the support will get any better sounds like a super douchbag too me , you and baby don’t need that negativity

Leave now. You and your baby don’t need that mental abuse. He obviously has no interest in being a father or a supportive partner for you. Better to cut ties now and find someone who will love you and your baby unconditionally! Good luck, mama!!

Leave now its only going to get worse

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Leave now… If he feels that way already he isn’t going to be a good father anyway and your child is most likely going to get the same abuse you are…

Leave him. That child doesnt need a bad parent. No dad is better than a mean one. You dont deserve it either, theres someone out there who is so much better for you and your child.

Leave ,you can’t force someone to be a parent ,your child is better off with out him

If your spouse isn’t understanding and supporting during your pregnancy it isn’t going to get better after birth only worse. Hope things get better because men don’t understand how pregnancy really takes a toll on women’s bodys. I got pregnant two years in a row. My fiance is very supportive shows me so much love even tho I fell so horrible. But that’s what you need someone who just wants to love and understand how your feeling not be negative towards your body changing everyday because you have created a beautiful life who’s trying to grow inside of you. I’m praying for you

Sounds like ya need to leave his dumb ass

Leave. Waddle the hell out of there, asap.

Leave it will only get worse

Well I don’t know any kind of answer for that however I think I would be fearful for my life and the life of my child if I stayed with that MF

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Leave now, he’s not there for you now he won’t be there for you and your child later. What he’s doing to you is mental abuse and that is just as bad as physical abuse!

Run like HELL hes showing who he truly is RUN


I would leave. It sounds like he isn’t going to be much help anyway. Better then being in an abusive relationship

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Time to take out the trash

Leave before baby comes. I went through the same thing!! It only gets worse once the LO is here.

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Leave it won’t make a big difference

Leave now it will get worse x

So sorry to hear this. You, your baby and your mental and physical well being need to come first. Anything or anyone that threatens that cause a risk to you both. I know it’s hard, but leaving now will prevent something more serious later. You’re worthy and deserving of love, what’s described above is unhealthy and the antithesis of love.

Honey you better run fast

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🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️!!! You deserve better 100%