My son cannot stand his sister: Advice?

Do your kids get along? I always see people say their kids would do anything for each other and show so much love…but my 14 year old son cannot stand his 11 year old sister and he is constantly rude to her…It really upsets her (not that she doesnt egg it on sometimes) but she cant handle him being rude for no reason…is this normal behavior?


Gosh this hits home. My brother is theee years older than me. Even from the time I was a baby had always been rude to me, resented me and treated me different than everyone else. My parents said it was because I took the attention away from him. He’s 30 now and I’m 27 and we have three other siblings, he still treats me differently than the others. Good luck. Make sure your daughter knows there’s nothing wrong with her…

Some siblings are super close, some just aren’t. It could be his age too, teen years can be hard and challenging and difficult to regulate and manage emotions.

If he’s not actually physically hurting her, and just being “rude” and just doesn’t like being around her, I’d just chalk it up to normal teen stuff.

Honestly some siblings just don’t like each other. I’d only be concerned if I were you if he was actually harming her in some way.

This is typical especially with a boy and a girl close in age. I would just have a sit down with clear expectations and let them have their own space moody teens and what not.

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My brother and I were constantly at each other’s throats when we were that age. I’m 2 1/2 years older than he is. So we’re pretty close in age. Now that we’re both in our 30s and have families of our own, we’re closer than ever. We text each other at least once a day.


I would say this is normal. Me and my siblings didn’t get along very much around that age, but now we’re all very close. Also, we had the type of relationship where we could pick on each other, but we wouldn’t allow anyone else to do it.

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Think it’s strictly the 14 year old thing. My son is just now getting a bit better about not being awful and rude to his 9 year old sister. I made it a point to tell him how much she adores him and how he’s making him feel. I think I egged him for too long and now he’s getting better about it

I have adults kids do that boy is mean girl sad it’s hard to get them close I’ve been trying maybe try to do something they both enjoy that’s all I got I find my boy seems like nothing bothers him yet my daughter crys and I keep talking to him his answer is she just drives me lol

My brother and I are 22 months apart… at that age we fought and fought hard not just with words. Thinking of it now I feel bad door my poor dad. We get along great now, we both tell eachother everything. Sometimes we get into tiffs now and then but we are always there for eachother more so now in our 30s.

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Oh ya. My brother couldn’t stand me growing up :joy: we are now 32 and 29 and get along so well. It’s normal!!

My friends growing up all hated their siblings but in their 30s now and get along great. Now as kids me n my sister always fought she was 2.5 yrs older and awful to me, but in high school we started getting along and she’s one of my best friends. We’re almost 40 now lol I’m pretty sure it’s normal.

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Ummm my brother and I were constantly at odds and fought over the most RIDICULOUS things…but if someone else was mean to me? He would not stand for it and vice versa.
Like we still would have fought battles for each other while also fighting each other :joy:. Also, we get along much better now that we’re adults.

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My brother always hated me

My daughter (17) and son (16) have been fighting since day 1. Its just how it is sometimes. They’ve finally started to mellow out but I think its really just something they gotta work out on their own.

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Well I disliked my sister as a child, now as adults, I still can’t stand her. Even if they are family, somepeople just don’t click together. You never know though, this could just be a phase and he’ll grow out of it.


My brother and I were like this when we were kids and got worse as teenagers. But now as adults we get on great and he is honestly one of my best friends

Very normal. I have 6 kids all 2 yrs apart … they all fight, call each other names. It’s normal…

Very normal. My oldest 2 are 5 years apart in age. The boy being the oldest. They never got along growing up. Now they’re 22 and 17 and love each other and get along very well.

I think it’s because they’re close in age… Me and my brother have a six year age gap between us and we are significantly closer relationship than me and my sister who only have a 2 year gap

My 17 year old doesn’t like my 13 year old. They just don’t get along and it gets worse the older they are. At those ages tho, even tho it doesn’t seem like it, 3 years is a big difference

It is completely normal in my experience teenage boys are so moody and can be rude for no reason

uhm yes. definitely. we had WWE in my house. but they would go to war behind me against anyone else too.

Yes it’s normal I have 5 kids and they fight like crazy

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He’s 14 and he’s being an ass. He would act right or he wouldn’t have any electronics or anything. She needs to be made to respect his privacy also. Big difference into a 10 year old and a 14 year old but they would not disrespect each other. Put your foot down or put it somewhere else. LOL

:joy: fun fact my sisters used to torture me when I was little. We all talk every single day now. Literally not one day has gone by where we haven’t talked. We are extremely close.
Honestly it’s sibling rivalry. They all fight. Especially now with puberty. They will grow closer as they grow older

My kids are bestfriends
They’re 15 (girl) and 17 (boy):heart:

Yes. But!! Why are you allowing him to be rude for no reason?

We have 5 total buuuut my 15 yr old son doesn’t dig my 12 yr old daughter…they are just opposite personalities. Hes very factual serious quiet and down to earth…she is very vivacious and whimsical she is a bit extra and believes the unbelieveable …the 2 just clash…her feelings get hurt with his unwillingness to play along…I just try to remind her hes not really trying to hurt her feelings hes just doing his best to express his feeling as well she needs to listen when he tells her to back off and he needs to understand shes more sensitive to words to speak kindly to her.

What is she wants to go everywhere he wants to go and she looks up to him and he thinks she’s annoying him maybe you need to sit down and have a talk with her that he’s older and he does different things than you do right now and have a talk with him alone too and tell him hey this is your little sister she looks up to you try that and see what happens you probably still loves his little sister just annoyed that’s all

My kids literally did a dance duet to a song called loathing from wicked…they will get along as needed bc it’s normal for them to not stand each other right now…their relationship will evolve as they get older. This is a normal phase to hate each right now