My son got his heart broken...what can I do for him?

My son’s heart (13) was broken today… I feel powerless and truly saddens me to see him cry like this… what to dooooo??


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. My son got his heart broken...what can I do for him?

Please let him know that his feelings are important and valid. That you can’t know exactly what he’s feeling, but have experienced similar heartache. Let him talk if that’s what he wants or sit in silence if he prefers. This is about him.:broken_heart:


Hug him, be there for him. There is not really much you can do


Let him know you are there,that you will listen to him when he is ready to talk. Broken hearts are no fun,but are a part of growing up unfortunately.


The only way out is through! Let him feel what he needs to, and deal with your own discomfort on your own.


Encourage him to know he is resilient. He will feel awful for a while, but he is a whole complete person in and of himself and a girlfriend is just icing on the cake, but he is a wonderful person on his own. Let him know sadness feels bad, but it’s temporary, and one day soon he will leave that sadness behind. Let him wallow a day or two but then get him interested in other things he enjoys.

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I use to make a special day for my youngest daughter we can do what ever she wants but no heartbreaking songs or sad movies

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Let him know you are there that’s all you can do

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He will harden. It’s just part of growing up.

He will get over it.part of life suck it up buttercup

Invite him on a mother son date and do dinner and something fun. Maybe talk a little about life lessons in heartbreak. Tell him you know what he’s going through is hard but he will be strong enough to heal from it. Maybe tell him a story or two about your first heart break.


Go get him a gift card for a new game his favorite dinner dessert and just let him be. Let him know you’re there for him

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Tell him to buckle up. Life has not even begun to kick his ass.

This is exactly why I tell my kids to focus on their school books and Graduating, not relationships simply because they’re too young and they don’t know what love is. ISWIS. I don’t need anybody to agree or disagree because at the end of the day they are my children and I’ll be damned if somebody’s crusty ass little boy/daughter is gonna break my daughter’s heart.