My son has a speech delay and we signed him up for soccer....advice?

We recently signed our 3 yr old for ayso playground soccer. We’re excited for him to burn off his energy but im a bit worried to be honest. Our 3 yr old has a speech delay and im worried that maybe we shouldn’t have signed him up /that he won’t understand some stuff. Anyone that have a speech delayed kid that they signed up for sports/activities, how did they do/handle it?


A speech delay doesn’t necessarily mean a delay in receptive speech. He very well could understand everything to do. I’d talk with the coaches/volunteers and let them know your concern and how they could accommodate him. However, it is also a bunch of 3 year olds, that field is going to be wild. He’ll have fun and make friends, and that’s the most important part. Good luck :heart:


Just because they may have a speech delay doesn’t mean they don’t understand speech. Sometimes activities with other children is the best thing and also following coaches. It can help not only their speech but social skills, teamwork and independence, discipline and feeling like they can accomplish anything and have pride in themselves

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I’m sure it will be great for him. Often times team activities encourage children to express themselves and they are unaware of it. Don’t worry about it too much let him have fun mom.

My daughter has speech delay & I signed her up for tball back in the spring & she done very well. Got the hang of it after the first few games.

my youngest was diagnosed with a speech delay. in our area they offered a special needs soccer organization . He played many years with then.

He will do great! He will learn just by watching. Let him play. I have a full blown ADHD with other learning disabilities that plays softball. She been since she was 4 and she gonna be 9 and still plays

3yrs is all about just having fun and playing ball with others!! He will be fine bc even if he doesn’t understand it they still gonna let him play!

My son is speech delayed but he always has been able to understand everything said to him. Follow directions etc….Shouldn’t be an issue in that sense. Just talk to the coaches and that so they know that he has some trouble with speech so they are aware that’s all.

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Just communicate with the coaches…

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My son was speech delayed and he did all normal activities . Noting stopped him . We just spoke to coaches or teachers and explained the situation and there was never a time they couldn’t accommodate him. He thrived at everything . Took a little more explanation and repetition but he caught up just fine :heart: good luck mom


It honestly might help him.

My son isn’t speech delayed but he has social anxiety (diagnosed). We signed him up for soccer during spring season and the first couple practices/games were rough. But once he got comfortable and understood he was the “MVP” of his team. He’s in fall soccer season now and it’s like the beginning of spring season never happened, he’s a natural. I definitely informed the coaches at the beginning and they helped him a bit more than the other players. He’ll do amazing! Interacting with other kids will do him some good☺️

ETA: my boy is 5 but started at the age of 4.

Just because he has a speech delay doesn’t mean he has a receptive delay. Keep him in soccer. Also being around other kids can help him speak better too. I bet he’ll do perfectly fine.

It’s a speech delay. Doesn’t mean they don’t understand what someone says.


His speech delay has nothing to do with his capacity to understand and follow directions.
Do not allow your fears to stop him from learning and to experience life .

Speech delay doesn’t always mean they don’t understand :roll_eyes:

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Speech delay does not mean ability, understanding, mental delay. Stop limiting your children especially special needs kiddos. They are capable of so much more than we give them credit or ability. Speak to the coaches and explain their delay and your concerns then step back and watch your sweet child have fun. The social setting will likely be a massive benefit to him even with his speech.

My daughter has a speech delay. It was severe, with very little speech being recognizable. She also has an intellectual disability affecting her memory, and ability to understand and follow directions. I signed her up for tumble at 6, and she couldn’t even say her name clearly when she started. She did amazing. She’s now a usag gymnast, going into her 3rd season, and almost 11yrs old. She still struggles with speech, but her coaches are great at working around it. Never allow disabilities to hold a child back.

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Even well spoken children each react differently in soccer. Some sit on the grass. Some run in circles some keep running back to parents. Let them do what they do. Lighten up.

Talk to the trainer and explain they should be able to give your son extra care so that he will understand