My son has a terrible cough from asthma...advice?

Ladies I need your help  anyone know what’s good for terrible asthma cough my son has this terrible cough and he gave it to me and we’ve been drinking lots of types of medicines and tea but this cough won’t go away what can help get rid of this cough ? We have been drinking our asthma medicine, but still have this terrible cough


I’m stuck at how he gave it to you… Asthma can’t be spread…


Delsym, and a humidifier should help some.

I would get an albuterol inhaler to open up your lungs and follow up with a PCP visit

Asthma comes with a chronic cough :tired_face:
My son is 4 and his PCP keeps telling us that he’s too young for an inhaler, so he uses a nebulizer which kind of helps.
We’re actually contacting a pediatric pulmonologist tomorrow!

An asthma attack can be caused by one of many different things.
It is not contagious but viruses are!
You say you’re drinking an asthma medication, is it from the Doctor?
Have too many questions….

Asthma isn’t contagious… are you sure it isn’t rsv or something of that nature…

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Marshmallows….they coat the throat when you eat them.

Take him to the pediatrician and see if you can get a nebulizer with albuterol to help.

Mucinex for adults and children plus whatever medication for your asthma. Best cough medicine out there.

My 3 children and I have asthma. We were tested to make sure we have it. I have been told by a pulminologist cough sryup does not work. The kids take a pill everyday to help keep it under control. My daughter also takes an inhalor daily. We have a nebulizer and albuteral inhalors. When my youngest son starts to cough he takes another inhalor twice a day until he stops plus a week. If your child has asthma he can not give his asthma to you if you don’t have asthma. If he’s coughing and then you get it it is not asthma it’s a illness.

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You’ll need a steroid and an inhaler. But asthma can’t spread. Y’all most likely are sick. Yall need to be checked for Bronchitis and Pneumonia or some kind of virus or infection. I recently had Bronchitis, was shocked I had it because all I had was a terrible dry cough for 3 months straight which I had Covid when it started so I thought it was the after affects of it and used my inhaler more. I woke up one day and it hurt to breathe so I went to the doctor and sure enough I had to do a breathing treatment and had bronchitis so I had to get antibiotics and a steroid. My cough was gone within a couple days

Asthma you need an inhaler, and some type of steroid. My daughter has asthma. The only way we got it under control was we requested to be sent to a Pulmonary Specialist. He gave her a script for Albuterol and Symbicort! Symbicort is a steroid inhaler she uses twice a day. So you definitely need to get him into the dr

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Ask his pediatrician for a nebulizer machine.

I have asthma, I use steroids daily, I use atrovent if I get a cold and cough lots but I use qvar for daily medication and the Ventolin for rescue I have also had to use dexamethasone for a couple days to help when my lungs get “junky” but definitely get to a Dr and get the proper medicine

I would make an appointment with your primary care physician.

More than likely you and your son have some type of virus.
If the cough is triggering asthma, then there’s things your doctor can do that might help but it’s best done under their supervision.

I will say you might try steam in the meantime especially if it’s a cough with mucus.
If it’s a dry cough, you might try a humidifier.

I know where we’re at the weather has been crazy back and forth between hot and cold with pressure systems and everybody’s allergies and sinuses are going haywire…so that could be part of it too

I use this for my daughter who has really bad asthma!

I wouldn’t recommend just taking different medicines in the off chance it’s sone thing serious the wrong medication can make it soo much worse
I’d go down the doctors