My son has been waking super early...advice?

Help!!! My 9 month old, will be 10 in a few days, has decided that for the last 3 weeks his new awake time is 430 am. We don’t take him out of the crib, we try to either have him put himself back to sleep or we try to help him but he just won’t go back to bed. We have tried putting him down later and earlier but still nothing. We make sure he is eating and drinking close to bed time. His room is dark. His first nap is usually around 9 and second is around 1. I’ve tried to get his nap time later so he isn’t up super long before bedtime but it’s so hard when he wakes up sooo early. I want sleep! Please help


He probably shouldn’t be having a 9am nap. What time are you putting him to sleep? Some babies only want about ten hours at night so if you’re doing 7pm then he is going to wake. Try a later bedtime and phase out one nap. And a later nap might help too! Mine used to go bed at 10pm and be up at 8am, or 7 on a bad day. Also try getting him cruising as much as possible. Mine was walking quite a distance and around the park just holding onto my hand and it really tired them out!


Some kids are early birds :weary: my son was an early bird. It eventually started getting later when he woke up and now he’s 6 and he’ll sleep until 8 if I let him, sometimes 8:30.

I’d try eliminating the second nap


He’s probably at the age to cut out the morning nap. Have his only nap around 2 in the afternoon


Stop giving 2 naps. Give one or none. With my son he had to have a nap at about 12:30 and if he didn’t fall asleep by 1 he didn’t get a nap if he took a nap bed time was between 10 and 11 and he would wake up at 9 if no nap he went to bed between 7 and 8 and he would still wake up around 9

:heart: OH no! You have an early bird lol I had one of those and I tried everything. Sound machine, lights, no lights, and nothing worked! I was just stuck getting up super early for almost a year! I did have a little trick that worked for us. It may not be something everyone would do but I got to sleep more lol. She was a happy baby and didn’t cry so I’d make sure I brought her a fresh bottle amd diaper change and I’d turn on cartoons for her and a light in her room. She stayed in her crib and as long as she wasn’t fussy or crying she was content to watch cartoons until daylight at least and I’d let her :heart:

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When my kids were babies and had similar problems, docs back then told moms to just give them a few drops of children’s Benadryl, OTC, when they awake at that hour. Put them right back to sleep for a few hours, and after a week or two their habit had been rearranged and they slept without it.


Its probs a phase. Give it time even through it sucks :heart:


I’m 47 and that my time o no I’m up at 230am, get a sound machine maybe it’s to quiet for him

Turn the lock around on his door so if he does get out of his crib he is safe in his room. Our son did this and would play safely in his room till we got up.

Maybe instead of 2 naps, go for 1 mid day…


So he is up at 430 then down at 9 for how long? Then down at 1 for how long…then bedtime ? Then up just curious how long he sleeps maybe you can put him down at 10 and 2 vs 9 and 1.
Maybe try to figure out his rhythm…my friend’s pediatrician told them to give him some mashed banana before bed .
He felt the baby was waking up earlier because he was hungry

Cut out the morning nap. Let him nap once a day.

Stop the two naps and try later bedtime.


Take him into bed with you for “quiet snuggle time” for 30 minutes or longer if he goes back to sleep.

Take second afternoon nap away for a few days and see.

Maybe hungry again or sleep regression!

Bedtime at 8. One nap at one

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Have you heard of wonder weeks?
Developmental milestones can lead to sleep regression.
Totally normal during when they start learning new skills.

How To Survive the 8 Month Sleep Regression!

What is a Mental Leap in your Baby's Development? - The Wonder Weeks.

Do you have any white noise in the room ? We use a fan that makes alot of white noise . That’s how both of my kids have always slept , definitely worth a try! :blush:

You may need to transition to one nap or try cutting second nap short

If he’s almost 10 months he’s probably going through a growth spurt and is looking for a bottle around that time. This is very normal child development. Once the growth spurt is over you can adjust to a larger meal before bed and he will sleep longer again. This will happen a few times as he grows. The first 2 years is the fastest growth we will ever have in our life times, your routines will have to adjust to your growing baby :heart:

Get up and start your day. I don’t understand why parents sleep all day when kids are awake. Get up and be a parent.

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Take it down to one nap in the afternoon after lunch.