My son has lead in his blood: Advice?

My son just turned 2. So during my son’s last checkup, he had a few blood tests done just for a workup. The results came back, and he’s been exposed to lead. His levels arent is outrageously high but over the normal range for a child. Has anyone else had this happen?! What was the cause? Were you and your family, household items tested? I’m trying not to be anxious about this, but as for Momma, it’s hard to sit and wait until his next appointment to see if levels are increasing or decreasing. TIA!


Try to find the source. Have your house tested for lead. Old toys, older house paint and pipes can be contributors

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Some paints had lead in them check your house railings lamp poles etc around your home

Find the source! Test your water. Has he inherited any furniture or toys from bygone era? Does he have anything from China?

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Health dept will test for free.

Chinese ceramic dishes sometimes have lead in the glaze. They don’t have to be old dishes. It could be something you bought at the dollar store or target.

Test your water, old toys and any old paint on the walls.

Definitely get the water tested, when I was pregnant with my second child, my tap water was making me super sick, turns out lead levels were really high. That was 4 years ago and haven’t touched my water since.

We had a lead test come back high. We had just spent 3 weeks at my mother’s house that was built in 1852 and that was the cause. We retested 6 months later and he was fine. If your home was built before 1978 then have your house and water tested. If that is not the cause, test your toys. Some toys made in other countries can still use lead paint.

Toys from China contain high amounts of lead in the paint since it’s not illegal for use over there

Stephanie Spreeman maybe you can give her some advice

My son was 1 1/2 when he got lead poisoning so far he was the highest in the whole USA he was at 89% lead my house was built in 1947 and he wasn’t digesting it he was breathing it all in nothing in his small large intestines or stomach lining the whole house was lead I went threw 3 remolds in my house to now we’re it is 100% clean my son is now five he has some permanent damage he is now five and still is at 9% lead

Do you give him tap water? Most the time it from tap water.

Do you let him play with your keys?

My niece had mildly elevated lead levels. Her and her husband did a small wall project where he took about 6 ft of wall put to extend a closet and that’s why it came back abnormal

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Not sure where it was coming from but when my son was 2 his lead levels are were high, dr said no more tap water and to start giving a multivitamin and the next time I took him they were normal

My niece had high levels due to her father going to the gun range A LOT, I’m talking every day. She was not allowed to eat specific foods and he had to change clothes and deep clean his car and do it very thoroughly.

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Is he by your window sills or paint at all ? When my brother was younger he has high lead levels at 2 and we had to repaint the whole house with lead free paint

Its been along time now but when my daughter was young she tested for having high lead in her blood but she was not around anything to get that. After drs further testing it was found she was extremley anemic which in tests looked the same as high lead. No high lead, anemic which was treated.just something you could look into.

I lived in Panama for a year when I was a baby. Had lead poisoning from tap water. As an adult I still have elevated levels… just monitor what they are taking in and avoid things high in iron for a while


Could be paint if you live in an older house, could be the water if you live on a well, or many other causes.


Hugs I hope you find out why

Some older toys were made with lead paint. Kids love to chew on toys. If u cant figure out wat it might be. Check to c if he has scratched paint off his toys. My oldest did with some old cars from his uncle


The lead could come from water, old pipes have led in them, as well as any plastic that came from china especially dollar store toys.


My grandchildren have recently tested high level lead the landlord was contacted by the health department both my 4 yo grandson and almost 2 to granddaughter tested high positivity levels landlord is ignoring calls from
My daughter n the health department after 3 months have stated it can’t b fixed over night yet my grandchildren r getting sicker by the day I was told lead poisoning can cause brain damage or death so anyone with an answer to this plz inform me ! My daughter has been seeking a new place to live but with this stupid virus no body wants to rent bcz the thought is I don’t have to pay rent during this pandemic


Give him zeolites daily

He is now being healed from that SICKNESS in Jesus name amene


Do you use spices or products from other countries?? Often time, lead is found in these items

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Have your water tested. Stop using tap water and use gallon water for your little one to drink. Is there any chipped paint? Contact your local health department, depending on the child’s levels they may be able to help

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My grand so was3 had it it was from toothpaste we were using

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Chewing on my car keys caused my sons high lead levels.

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Ours was from lead paint on the walls. We painted everything with a lead blocking paint and follow up
blood work showed it went down significantly a few weeks after we painted. You can get instant lead tests (for lead paint and water) at Home Depot to try to find the cause.

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Do u live in a old residents might still have led in or paint with led in it or any other products

My daughter also had elevated lead levels at age 2. Found out it was from tap water, so we switched to Brita. Also. We found out the paint in our walls had led, so I patched up any chipped areas to where she couldn’t be exposed. Any old buildings most likely have lead in the pipes and paint! It never affected my daughter though, she is 4 now and she is 1 healthy, smart little girl!:heart::heart:

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I just finished dealing with this. It was led particles in the dust in my backyard. My one-year-old and three-year-old both had it.

I have no lead in my house, and at the same age my son had slightly high levels. They did another test and they were normal. The doc said its normal for them to be a little higher sometimes and they usually come back normal if you know there isn’t a lead exposure

We just went through this with out 15 month old. Her levels were slightly high at her 12 month check up. We bought testing strips off of amazon and tested, walls floors the water and the ground. Nothing came up. Went to her 15 month yesterday and her levels were fine.

Get second test done. They did one on my daughter in the office where they prick heal and squeeze blood onto a card and that came back high. So they sent me to get blood drawn and it came back normal. I was told the office test are not the most accurate. I believe it was a 8 at the Dr office test and a 2 from the second test… big difference. But also don’t use tap water buy gallons of water.

if you find out it’s from the water, don’t waste your time or money buying bottled water, majority of bottled water comes from the same public sources but is filtered. Get an RO (reverse osmosis) undersink unit. They’re easy to install, cost under $300 and the basic system from Lowe’s/Home Depot should last over 10 years. you do have filters to change every 3-6 months though($30-40). We upgraded from the 1.5 gallon tank to a 3 gallon after the bladder in our tank gave up at the 13 year mark. a new tank was $60.00. We have a faucet at the kitchen sink and our refrigerator water/ice maker line tied in also. Our kids Love water, we’d be buying 3 gallons a day if we bought retail gallons.

Anything he’s recently started playing with, any toys, a cup something that frequently goes to his mouth.

How would you even know to get checked for this

Lead can come from many things. Paint inside the home is one, dust, soil, some candies from other countries have had links to lead prior, as well as toys.

Check on food contents, toys and stuff that he nibbles, household items that he touches or bites…

It can be in paint that is leaking, lead pipes, or even in the dirt. Just keep all the appointments and as soon as any test comes back any higher listen to your Dr. Use bottled water for him whenever possible.


Yes, my youngest tested high when he was 5. They retested twice more because ou older two tested normal. His first test was a false reading, I guess it happens sometimes.
He is 14 now and perfectly healthy.


the health department needs to examine your house. my grandson spent months recovering from exposure. the health department put the family in a hotel for the 10 days that the crew got it out.

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Same thing happened with my son. Our home was built in the mid-80’s, so there is no lead based paint. They drew blood from his finger, so his pediatrician suggested redoing the test from his vein. The second test came back within normal range. She is guessing his finger wasn’t completely cleaned off the first time. If it is just slightly high, maybe have them retest via a vein if they did a finger prick the first time. Try not to worry.

My oldest whos now 12 had lead in his system. We have no idea where he got it from. The health dept came out to my residence at the time and it was negative. The Dr put him on a prescribed multi vitamin. He was on it for a few years. Hes never had an issues because of it though.

my oldest when she was little had a above average level they did another test just to make sure and it came back normal, I would ask for another lead test if you can just to make sure


My sister son had lead in his blood an they put him in the hospital it was 2 or 3 years ago

Yes my son who is 15 now was tested at 2 years old and had extremely extremely high levels. It was from the dirt outside that they played in. He had to get tested every week his levels were so high. As I said hes 15 now. He now has body aches all the time. His head hurts a lot and dr said more than likely no babies. He has a lot of issues now from that. We got out of our lease and moved but yeah


Also check any painted toys he may put in his mouth. Many toys coming from out of foreign countries are painted with lead paint

If he goes to daycare or preschool check their paint and water as well as yours check the soil in your yard you buy lead testing kits

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My 4th and 5th kids had low levels. We had lead items all over our house. Had to move. They girls were on vitamins and I had to change their diets. My one daughter has some learning problems from it whatcha they told me she might.

A friend of mine was exposed to lead as a child. He has high levels but not dangerous. He had no long term issues. His mother did sue and won the lawsuit. When he turned 18 he had a trust set up for him.

Same thing happened to my son. He chewed on all of our wooden furniture. We ended up replacing furniture

This happened to my son when he was little. Had the health department come run test on my apt .they discovered it was the paint. Got the landlord to fix it .he tried to drag his feet about it ,but I said I would report him .To get my son’s levels down I feed lots of food with vitamin C

My friend’s son had the same thing. She says she started to use cilantro in everything and swears this brought the levels down. May be worth a try, at least research. Good luck.

If you live in an older home it could be the paint. Even if its been repainted. Some areas may not. My youngest had high lead levels. Every thing had to be repainted inside and out. New windows were put in and all. You just have to take him more often for lab work enough till it lowers. We were getting it done every month for a year, then went to every three months, to 6 months. She is now 8 and still has to have it checked yearly. Luckily, it didn’t do any brain damage.

Check paint and water. If there are any areas of peeling paint and your house was built before 1978, the paint could be lead based. And anywhere your kid goes, like daycare or grandparents house etc. Have the water tested too.

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It happened to my son but they said it would of been playing in dirt. His levels went down though his next test

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It could be lead paint on the house or window seals. My daughter was way above normal due to those reasons. She would sit food in the windows or eat it off the floor. Where there was lead paint seeping through

Lead paint, happened to my Grandchildren, got rid of led paint, children got better,

my son was 2 when he got it done, first was 12 then 9 now its at 5. re paint stuff in your house, make sure to clean everything, mop your floors all the time.

Do you have well water? If so, have your water tested. Something as easy as having a water filter could help.

Toys made in China. Stuff he would put his mouth on. Metal you would even think of.

Exposed to a home with lead paint.Happened to family

My friend son had it they did something called kelation

My daughter tested high and it ended up being nothing to worry about. It went down on it’s own

Toys from China the paint has lead see of any toys have paint missing

Miso or kelp is good to pull toxic metals from the body. Miso can be made into broth and kelp comes in edible cakes.

Do you have lead paint in your house

Have your water tested. I had same problem


Could be your water pipes

My youngest son had elevated lead levels. A woman from the state came out to our house with some weird looking ray shooter gun thing. It turned out it was a lot of the older hot wheels toys and the die cast toys? that my boyfriend kept from his childhood, and let our son play with them. :neutral_face: Then she tested the faucet in the bathroom and the ray gun things levels went through the roof. So my boyfriend rushed right out and got a new faucet set up. (Our house at the time had no paint it was all barn board.)

When my oldest was a toddler he had lead poisoning. The source was the house we were renting. Old lead paint. The landlords wouldn’t fix it and didn’t want to let us out of the lease so we got the health department involved. Then moved
He is 17 now and no signs that it even happened.

Does your family hunt for deer using bullets with lead? I once heard of that happening. The family ate venison and the lead that was in the deer by buckshot, was in low concentration of the deer meat. A small child doesn’t need much to effect their small system.

HUD has a program that many municipalities have that will help pay for the cost of abatement or remediation. Most homes in the US built prior to 1978 have lead paint. EBL cases in children can cause learning disabilities.

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If it wasn’t a high level (over 10) then your doctor will most likely monitor future lead levels. My daughter was diagnosed as lead poisoned around her first birthday. It was an almost 2 year process for us, with blood draws monthly and lots of visits to our home from the health department. These people are not here to judge you or cause any problems if they do contact you. We were put into an amazing program and were able to get a grant to have our home fully remediated from lead.
Unfortunately, we are dealing with some possible side effects of lead poisoning that have caused my little one to be a bit behind, but it’s not as bad as it could have been if her doctor wouldn’t have caught the elevated lead level to begin with.
Good luck

As Brittany said, the environment needs a thorough inspection. Pipes esp depending on where you live; type of water, pipe material itself, as well as not feeling stupid for asking the doc or the lab in how to proceed with finding the cause. Feel how you feel then/while you proceed; you can’t deny that or expect to maintain clinical coolness.


Have you checked the water and chips and dust from old paint if you live in a place that is old they can be exposed and sometimes kids put things in their mouthes outside or eat without washing their hands after playing outdoors they can be exposed that way too

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A friend of mine had twins and one tested with high levels. Health department came and checked everything and found nothing. After alot more checking found out it was the dinner plates. They were old and it was the paint baked on them.

You need to get your home checked out. If there’s lead paint you will have to remove it or move. And in the meantime I would find another place to stay, or at least for your son to stay.

We have a granddaughter with high levels she was eating dirt every chance she got. We are in the process of bringing it down milk helps now almost there first test is at one so why two

The community water source