My son has started acting out since the pandemic: Advice?

My five-year-old son has always been a very well behaved child. I get compliments every time I go somewhere with him. (Well before this current pandemic.) Anyhow all of a sudden, he is loud, rowdy, won’t listen, and is hurting himself when he gets angry. Like if I tell him no and he doesn’t like what I said, he will hit himself in the head. It really just breaks my heart. This change happened over the past two weeks. Nothing drastic has changed in our lives other than he will be starting a “digital academy” in a couple of weeks. I feel like a horrible mother! Should I take him to see a therapist? Is this my fault? I’m so very scared of him. I lost his big sister right after she was born, and if anything ever happened to my other kids, I don’t know what I would do. This is keeping me up most nights and has me praying for guidance/answers. I’d appreciate any insight you have. Thank you


Yes! Take him to a therapist! He has a lot of emotions and needs to learn to cope :heart:

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Alot of kids are dealing with this. You are doing fine as a mother. Between all the changes going since March plus not seeing friends. A therapist could help him deal with the emotions. Until just continue the patience and love you have been giving.

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You are not alone mama! My oldest who is turning 8 next month has been the exact same way! My son will hit himself when he’s angry and we continue to talk to him about it when it happens. It doesn’t happen as often but if he gets very upset then he does. I havent thought to take my son to therapy to be honest i don’t feel that it’s warranted for my son but if you feel in your heart something is wrong then you for to follow your mom instincts. Just know your not alone and kids are learning how to deal with different emotions and sometimes they just dont know how to deal with them. There is alot going on in the world and the kids may not know what’s going on they can sense the things aren’t right either. Stay strong mama your not alone!

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I have a 7 year old doing. Its taking toll on both of us. As a single mom with depression and PTSD its a struggle. Your not alone. I take 1 day at time. It will get better.

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krav maga has been a life saver fir us. Its a form of karate. My oldest is almost 6 and had serious issues controlling his anger an emotions in general. In krav, he learns to control them and gives him an outlet for the aggression. We take him to premier martial arts on 1488. Its a small family environment. We love it! Bonus points that he is learning to defend himself!

Please seek counselling and don’t be hard on yourself this whole th2ibg is hard on all of us. Especially kiddos who don’t understand why there little world has been turned upside down.

My Niece acts like this she has a form of Autism called Pda…Which means she has high levels of anxiety and when things are different i.e The pandemic she got a lot worse…She masks her emotions everywhere until she is with me or her mum…Her school opened 3wks before summer and she wouldnt go…Her anxiety had got so bad…One day we managed to get her the school and she went hysterical crying clinging to her mum and wouldnt go in…She has never shown this at school…So we knew her anxiety was bad…Have you noticed any anxiety in your child…We have now learnt that her anger and aggression is basically a panic attack…It appears to others as being naughty but knowing her behaviour we know how changes can increase the anxiety…Which leads to the crying and fearfulness or aggression…It maybe just the changes as its big even for adults…Hope things settle down

A lot of kids are dealing with similar issues… they dont know whats going on and are scared and worried. Things are unknown and they have no control.

Counseling could help. My son is 8 he has had a fear of this pandemic it seems to help him

Hi mom he probably needs to vent. It has been hard for us adults to cope with our feelings, and harder yet for the kids :disappointed:

Kids will be erratic when something doesn’t feel right for them. The best way to help them feel better is to let them cry those feelings out. I have been an attachment parenting instructor for some time now and, when emotions take over, crying always helps.

This doesn’t mean you will MAKE your baby cry :flushed: but give him a chance to do so without trying to stop it. Stay close, offer him comfort and talk as little as you can. Being able to cry feelings out will help him feel so much better! :hugs:


Try talking to him about ways he can express his frustrations. Give him words and help him find words for what he is feeling. He is 5, my almost 9 year old went through behavior changes at 5 when he would get frustrated I’d put him in a safe place and tell him we both needed a timeout and we could talk about it when he calmed down. At first he kicked and screamed but after a few days he realized it helped. I always got compliments on his behavior and how sweet/well behaved he was. I think it’s a normal change on top of quarantine. If he is hitting himself tell him that’s not the answer to his problem but don’t give it too much attention when he stops talk to him. He isn’t going to knock himself out. But giving the behavior attention unfortunately encourages it, they know you feel bad and are more likely to give in.


This is very normal behavior for a child who is frustrated. My five year old has been acting out like that for several months now. My nine year old is struggling with behavior issues too. They’re both depressed and say they want to hurt themselves. Unfortunately due to this pandemic this is the new normal. But I talk with them a lot, offer support and understanding, and have had several deep conversations with them about self harm and the tragedy of suicide. This won’t last thankfully. Stay strong for him as best you can.


Mamma, lockdown is hard!!! I found that my 2 boys became really frustrated because they don’t know how to deal with the magnitude of what is happening. I would definitely recommend a visit or 2 to a play therapist or a child psychologist for both your and his mental well being. This is a rough year so please be kind to yourself. You are doing an amazing job!!! :heart:


All children feel this great change were having and all we can do is try to make him understand it will get better and love him more eachday,and most importantly let God guide you just pray,talk to him ,he listensand I’ll pray for you both,:pray:


I think about 99% of all of us moms know exactly what you’re going through. My four year old daughter has turned into a sixteen-year-old monster no joke she talks back she throws things timeout doesn’t work no more a spanking doesn’t work and I think of the day I feel like I’m doing something wrong. But I’m going to say the same thing that my mama told me it’s not you you’re being a wonderful mother, it’s just the way things are right now and kids don’t know how to handle it.


I can’t offer much help, I’m literally going through the same thing, my 6 year old has turned into a brat, my 12 year old just fights all the time and my 16 year old hardly comes out of her room… And when she does it’s quite dramatic. We also lost my husband’s father to cancer last week so that doesn’t make it any easier. Everyone is suffering through this, seems like crazy is the new normal. Wonderful to see all moms tell their own stories and give advice. When things get very bad I just hug them. They are battling to cope, we all are, so it’s just one day at a time :heart::heart::hugs::hugs:

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My 4 year old used to hit himself, as hard as it is to do ignore it! Unless he is in physical danger don’t acknowledge the behavior. Always praise good behavior, a lot of issues stem from boredom and little ones don’t always know how to vent feelings properly


Don’t hesitate to contact a therapist. You could both learn ways to cope better with the pandemic or find out if there may be other issues your child might be dealing with.


My daughters almost 4 and she’s always been well behaved but being home during this whole thing she’s acting the same way. I’m going crazy but trying to keep my calm and just talk to her

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They all go through this phase, when they start getting cabin fever. It is perfectly normal. It may be that he isn’t getting enough positive attention so is acting out in a form to have any type of attention. Which is also normal because us as parents do tend to switch our attention off and on and a lot of off lately with the stress of this pandemic. Try to do some one on one things and get his attention and try to turn it around let him help do simple chores like folding clothes or putting away his own clothes on his own. It’s always something simple in order to turn it all around. I have a 10 year old 5 year old and a 3 month old. It does get easier sometimes. It’s always a little give a little go.

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I think this is a normal reaction to what is going on. My 3 year old’s behaviour has slightly improved but when I go out (I don’t take him out with me unless necessary) he wiles out. Throws things… shouts, screams… he goes all out because he wants to go outside. We have a garden but that gets boring after a while. This will pass-- comfort your child and find a way for him to express his frustrations.

I know we’re not supposed to really go anywhere right now but have you taken him out for walks or to spend time in nature? Outdoors you can mostly keep your distance from people. Also if you tell your child a consequence make sure to follow through. Sometimes they will push the limit if they know you really won’t do what you say. Also make sure to give him lots of positive attention and hugs and kisses.

I’m no help my 15 has lost it he’s screaming his head off right now snotty crying in his room hitting himself because I told him to go to bed after he went and broke something on purpose.


Our five year old, now six, is the same. She was doing so good before school shut down. We are looking into a child psychologist for her and trying to take classes on different parenting techniques, even though it feels like I’ve tried everything. I’m hoping to figure something out because now my one year old is starting to copy her behavior.

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Yup my boys the same! I have an 11 year old and a 6 year old. Both of their behaviors have gone waaay down hill. Attitudes, fighting, depressed, just plain not listening to anything I say. There’s times I cry at night cause I feel like I’m a complete joke as a mother. I’ve tried to explain to my 11 year old that this pandemic is literally affecting every in the world, but not trying in invalidate his feelings just trying to make him understand he’s not alone. It’s been super hard to keep them entertained cause there’s only so much we can do. At the same time their behavior makes me not want to do or give them anything. :broken_heart:

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My ADHD kid had been acting out the last couple weeks too. Destroying stuff on purpose… he needs to go back to school and I’m thinking of putting him on medication…I know these teachers aren’t going to take any shit when these kids go back and I’m scared for him

My 5 year old has been giving a lil attitude as well and misbehaving. I really don’t like the hot weather but i suck it up and bring him to the park because that will literally make him the happiest even if we just go running and kicking a ball since i do not let him in the playgrounds. He is just bored and wants your attention. Play w him as much as you can. I know sometimes as a mom we have so many other things but they need us so much right now. They cannot fully comprehend whats going on in the world.

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Both of mine have been the same way lately especially my 7 year old who is usually sooo extremely well behaved . I think it’s the lack of socializing they’re not able to get out and do all the things they normally do :disappointed:

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Good luck to all parents, my grandchildren are acting out for their parents right now too, I think it’s important to let them play outside as much as you possibly can. God bless all of you it’s never been an easy job, and remember you are the BOSS of them , not the other way around!!!

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Yeah my kid started to behave like that so I did my research and found a Montessori kindegarten program and now he’s going to school so it just snapped back to normal

Give positive outlets. Drawing. Play. Puppets can be a great way of getting kids to express themselves. Keep them busy and active. Sounds like they are frustrated and disappointed.

Try to reward and praise the positive behavior. Get a jar put in a marble or skittle every time u see good behavior. Make him take it out for bad and have consequences. Play outside as much as you can! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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My 9 year old has begun wetting the bed and having behavioral issues as well. I wish I knew an answer :frowning:

my 10 year old is in a mental health facility getting treatment for odd ADHD sensory processing disorder and a few other more disturbing issues. hes very violent. and angry and uncontrollable. lashes out especially when told no. that is mainly the odd causing most of the issues.

My son was exactly the same, well behaved and well mannered, after a few weeks into lock down, he wouldn’t listen, shouted/back mouthed me, hit his sister, pushed my buttons to limits I didn’t know I had, I broke down crying many of times, I spoke to his teacher it was just a phase and he’s back to his normal self, not only did our routines change it also affected children, I spoke to my son and told him how he was making mummy feel and asked him why he was acting the way he was, I had daily conversations to try and understand and gave him reassurance incase something was on his mind x

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My middle daughter used to do this really bad when she got mad. It got to the point were she was leaveing bad bite marks on herslef and throwing herself against walls and floor screaming as if someone was beating her. Sometimes over silly things like she wants the toy her sister had. To be honest what I did to make her quit was I started spanking her for it 🤷 some may say that “wrong” but bad behaviors are to be disaplined. And it worked! But this doesnt make you a bad mom and its not your fault. Children act out and if it works in their favor they wont stop

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I did the same thing, he might just be board and being told no about things just drives him nuts. Or he doesn’t understand his feelings and takes it out on himself

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WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. Check his diet and keep a food diary. So many parents have no idea how bad foods can be on the mental wellbeing of a child if their diet is filled with chemicals and preservatives. So many children are put on drugs when it is the food causing the problems. My rule is if it is a banned ingredient in Europe then it should not be eaten. PERIOD. Start by omitting all artificial colors from his diet and then move to other chemicals like MSG and all derivatives of it. If you really want to look deep into it then google the Feingold Diet. I promise I have see this first hand as a parent and a teacher for 25 years.

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Kids are stir crazy. I have 5 between 6-16. They aren’t used to not having social interaction outside the home.

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This is very normal… he will be fine. Kids do throw tantrum some days esp at this age . Have patience.

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Maybe have him evaluated for ADHD. Just my guess from personal experiences. Hang in there Momma, sending prayers your way!!

It is normal. The kids are bored and testing us all. Don’t go running for a adhd diagnoses. I have found be more patient. Do crafts get a swing set go for walks my granddaughter was driving me nuts. Couple weekend with her cousins. Overnights has greatly helped all of them. Hitting explain that they can hurt theirselves. Sit down talk to your kids. Have a mommy or daddy date even if in the back yard. I also have found get them outside. Burn some of that energy off :laughing: Ladies things will get better. Put them to work doing something even if painting the wood fence with brush and water​:hugs:. Good luck you are not alone​:heart:

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Jigsaw puzzles was the answer for my nephew. At first the adults would join him then we started mixing 2 different ones. It helped with anxiety from a change in routine. :roll_eyes::unamused::smirk::thinking:

I have 7 kids they have all done this i have a 4 and 5 yr old currently going through it now. They are testing boundaries and trying to transition from toddler to big kid

It’s not your fault. Did you try talking to him if something is bothering him. Or talk to his doctor. He may just be bored.

When my son was turning five I made a big deal about how he was now going to be in Kindergarten, He did not want to turn five and was crying and did not want a Birthday. I finally figured out it was that he did not want to go to school. I think maybe in your case we are also going through this PANDEMIC and honestly I think we are all having some issues with that.

Just get him an iPad or iPhone. Download educational games and regular games. YouTube Kids is fine too. That’ll keep him occupied. My 5 year old and 2 year old both have iPhones and they do their own thing and play together. They’ve had their iPhones for 2 years now. It’s worked out so far

Give him s0mething that he can do give him s0me small chores my s0n just turn 6 t0day and we are 0n l0ckdown since march he haven’t g0 out since then but with s0me “distracti0n/activities” he’s still okay .

could just be upset about school to tho. my son has alot wrong

If you have to ask? Yes! Make an appointment with a Therapist!

Have you had him tested for adhd or autism? My daughter did that but that’s because she tested positive for austim! Not saying that’s what he has but it could be the reason. Even tho he may not act like he has it doesn’t mean he doesn’t.

If you havent abused your kid then you didnt do anything wrong. When children are in daycare or school, they learn social behaviour from others in his class or daycare room, as well as early childhood educators. Since he hasnt been in school or daycare for a while, he might have forgotten those good behaviours that were taught. Try writing out some rules of the house, and include him in deciding what rules to follow. Get a big board and tell him he can decorate it, and then glue the rules to the board. Also write out what consequences go with the rule that gets broken, and make sure you stick to it constantly. So then theres no confusion about the rules that get set. If he breaks the rule the first time, give him a warning telling him if he breaks it again he will go on time out or what ever it is you decided on the board. Then when he breaks it again, follow through with what you warned him about. If he gets off of the time out spot, pick him up and out him on again. And keep doing it without speaking to him and do it until he stays. Coukd be once, but it could also be 20 times before he stays. And tell him the amount of time he is to stay there.

take them outside more! make sure they are NOT watching YOUTUBE KIDS. There is a popup scary evil character (Chinese) named Jojo that tells them to hurt themselves…including suicide methods!! yup! there was a big thing about it a few months ago. I saw her for a second… my 4 year old great granddaughter was scared when I asked her if she saw her. She said she will hurt us if we tell.


Its very normal when a child is frustrated to not be able to use the correct words to explain it. They use their bodies and their vocal cords very well and let you know that something’s going on but they just can’t put it into words for some reason. The happiest toddler book is an amazing book Yes I know it’s a toddler book but it explains how to deal with children who can’t put into words what exactly is going on in their head.

I have used it with many children who are throwing tantrums but can’t express verbally what’s going on. And it works very well. It’s about them seeing that you understand their frustration and you mirroring it back at them just a bit under their level. Once they see that you understand their frustration they tend to settle down a little bit better.

He mabe watching something violence

Sounds like anxiety. Possible sensory? My son didn’t start showing sensory issues until right before kindergarten.

It’s a phase. Try to work on encouraging him to take deep breaths, using his words and hold him until he cries (likely the real emotion he’s feeling). I worked on a feelings chart for him when he was going through it and it worked wonders for him to be able to express himself

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Please have your son’s antibodies tested. Autoimmune encephalitis can create these exact issues, causing them to occur seemingly overnight. And, COVID19 has caused it for many children. My son has PANS/PANDAS and his started after repeated strep ear infections, almost overnight. Even if your son didn’t show any symptoms of COVID19, he may have had the infection and his immune system may have gone into attack mode against his healthy tissue and brain, causing PANS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome… Or autoimmune encephalitis in simpler terms).

Check out the PANDAS Parents support group page for a lot more info and support from parents who can help steer you in the right direction with specialists and what tests to ask for. You can also PM me directly if you need any help.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to have him talk to someone. You didn’t do anything!
My daughter flipped a switch around 4yo, and she’s now 15 (almost 16) she was diagnosed with ADHD & ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) along with depression & anxiety. She’s recently added bipolar to her diagnosis. (Not trying to scare you).
It’s been a rough road, but therapy has helped her and me. Hopefully it’s just a phase! Hang in there!

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“Spare The Rod And Get A Spoiled Brat”!!!

Native Remedies…my grandson was terrible! Really! We used Tantrum Tamer from Native Remedies. In 5 days he was a different child. Literally. We were going to take him to a therapist.Their brains go haywire handling this awful time. This company has a year guarantee…unheard of! They have numerous formulas…please check them out. They have reviews on everything they sell. :sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:
For adults read the book the Mood Cure by Julia Ross explains the AMINO ACIDS and how they work in the brain to regulate your neurotransmitters. Certain AMINO ACIDS work for STRESS and ANXIETY and depression…others work for addictions like drugs and alcohol and sugar. I wish I’d read this book years ago. I’m 69 a d this book changed my life 5years ago. Available in paperback from Amazon…about $15… Well worth it!
Ashley Miller
Judith Groenewald
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Please pass this information on to others…

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Therapist will help him redirect his frustrations. Nancy Cavazos, can you help???

Take him to his doctor

You are not alone!! This pandemic has turned everyone upside down😥. Time nd patients is all you can have with him. Instead of telling him no depending on what he wants maybe say to him not right now maybe later an see if that works…


It sounds like anxiety or maybe depression you should make a appointment with the pediatrician :heart: they will know what to do and make sure you advocate don’t stop telling people till someone listens i question myself daily their therapist said something though. “ you just have to get up every morning on a clean slate and try the best you know how” and it’s not your fault and your not alone


My son will be going back to school but it than that I can relate 100% my son is the same and I feel like a horrible mom but I think about the change with the virus save can’t imagine what’s going on in his mind. Stay strong mama sending you love to get through it

you need to create a structured routine for him that allows for his need of education, and physical exercise, and creative needs of art and creative play.

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I understand. I have a 4 year old Daughter who’s behaviour and temperament seemed to change mid lockdown. The whole change to routine and daily life has been hard on everyone especially the children and the younger ones don’t really understand it or how to explain their feelings and they’re getting frustrated.

I also lost her older brother neonatal and I know some people will probably be thinking “what’s that gotta do with it? They didn’t know their older siblings!” but it’s us… The way we interact with our rainbows. We tend to always be making memories, taking them places, doing things with them, basically over compensating. Now they’re bored. Especially those with no living siblings to play with (and I suspect those who have only one child will be experiencing something similar) With my Daughter it was like having a depressed 3 year old. When we were allowed to form bubbles and meet up with people I did so with a couple of the other kids from her nursery so she could have some peer to peer interaction. I’ve found this has helped a lot although not fully fixed the issue. x

This whole thing is very hard on kids. And I always teased mine did an every other year thing, good one year, horrible the next; who knows? Hope it’s a phase?

Sounds like anxiety mixed with growing up. Talk to a therapist and breath, kids are human and humans go through bad times. Try not to worry, be easy, and get some solid advice from a good therapist.

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Make an appointment with his doctor. It could be a multitude of things. Most of us have been there. You will go through a lot of ups and downs with kids, no matter what some say.


Take him on a long walk or hike each day. Teach him about the things you encounter. Get him worn out!!

Kids need time to run all of their energy off. Take him outside and let him run until his little legs cant anymore


You’re by far not alone I have 4 ages 15,12,9 Nd 4 Nd I feel like they are literally loosing their minds Nd I know I’ve been lost mine it’s a lot to deal with the pandemic literally has shattered all of our lives their stuck in the house all the time now on top of that their virtual learning will start next week I know it helps me to have alone time with 1 doing something I know they like we have game nights which didn’t happen before do to me working coming home cleaning Nd cooking etc try doing new things with him get out of the norm we’re all just trying to survive nowadays we weren’t given a Manual for being a parent we’re learning by living hun so you’re not a bad mom whatsoever continue to pray and also sometimes have your own alone time recenter yourself self care is the best care because if we don’t take care of ourselves mentally physically etc we can’t do anything for our children good luck to you mama you got this and y’all will get through this I promise

Look kids act out at all ages for many reasons. 1 he’s a 5 year old that’s throwing a fit for being told no. 2 due to his age he could just not know how to express what he’s feeling (my son would ball his fists and shake holding his breath when he would get mad) 3 kids do weird shit for absolutely no reason just because they can lol 4 if you’re worried something is physically wrong with him talk to your pediatrician and have him get a physical if that comes back fine then stop worrying so much. Therapy for a 5 year old isn’t going to do much but cause another bill. If he hits himself in the head pull his had from his face and teach him that’s not the way to express yourself.

Dont feel like a horrible mum! Just bc kids act out doesnt mean youre a horrible mum! I doubt this is your fault, but have you tried talking to him to see how he is feeling? Validating a childs feelings is important, and him hitting himself is a way of him coping with some emotions/feelings he may not be able to express. My favorite saying is, we tell kods to use their words, but first we must give them the words to use. Like, “i see you are angry, can you tell me what made you angry?” “Do you want to hit a pillow instead of your head to help you calm down?” Are you scared of him or for him? Big dif in my opinion. Talk with him first and see what you can do to help him before taking him to a therapist. I am sorry for your loss. I have a semi disabled 23 yr old, and a typical 18 yr old, but ive miscarried a few times between my 18 yr old and my almost 4 year old. The loss is heartbreaking each time. Could he be picking up the hurt or anger of others around him and has become overwhelmed with thosw feelings? Virtual school is a big change for littles and hard for them to fully understand why they cant go out and be with friends and such. Your post shows you care about him and that makes you a good mum! Keep your head up. If youre unable to get through him, then id say have him see a therapist. My oldest has been in therapy for almost 2 years and it has helped him a lot. Good luck mum! )o(


That was a little harsh…she’s asking for help.

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Everything has changed.Its scary!! Make a Dr appt.

Kids are affected by all this shit

Why haven’t you made an appointment with his pediatrician and get off fb


More time outdoors :purple_heart:

I’m sorry such a rude, useless, pointless comment was made in the post for the mommy asking for advice.
This pandemic has hit everyone hard girl. Your not to blame and not a bad mom. Your baby has been stuck inside with you and who ever else and its really tough on kids, as the don’t understand any of this. Even us as adults have to adapt, and being human we are social creatures by nature, and yes while you may have your family at home, kids are usually used to being able to go.with.mommynor daddy or the family to the store, kids are used to having their friends to hang out with and or play with, my youngest is 5 and she was already in school when all this was happening, and she adapted well, but all of my kids are wanting to go back to school, want to see friends, hell my kids even want to see teachers :joy:
Your his mommy and you know what’s best, yes prayers are always great to do, so definitely keep that up, bit if you feel a therapist might help, it might, it would also help him be able to “socialize” and readjust to the crazy world we live in. Of course practice all safety precautions due to the virus, cause it’s not going away anytime soon.
Beat of luck mama
Don’t be so hard on your self. Kids feed off that energy too :wink:

i’m so sorry! i’m having some personal issues with my kids too! i don’t no who to turn to, other than God! i have to say have a sit down with him! let him talk to you and tell you why his acting out, i am so sorry and your not a bad mother, you are looking for advice and there is nothing wrong with that!!! much love girl and God bless!!!


This is some great advice. Parents - Being “Good Enough” Right Now is OK

My 5 year old went through something similar. Like he was struggling to express how he was feeling so started being hurtful with his actions to himself and others. We took away ALL external stimulation for 3 weeks. No TV, no video games (He only ever played very mild games at night with his dad, but still took it away) We made evenings screen free time so it forced us to all chill and interact with each other. Also started doing role play and explained what he could do differently when he felt overwhelmed. It worked…


He has completely lost his daily routine and life as he knew it. Its hard for some people. (Not just kids) My son had issues with my separation from his Dad. He started acting out. A Play therapist at his pre school recommended a reward system. I bought a treasure Box, let him pick out 10 toys from the dollar store, got 2 containers and some toy gold coins. At the end of the day. If he made good choices, he was allowed to move one coin from one container to the other. Once he got 7 he was allowed to pick out a toy from the treasure Box . If he didn’t make your choices he didn’t lose one he just couldn’t put 1 in. It was a game changer!! You just have to find what works and its ok to ask for help. Good luck❤


This pandemic had changed a lot of lives and kids. His schedule has changed and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. I am a preschool teacher and I am trained in conscious discipline and trauma on top of that. When he is in this state let him cry or do what he thinks he needs as long as he isn’t hurting himself or others. When he is calm you can talk to him all him what he is feeling when he acts like that. You can do breathing techniques with him. For example taking three breaths in. In throw the nose and out threw the mouth. We have a song we sing with it preschoolers I’m a pretzel I’m a pretzel so please don’t eat me yet I cross my legs and cross my arms and take a great breath. Not only does it make them laugh but it came them down bad well. Once he gets this and understands it when he is upset you can tell him to breathe. Look up conscious discipline by Becky Bailey and she has more tips and techniques to help you with the situation


Boys need a routine they go off the rails without one. Play soccer with him just you and him and get messy and laugh and play with just him for a little then maybe suggest inviting other people since it’s so much fun… just remember this will be over in 10 years your going to want to loom back at the memories you made with them not worrying and yelling all the time

Ahh he needs routine of school…listening to mum get boring an staying home is frustrating. I’m sure when September comes an routine … having to follow instructions from his teacher he will get back on track. :slight_smile:


My grandchildren calm down as soon as I take them outside. Maybe daily walks, playing catch, or kicking a soccer ball would help burn off pent up frustrations.

Wow First stop beating yourself up! And maybe it would be good for him to talk his feelings out with a therapist. And this would help ease your mind too!

I’m so sorry I,LL be praying for you

I would pray for all Jesus

This lockdown brought to a lot of changes in our lives.locked out of school, locked inside the house, can’t visit family or friends, look into these factors too.

It sounds like he is just full of energy. Maybe just start running him out of energy. My kids were that way when things started. Now I make sure they run out their energy. We go for daily walks, they play outside etc. I make sure they are too tired to be rowdy

Please don’t take it to heart. You aren’t a horrible mother. My kids are raised and my theory is every kid is a PIA at some phase of growing up… and they all turned into wonderful adults! Try to keep a sense of humor.

Start giving him choices instead of saying just no like you do with a 3 year old so he feels like he has more control and help him to find better ways to release his frustration. My almost 5 year old has been flipping out for years now and I have to break everything down to 2 choices. Do you want me to put this shoe on first or this one? Do you want this Capri sun or this one? Do you want to get dressed or would you like me to help you get dressed? She’s always doing exactly what I want her to do but she feels like she’s in control. It does back fire when she decides she wants a third option but it’s gotten way better with time. You’re not a bad mom. Kids are dictators! Also with the anger I say hey. I don’t like when you hit yourself. Or I don’t like when you throw stuff when you’re mad. Do you need a time out or would you like to go find something else to do to calm down?