My son has strep: What can I do to help him?

My son is one and was diagnosed with strep throat this morning, and he’s on antibiotics, and he’s taking Tylenol cold, and flu in between. Is there anything else y’all mommies recommend?


Lots of sleep and warm fluids like chicken broth.

How old is he I’m only over it if he can gargle his mouth with disprin every few hrs it does ease it I feel his pain

There’s nothing much to do. My son always suffers from strep… I give him some tea and halls to ease his throat pain some

Cvs sells throat soothing lollipops for children


Just keep doing what you’re doing. Give the antibiotics a chance to do their jobs. You don’t want to load your baby up on a bunch of tactics when a course of treatment is already being taken. Just give him the extra cuddles and mama love he needs

Glycerine honey and lemon u get it in a jar in pharmacy if he has a soother it can b put on to that

Hot tea with honey is a favorite for my boys

Warm milk with honey to help sooth the throat.

My family had strep being a single Mom I. Took care of my 3 daughters when i got them to be ok i got strep in my kidneys i thought i might die i ran 104 fevers almost a week had to go to the hospital and have IV antibiotics a whole month i missed nursing school BAD STUFF

Chloresrpic spray for throat it helps numb it makes easier to swallow!! Over the counter any market stores carry it, crushed ice or frozen ice pops help too


Gargle with warm salt water👍


Gargle with warm salt water. Kills infection in the throat. I used to get strep throat 2 or 3 times a year as a kid

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Take him to a doctor!

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Now I have to leave this page. I can’t handle the level if ignorance when it comes to children being sick. TAKE THEM TO A FN DOCTOR!!!

Popsicles and lots of cool drinks. Lots of cuddles and love.


Honey and lemon in hot tea. Or popsicles and Italian ice.

Cool baths to help keep temp down without medicines, cool rag on forehead, popsicles, if your concerned he might be or get dehydrated you can always get pedialyte and keep it cool in the fridge, and just help baby be as comfy as possible! Hope baby feels better soon!

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For a one year old, it’s going to be pretty hard to get him to gargle anything…I’d recommend getting some “Outshine” popsicles to help sooth the throat. They’re all natural, made with real fruit, and he’ll love them. (Not sponsored :rofl:) Make sure he’s drinking lots of water too mama, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, lots of love and snuggles. I hope he starts feeling better very soon!:heart:

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if his sore throat is persistent try a little rock candy, I’m not actually positive this works but it can’t hurt him. Make sure he doesn’t chew on it. Suckling will help, my grandpa used rock candy as a rock throat soother for years.

Ice pops alot of water

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Some good Vietnamese pho. It’s made with herbs and bone broth. It kicks my kids colds in a day

It is the most painful …I had it a couple months ago I would cry when I would swallow saliva …what helped me was put water to boil throw a little salt n gargle with the hottest I could handle and tolerate without burning my tongue it helped ease my pain…hope he feels better :blue_heart:

Yogert, teaspoon of honey & lemon, chicken soup, popsicles, etc.

Popsicles are always good. Helps sooth their throat. Also make sure he drinks plenty. Dehydration on top of strep sucks. Good luck.

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My suggestion is Jello Tea :slight_smile: just mix the jello powder with the hot water (as instructed) then add just enough cold water to make it warm (tea temp) and let him drink it! The gelatin will coat his throat as he drinks, providing some much needed relief from the scratchy and burning sensations and also helps to make eating less painful. It’s my go to solution for sore throat in my house! Approved by all 4 of my children and my husband :wink:

Gargle lots of fuidsl lemo icy poles crush hydra light Panadol

Do whatever your doctor told you, we’re not docs therefor we can’t diagnose nor offer treatment!

Marshmallows will help with a sore throat. No joke. My grandma used to make us eat them

I have 1 adult child who still does this and a 7 year old that does not like sweets but will ask gor a marshmallow when her throat is sore

You’re not supposed to give them tylenol cold and flu until they are 4-6 years of age.


Ya a little nervous about that tylenol cold and flu at that age.


Ginger ale, watered down. Ginger helps

Ice cream yogurt and jello


Tylenol cold and flu? Is there a baby version that I’m not aware of? I thought they got rid of all mixed cold medicine for little kids, because kids were dying from overdoses. Tylenol is very dangerous and you need to be careful not to over dose.


Tyenol,half water with anything he/she can drink keep down that’s all…keep cloth with cooling if he/she is fever try keep down…keep check thier temperature to

Popsicle,soups,jello,yogurt…nothing heavy food for now


Lots of fluid. Regular tylenol or ibuprofen. Cold and flu stuff isnt going to help or do anything for strep. And I dont think it’s the best at this age. Cold things to eat. Or feed him what hes willing to eat.

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Yikes. Surely his pediatrician didn’t approve of the Tylenol cold a flu?


Probiotic to help regulate the tummy from taking the antibiotics. Humidifier. Applesauce chilled, pedialyte ice pops, lots of fluids and rotate motrin and regular infants Tylenol. Ask your pediatrician about “Magic Mouthwash”.

If your LO has the vomiting issue with Strep follow the BRATs diet.

Gargle salt water, eat broth soups, hot tea and honey to sooth throat


Just alternate ibuprofen and infant Tylenol, and popsicles and lots of liquids

Um I wouldn’t be giving your 1 year old cold and flu. My little boy who is 6 had strep, and I was told to only give him the medicines the dr prescribed.


I had that a few times when I was younger and I remember my throat burning burning so bad, drinking milk helped, and cold things like frozen yogurt or ice cream, a milkshake. Sipping on stuff like that helps so much!!

Warm jello water,coats the throat

lots of popsicles, ice, and things like soups, jello that wont scratch as they go down. stay away from dairy as it will produce mucus… and throat numbing spray

Tylenol cold and flu? Did dr suggest that???


Push fluids and give him the antibiotics. I wouldn’t give tylenol cold and flu as that’s not safe for 1 year old.

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Amoxicillin usually works after just a few days. Ice cream and popsicles help numb the throat. Gargling warm salt water helps too.

Hot tea with lemon and honey helps my kids

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Popcycles also freeze fruit in small bite size pieces will help him eat

Popsicles and there are also sore throats pops (sucker) try to find some of those

You don’t give a 1 year old cold and flu Tylenol its very dangerous for babies! Popcycles ice cream tea ginger ale yogurt

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You want ibuprofen to bring the inflammation down. So that would be infant motrin. Alternate with infant tylenol if he has a fever.

Popsicles, smoothies, soup,jello,pudding. Nothing too sharp like chips and crackers

Marshmallows is supposed to soothe a sore throat :woman_shrugging:t2: wouldn’t hurt to try :grin:

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Use honey instead of sugar drinks. The sugar can make it feel worse.


I do. Warm water with raw honey and lemon juice we call is “hot tea” my littles love it and it seems to help

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Spoon full of honey helps to coat the throat. Depending on how young he is, he may take a nap and feel good as new with the antibiotics.

One year olds aren’t supposed to be taking tylenol cold and flu.

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Alternate tylenol and motrin, it makes an incredible difference in pain management. No cold and flu meds, those aren’t safe for littles!!

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Since he is over 1 you could give him honey. I did with my son helps soothe the throat.

Tylenol or ibuprofen for fever and aches. Fluids. And LOTS of snuggles! :blush: I hope he feels better soon!

Pineapple juice is amazing for coughs and inflammation. Vicks on the feet, chest and back and tea with honey. Vitamin D

Straight Tylenol for fever, not for cold and flue and lots of clear fluids like plenty of water. The antibiotics most likely will cause some diarrhea so be ready for it and a possible year infection from that as it flushes out the infection.

Wash pillow cases, bed sheets and blankets. Also get new tooth brushes. Prayers for healing​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

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Hydration! Whatever works!

Help him eat popsicles itll help in soothing a bit of discomfort

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Honey and lemon with some tea will ease the pain in his thoat

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Lots of popsicles! Anything to ease the razor burn in the throat. And then just rest and snuggles. Alternating Tylenol and Advil is usually really helpful too. Sorry your little one is not well :disappointed:

Sounds weird but grab some fizzy lemonade and warm it up and let him sip it it’s so soothing. Replace toothbrushes and Vick’s baby vapour rub on his feet and put socks on after.

Never do caramel honey under the age of 1

Alternate Tylenol and Motrin, rest, fluids, Gatorade or Pedialyte (depending on age) 24hrs after starting antibiotics change toothbrush. Make sure all cups are cleaned after use. Like sippy cups

Gargle warm salt water. I had chronic strep my entire childhood. Rotate tylenol and motrin. Warm drinks. Tea with lots of honey. Decaf obvi.

Wait…he is 1 and you’re giving him tylenol cold?? Wtf? NOOOO! STOP IT NOW!! Bad for babies! Easiest thing for them to overdose on!