My son hates taking multivitamins: Advice?

My son HATES any multivitamin that has iron in it. Refuses to take the liquid form from a syringe. I’ve tried Enfamil multivitamins. Nope. zarbees with a grape flavor. Nope. Most of it ends up on the napkin than in his mouth. Suggestions?! In desperate need of help.


What about the gummies ?

What about mixing the liquid multivitamin in his water or something? I’m not sure if you can do that, but I think that would help maybe.

If he eats well he shouldn’t really need a vitamin. I had to see a hematologist when I was pregnant and vitamins are best absorbed naturally by your body.


How old and were they advised by a doctor?
If he eats well balanced vitamins aren’t really necessary.

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just give him food with vitamins in shoukdnt need muktivits just haliborange

Just don’t give them to him.

You could try giving him smoothies with iron rich food or adding the liquid form in it.

I’m not certain what flavors you have tried my daughter would literally vomit with grape flavored anything I tried a few gummy vitamins and landed on Flintstones gummy vitamins my kiddos are a bit older now but at 4 and 6 were reminding me every night to make sure I gave them their vitamins cuz I told them it’s important cuz I have two very picky little girls who I worry don’t get enough vitamins In their daily diet

Multivitamins aren’t necessary for most children with a balanced diet. If you feel like you need to give one or if you’ve been told by a doctor to do so, crush it into applesauce or pudding or get the liquid vitamins and add to juice or water.

I would also suggest Flinstones with Iron too.

How does he know which ones have iron in them?

We do carnation instant breakfast every morning. You can try that if you definitely want to add more vitamins and minerals to his diet.

How old? I found gummies that my one year old eats.

Does he actually need a multivitamin?

We were told my son needed the iron vitamins. We tried every way of giving them to him, even mixed in a bottle, and he refused all of it. So we just stopped giving it to him. He never showed any signs of needing it again, and as soon as he started solids he was able to eat foods with iron in them. If your child is over a certain age, just try to incorporate more iron rich foods, and see if that helps.

Gummies all the way our son takes one daily and loves it!


My pediatrician gave me some drops that I just put on my breast while breastfeeding to get the iron. It was about the only thing my son would not gag with

How old is he? Unless a pediatrician says he needs them, just make sure he is getting a balanced diet. There are foods that are iron rich if you are worried about his iron. If you are using a syringe and napkin it sounds like he is an infant, if that’s the case he should be getting all the vitamins he needs from formula or breastmilk.

I gave my daughter nature’s plus liquid gold animal parade with a syringe and had juice ready to chase it down. It worked good then we switched to the flintstones immune support.

Just have him eat food with it? Unless he’s to young, I’m that case mix it with juice or his milk whatever he drinks.
We always mixed my son’s multivitamins in with his morning cup of milk when he was young

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I don’t give multi vitamins and my children are extremely healthy. Diet based nutrients are most easily absorbed.

Buy him the gummies and don’t tell him what they are

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If he eats well he shouldn’t need it

If he doesn’t
Put it in his bottle or his juice make sure it’s not a hug glass to be sure he finishes it

Your the parent he’s the child remember :muscle:t2: persistence

Try Flintstones. They are the only ones my brother and I would use and I swear by them to this day.

You can buy ones for fussy eaters

Flintstone gummies my kids love them

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Depends on the age of the kid and nutritional requirements. This is a question not well suited for this forum, talk to your child’s doctor!

Try the gummy ones maybe that will be taster

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SPATONE! Water containing Iron… Better absorbed naturally and you can mix it in squash or something.

I swore on this during my pregnancy with my anaemia x

How old is he? Did your pediatrician recommend you give him a vitamin? Maybe they can reccomend what kind you could try. My daughter loves the gummy vitamins by Flinstone

Asda do a vitamin milk I think it’s called Big milk

Hide it in food? Don’t give it to him?

Ok the kid probably DOES need the iron or she wouldnt have tried multiple things. If you have a serious iron deficiency just having a better diet will not help. Try giving it to him in applesauce or pudding.

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You could mix some blackstrap molasses into some milk or preferred non dairy milk. Add a little honey if necessary. It’s good warm or cold.

Blackstrap molasses has a lot of iron, calcium, and other essential nutrients.

She is asking for help on how to get him to take them. Never asked anyone’s opinion on why.

Just put it in his drink

Without out him seeing get some hawaiian punch drink and put it in there, liquid vitamin. He ll never know. The fruit juicy red

Vitamins are for people who do not eat well. food is your medicine. Teach him to eat well by being the example. It’s a struggle but the earlier they learn to like food, (not junk) the best gift you can give to your babies

If he needs iron… what about those iron fish that you add to the pot of whatever you are cooking??

Does he need these for medical reasons? Otherwise why are you giving them to him?

Smarty pants vitamins are gummies and not full of garbage like most other brands. All my kids like them.