My son is always getting in trouble at school: Advice?

I’m at a loss of what to do with my son he is constantly in trouble at school he is constantly in time out at home and at school today was his second time getting sent to the principal’s office (he is in kindergarten). He is disciplined consistently he knows he will get in trouble for misbehaving and still acts out anyway. I let him know daily I’m not happy with his behavior but it doesn’t stop me from loving him. I just don’t know what to do anyone have any suggestions?


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Have you considered having him in therapy and you in therapy and/talking to the guidance counselor. 8/10 kids tend to act out because it gets them attention and they don’t know how to adequately express their thoughts/ feelings or how to ask for help. I say therapy for him for that reason, and for you because parental therapy is necessary sometimes and sometimes a joint session with your child can be helpful to establish healthy communication and sometimes they can give tips to approach things differently

Is the only discipline he recieves telling him you aren’t happy? Or is there more to it? Start taking things away, add in extra responsibilities at home etc. Setting a clear boundary for him to understand what the consequence of his behavior will be if he crosses the line.

When is his birthday? If he is very young he maybe telling you he’s not ready for k. Pre k might be better for him.

It would be helpful to know what his explanation is. Some kids are bored, some like the attention, some actually have issues that require therapy or medication. It’s hard to say, but stay consistent with the punishment and continue to work with the school. Make sure they know you are trying to resolve it at home too.

Talk deeper. Less discipline.

Putting him sports. He will learn from others around him instead

Could he be getting bullied and is trying to avoid going to school? Keep in mind that both kids and teachers can be bullies.

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Just love him and empower him and tell him every day how proud you are of him.

Have you talked to the school counselor and/or pediatrician? He may need therapy/behavioral therapist if nothings been working