My son is sick, how can I help his nose?

My son is six months old. Friday, we took him to the doctor, and they said he has an ear infection and a sinus infection. He has been coughing his poor little head off from the drainage, and his poor little eyes do nothing but water. They gave him Amoxicillin and told me to keep his nose suctioned out good and to keep giving him breathing treatments, so all the drainage and mucus stay broken up. I’ve had to suction his nose every 10-15 minutes all weekend long. Now his poor nose is so irritated and sore. Every time I suction him out, I get a lot of blood not just from his sinuses but where I’ve had to do it so much. Does anyone know of any home remedies to do to help his little nose or to help him heal faster?


Sit in a bathroom with a hot hot hot shower running. Dont get in, just let the steam run its course. But also at this point, not much more can be done. It just sucks when littles are sick.

Put some vix on his feet and keep socks on his feet so he doesn’t try to chew his feet. Helped my son. He had the same problem

I’d call the Dr if his nose is bleeding when you suction. Don’t sound good.


Steam in the bathroom.

Suctioning his nose that much is not good. He’s probably got some busted blood vessels in there. Give his nose a break

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A humidifier at night definitely helps!

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Try a nose frida and saline spray


Humidifier and I used to give my baby a small amount of allergy meds

Saline spray will help his stuffy nose…invest in a humidifier… Coconut oil on a q tip, coat his nostrils so they’re not so dry…baby oil gel works too. Warm baths of corse…Goodluck :black_heart: hope baby feels better soon!

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A vaporizer but use eucalyptus oil and not the crap they give you or recommend. It works fabulously with my kids from bambino’s right up to early 20’s and my 13 year old gets bad seasonal asthma and helps her immensely too plus rub baby balsalm (bambino vicks) on bottom of feet and put socks on and repeat every 4 to 6 hours :blush:

A humidifier Vick’s vapor frozen in some ice than put it in a steamy shower and some on the bottom of his feet or a sliced onion in his socks it’ll detox also cold and allergy bath salts

Saline spray is a life saver

Yes!!! Nose Frida and nasal spray. So much happier!!

NOSE FRIDA!!! It seems gross but omg this saved us! We used ocean water or simple saline. A steamy shower!

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We use simply saline spray , u can boil a pot of water on srove to add moisture to thr air and put humidifier in room whole sleeping.

Buy coconut oil from Wal-Mart or grocery store, it’s approx 3$. Use it to line the raw area around and inside nostrils. This will help heal naturally, and fast. Steam the bathroom and do story time in there. Use a cool mist humidifier ( especially in bedroom).

Id back off on suctioning. Sit in bathroom with hot hot water running. And just wipe his nose alot. Vicks rub will help him breathe also

I used to give my kids a vapor bath. J&J. Has a vapor bath for babies and I just let them play around until they sneezed a couple times , it made it all come out in the sneezes and then they slept good

Vicks in a humidifier

Oh my God!! You only suction his nose once or twice a day!! Or else his nose will start to bleed didn’t the doctor tell you??

My son had bad allergy at birth we did steam showers & vics hes 8 my 1 yr old just got over it her ped suggested benadryl to dry up and give her nose a break

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Ugh. You might find this to be completely disgusting but I was having the same problem with my little girl when she was a baby.

Take her to the restroom. Use your mouth and suck the boogies from his nose. Spit it out and rinse your mouth with hot water.

Of course don’t forget to keep your own mouth clean. But she would breathe so much better afterwards. And you don’t need to stick anything inside their tiny nostrils

Best is plain old Vaseline, , cup your hand and gently tap his back to loosen anything in chest.Methyl- vapor rub on his chest will help him breath better, run a vaporizer in his room , lots of fluids. You shouldn’t be getting “lots” of blood , you are irritating area , apply a littleVaseline on tip of aspirator , also , flush with saline the best for stuffy nose . Lastly . take him in the shower with you the steam will help him loosen up congestion.


Keep a humidifier running I use vicks in my humidifier also

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Nose Frida is amazing. Disgusting, but amazing

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You can turn all of the hot water on in the shower and sit in the bathroom with him with the door closed (do not put the baby in the water, just sit in the bathroom) the steam from the shower will break up the mucus. Warm compresses under his eyes will relieve pressure. When suctioning, do not go too far in. With a q tip, put a little petroleum jelly in his nostrils, that will help with the bleeding. You can also do additional breathing treatments of just distilled water or saline to help break up mucus.

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To help you could do facial massages to help him while he’s sleeping on top of everyone else’s suggestions minus the Vick’s as it can have reverse effect on ones that little producing more mucus. Suction less, use saline, steam rooms, warm baths, keep doing breathing treatments, go back to the doctor to have his nose checked again and before you give him any other type of medicine, because he’s on antibiotics I’ll also suggest keeping butt cream close by as many little ones get diarrhea and end up with rashes while taking it, because it’s not viral related sounds like it could be caused from teething. Hope he starts feeling better soon!

Ypu only need to do it once or twice a day WHAT KIND OF DR DO YOU HAVE they should have told you.
Your poor little baby !!!

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Humidifier in his room… just water in the humidifier… you can sit in the bathroom with door shut while the shower runs , the steam will be helpful… Good Luck! I hope your baby feels better soon!

You may give more damage to him by suctioning so much :disappointed: Please don’t do it more than 3 times a day.And if his nose is bleeding, give it some rest. Just apply saline for a while, and there is this drops in my country called cold mix, you just put 2-3 drops on the shoulders, to the clothes. I am sure you have it in there too, it really helps a lot. And there is cream (dr. Fisher breathe-easy cream), this is also helpful.

Vick’s works well I used it for all 4 of my kids.

For ears I put a drop of warmed olive oil and eucalyptus on a cotton bud and place in both ears… hold it in place with a beanie.
For congestion, stop dairy, especially milk.

Neosporin which is just Vaseline with antibiotics

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I used to put Vick’s on my chest because the adult is stronger than the kids and then sit with my son in the shower and steam. The humidifier is a must. Also, the children’s saline spray is very helpful. Lots of clear fluids.

My 3 year old around this time gets horrible allergies his nose gets raw red and scabby and he gets super congested a humidifier helps at night also sitting in a bathroom with hot steamy shower running can help in a pinch just keep nose clean the best you can

Aquafor is awesome for sore noses. My kids are
Teenagers and still use it when they are sick for noses and dry lips.

Coconut oil would work well to help moisturize his nose that would be non irritating. One drop of frankincense essential oil in some coconut oil on the chest works well for keeping his sinuses clear. Works like Vick’s without the petroleum base.

Plain ole Vaseline, put Vick’s on the bottom of his feet with socks that will help with the cough, you can put on his chest also, just make sure to use baby Vick’s! Also run a cool mist vaporizer that will help also!!

Humidity in the house

Vicks on soles of his feet make sure he wears socks so he doesnt touch his feet. Stop suctioning his nose so often.


You mean Vicks salve don’t you

For suction get the Frida nose suction. Much better than the bulb. Stem up the bathroom and sit in there with the baby for about 15minutes. Or you can give the baby a bath at the same time. Put Vick’s on bottom of feet back and chest. Have a humidifier going with oils. Mint, lavender, and eucalyptus.

Definitely Vicks (baby) on the bottom of his feet with socks. Humidifier, I have one that I use but also when my son get a super congested and stopped up ill wait until he’s asleep and go turn the shower on and shut the door, grab him and go sit in there with him. You can put some adult Vicks in the shower and melt it while doing that too. Please stop suctioning his nose so much. Every 10-15 mins is WAY too much. I use aquaphor and coconut oil for my son when he gets raw. I normally switch it up and do every other time.

Vicks baby, a humidifier, go in the bathroom and close the door and run the hot water to steam the bathroom and sit in it, dont suction as frequently but when you do use saline nasal spray, you can try zarbees baby cough and mucus.

Humidifier… rotate Tylenol/Motrin temporarily for the pain, put aquaphor on the nose


I would call your baby’s doctor and ask if it is okay to give your baby Zarbees infant. They have a chest rub and syrup that is for infants 2months+. But i always consult the doctor first. And the ingredients are all natural.

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Vaseline is the cheapest n best…a little guy in the depression…made it…on the oil rigs he’d take care…former model .alittle on the lips…but I have problems with my sinuses…n always replinish any moister with a light coat of vasaline …they have pink brand for baby’s at Dollar tree . Good luck I know he must feel miserable …Mommy’s need care too :two_hearts::blue_heart::yellow_heart::heart_decoration::heartpulse:Blessings

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Put vicks around his nose.

You should ask the doctor for some prednisone to open him up a bit. My sons 5 months old and just got over influenza A, and bronchitis. The amoxicillin and prednisone worked like magic!! And baby tylenol

Vicks inhaler & puffs plus with Vicks & aloe works wonders

Nose Frida it’s gross but cleared up my 3 months nose when he was 2 month in a couple days!

steam from shower or cry on tummy

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Saline rinse in his poor little nose. It dries up the drainage and rinses the passage clean. You can buy pressurized saline rinse at most pharmacies kept near the vicks

Suctioning that often irritates. They do sell infant nasal spray, check with pharmacist

Prayers he feels bettet

Use a nasal spray works better

If he is not allergic, put some vaporub around the nose or chest

Rub some Vick’s vaporub on his chest, his feet and put just a little on the top of his nose

Vaporizer. Helps tremendously.

Kids healing vaseline. Helps my daughter every time she has a raw nose

Rub Vasaline on the soles of his feet every night.

Yup, humidifier with Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil, I second the Vick’s on feet with socks, and steamy baths. Put a bit of a fresh garlic clove in his ear & use tape to hold it there while he sleeps. It will draw out the infection. Works with adults too!

Take aged garlic capsules & empty one in bottle/food to boost immune system. The more antibiotics you give him the more you destroy his immunities, so garlic & acidophilus can help restore some balance.

The tips of the toes are sinus reflexology points. Massage & use acupressure on them (press/hold/pinch a bit for 10 counts, release for 10; repeat 3 times).

Take him in the hot shower with you

Don’t stop feeding the baby, the milk has nothing to do with the congestion is an old wife’s tale

Sit in the bathroom turn on thw hot water. I Did N that with my daughter when she was a month old. I put baby vapoor bath stuff in the botttom of the ahower smelled like i was bathing in vicks but it opened her nose up and she was better within a week

They didnt give u a nebulizer?